Best Time to Travel to Barbados Month by Month Review
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Best Time to Travel to Barbados Month by Month Review

Looking for the best time to travel to Barbados month by month? We have the perfect guide for you!

Are you an absolute beach person? Then not visiting the breathtaking island of Barbados would be a huge miss for sure.

With only 166 miles long, this island country is located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea.

The country surely attracts a huge list of tourists seeking some luxurious stay amidst some clear and refreshing ocean waters.

The island of Barbados happened to exist due to a volcanic eruption years ago, making the small piece of the island get stranded away by the sea.

The beautiful beaches, plenty of natural attractions, breezy weather, fine hotels and restaurants, and the luxurious stays of Barbados attract tons of A-lister tourists every year.

Although one might want to soak the sun in all day in the gorgeous white sand beaches of the country, there is more here which if you do not see would be an absolute miss.

From adventurous caves to thrilling submarine tours to exciting golf courses, Barbados has everything luxurious and relaxing that you seek.

But what is the best time to travel to Barbados? In this article, we have added details about the climate of Barbados during the various months of the year, the best time to travel to Barbados, and everything else that you would surely want to be aware of before booking your tickets for a vacation.

Best Time to Travel to Barbados Month by Month Review

Read on to know more.

When is the best time to travel to Barbados

Before we get to know the best time to travel to Barbados, let us look at what the weather feels like in Barbados at various months of the year.

Weather in Barbados in January

January is the month where the dry season in the country sets in slowly. Hence, if you visit this place during this month, it is very likely for you to witness some rain showers.

However, it does not rain for a long time and thus would be able o able at least 9 hours of the warm sun.

The temperature here remains around 29 degrees on average in the morning hours and falls to approximately 23 degrees in the night. Along with that, the cool Atlantic winds will keep you refreshed.

When in Barbados in January, you would also enjoy the Mount Gay Round Barbados Race Series that takes place every year during this month.

It is a water sailing race that takes place over three days and attracts a lot of sailors.

Weather in Barbados in February

February is hands down the best time to travel to Barbados. The dry season sets in with full force, and thus you would get to enjoy warm and sunny with hardly any possibility of any downpour.

The temperature remains constant, around 29 degrees centigrade. Along with that, the cool Atlantic breeze will ensure you stay cool.

In February, you would get to enjoy the Holetown Festival, which celebrates the cultures and traditions of the country.

You would be able to enjoy a parade, fair, and a band concert, grab some tasty food and witness the queen of the festival get chosen.

Weather in Barbados in March

March is one of the driest seasons that Barbados faces. Hence, if you are a beach person, you must book your tickets to this place during this time to enjoy the warm summers and undivided beach time.

You can enjoy around 9 hours of complete sunshine, with the temperature hitting around 29 degrees to 30 degrees every day.

When in Barbados during March, you would enjoy the Oistins Fish Festival. This festival will interest you if you are a fish lover.

Celebrated in the village of Oistins, the people come to a vacay mood with an array of fish and meat dishes to feast on.

Weather in Barbados in April

Right after March, April brings in a lot of heat in Barbados and very little or no rainfall. As a result, it attracts many visitors during this time of the year.

The occasional Atlantic winds give a break from the heat, bringing some relief and letting one enjoy nice weather.

April is when the shoulder season kicks in at Barbados, right after the high season and before the low season that comes in. The temperature remains between 22 degrees at night, increasing to around 30 degrees in the afternoon.

Weather in Barbados in May

May receives relatively more rainfall when compared with the other dry or early spring months. This marks the end of the shoulder season in Barbados, and the temperature remains somewhere between 30 degrees to 31 degrees centigrade.

You can also say that this month is when the wet season starts here in Barbados. Although you are expected to come across some rainfall, be assured that it will not keep you stuck for a long time.

Best Time to Travel to Barbados Month by Month Review

Weather in Barbados in June

The month of June is officially the start of the wet or the rainy season in Barbados. It is also the month where this island faces the strongest winds. However, even though this month faces way more rainfall than any other moths from December to May, you would still come across bright and sunny days.

The rains during this month are mostly heavy downpours and rain showers, followed by the bright sun. The average temperature during this period remains between 23 degrees centigrade at night that goes up to 31 degrees in the afternoon hours.

Weather in Barbados in July

July receives more rainfall than June – naturally because the wet season had already started. Even though the temperature remains 31 degrees centigrade maximum, be ready to face a lot of humidity, thanks to the rainfall.

The rainfall is usually strong, and heavy rain showers are followed by bright and warm sunny days. The trade winds that flow through this place will help you remain cooler during this period.

Weather in Barbados in August

Although August falls in the wet season in Barbados, it is one of the hottest months with humidity. The island receives 8 to 9 hours of sunshine, with daylight remaining around 13 hours.

The rainfall that the island receives during this month is usually in downpours which are heavy and strong. Even then, the humidity remains high, with a temperature that touches around 31 degrees centigrade.

Barbados celebrates its carnival Crop Over Festival, one of the biggest festivals this island celebrates.

Weather in Barbados in September

September is when Barbados’ wet season and hurricane season are fully in action. Hence, be ready to witness heavy downpours now and then when you are on this island during this month. This is the month where you would receive the least sunshine (around 7 hours). The temperature during this month remains approximately 30 degrees.

Weather in Barbados in October

The month of October undoubtedly gets a lot of rainfall – the highest that Barbados receives throughout the year.

If you are at this place during this month, you shall not be able to spend so much time on the beach compared to the other months.

Hence, you might be forced to spend your vacay visiting museums and other places like Harisson’s Cave.

Therefore, if you are a beach person, this month shall not be the best month to visit Barbados.

The rainfall that this place receives during this time is through strong rain showers. The temperature remains around 30 degrees.

The good part is if you at Barbados in October, you will be able to enjoy the Food and Rum Festival that starts around late October.

Best Time to Travel to Barbados Month by Month Review

Weather in Barbados in November

The wet season slowly starts receding during November at Barbados. Even then, you are likely to face some rain showers and occasional drizzles now and then. This month is also the onset of the winter season in Barbados.

If you are in Barbados in the late half of this month, you will be able to see them celebrating their Independence Day from the UK on November 30.

Weather in Barbados in December

The month of December marks the onset of the dry season in Barbados. Compared to the other months in Autumn, this month is drier and receives the last leg of rainfall. The temperature remains around 29 degrees centigrade.

The island celebrates Christmas during this time and hence might be crowded. If you wish to plan a vacation here during this time, book ahead.

What is the best time to travel to Barbados

Now that we know how the weather feels like in Barbados at different months of the year, let us look at the best time to travel to Barbados.

From what we know, the country of Barbados enjoys a relatively nice and warm temperature throughout the year. However, pinpointing the most preferable and best time to travel to Barbados would be from December to April.

The country of Barbados faces the dry or the high season during these months and therefore attracts many visitors. The temperatures remain around 29 degrees to 30 degrees maximum on average. The weather is the driest and the sunniest compared to the other months and seasons.

However, the weather of Barbados is such that it can be visited at all times of the year. The rainy or wet season arrives in July and lasts until November. The country faces heavy rainfall, more like downpours during this period. However, you can feel the sunshine taking over again drying everything quickly right after.

What is the worst time to visit Barbados

Barbados is located just around 13 degrees north of the equator. As a result, it does not face any drastic weather change, and the climate mostly remains flat throughout the year.

Although the fact lies true that Barbados can be visited at all times of the year, it is better to avoid the hurricane season, which is from August to November.

What is the best time to visit St Lucia

The best time to plan a vacation to St. Lucia would be anytime during their high season, from mid-December to April.

These are the months when the weather is mostly flat and settled. You can enjoy the warm sun with the temperature rising from 24 degrees centigrade to 29 degrees centigrade.

However, you might want to avoid visiting here during September. This is because it is one of the hottest and driest months in St. Lucia.

What is the best time to visit Maldives

Each month in the Maldives comes with its own set of pros and cons. Even then, the best time to plan a vacation to this place would be anytime between November to April. This is when it is the dry season here, and thus you can enjoy tons of good days under clear, blue, and sunny skies.

When is the best time to visit Antigua

The peak season of Antigua falls between December to April. This is when this place receives the most crowd; thus, booking ahead is a must.

Antigua enjoys a tropical and warm climate with a little change in the environment throughout the year. The only time you would want to avoid visiting this place is when it rains.

Apart from these months, May and June are also good months to travel to Antigua. The crowd is lesser during this period when compared to the high season; hence the reservations get easier.

Final thoughts

Now that we know when is the best time of year to travel to Barbados, the next step is to choose your most suitable time and book the tickets for a vacay. However, do not forget to go through all the Barbados travel restrictions before you do so.

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