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Living in Maldives and Best Places to Stay When Visiting

Are you looking for an amazing holiday destination? Well,  Maldives can be the perfect destination for you. It is one of the best destinations in the world. You might also want to move to this beautiful island paradise after your first visit. Thus, we will tell you how living in Maldives feels like!

The luxurious aura of Maldives will attract you if you are seeking tranquillity, solace, and romance. Moreover, if you are a food fanatic, art lover, history lover, and adventurer, this place is a must-visit for you. The Maldives is an ideal place to visit for couples. It will offer you romantic villas, and you will get a perfect paradise-like atmosphere.

Living in Maldives

The effortless beauty of Maldives attracts people around the world. You may want to visit this dream destination to relax or for your memorable honeymoon. But first, you should know some of the things about the Maldives. They are as follows:

Have a basic idea about the Maldives

The currency of Maldives is known as Rufia. The bank rate in this country is MVR 15.46 = USD 1

You will find rain here during the year-end. You can still go snorkeling or diving, but you have to be careful of the ocean current.

The heart of Maldives is the capital city, Male. The Male city is very famous and congested. This is the main junction of export, import and trading business. You will find many offices, restaurants, shops, and parks here.

If you look into the total number of people here, you will find more males than females. Most of the people here follow Islam.

Locals here can use a motorbike to move around or else a speed boat for regular transportation.

Be prepared for any change

You will need time to adjust to their lifestyle. And you may have to make a lot of adjustments in the Maldives to do so.

The people of Maldives usually like to have chicken fried rice, varieties of curry, and beef or tuna. You can also cook your own choice of food at home.

Know the Local and Resort islands present there

Resort islands can be costly, whereas local islands are reasonable to most people.

Local islands are growing rapidly, and you will find guest houses, shops, and restaurants in the local islands.

Get new fun

You can wear comfortable clothes and slippers on the island. You will get pork and alcohol in the resort islands, whereas you will not get them on the local islands. If you want, you can visit resorts for snorkeling, jamming, partying, paddle boarding, drinking, and eating.

Know the perfect areas to stay

The Maldives doesn’t offer you many varieties to stay. The resorts are tiny, and you may not get any vacant places to stay on local islands. But you can stay on an island named Bodu Huraa.

Moreover, you can also stay on a big island of the Maldives named Addu City if you have your own businesses, travel agency, diving center, or guesthouses to run.

Idea about job opportunities

If you are looking for any job opportunities in the Maldives, you can visit some local websites. Though tourism is the main profession in the country, you can look out for engineering, admin jobs, have a doctor’s chamber, became an executive secretary, accountant, teacher, or gardener.

Enjoy the small things

Do simple things attract you? Well, Maldives is a must-visit for you. You would enjoy the very simple things as the simple things are wonderful. You would fall in love with the ocean deeply.

Amazing Tourist Places in Maldives

Here are the top places to visit before planning to move and start living in Maldives:

Male Atoll

Male Atoll is the most famous and largest city in Maldives. It is also known as Kings Island now.

It has a moderate temperature and tropical monsoon type of climate throughout the year. You can visit this place to get amazing Urban Vibes.

Major attractions of the place

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • The Grand Friday Mosque
  • Male Fish Market
  • Underwater Scooters
  • Male’s National Museum
  • Dive Club Maldives
  • Tsunami Monument

Best places to live:

  • The Beehive
  • Centara Ras Fushi Resort and Spa
  • Hotel Octave

Best time for you to visit

November to April

Living in Maldives

Banana Reef

Globally, Banana Reef is most famous for diving. You will find a banana-shaped reef full of amazing cliffs, marine life, fantastic corals, caves, and overhangs. You can visit here for diving.

Major attractions of the place

  • Manta Point
  • Maldive Victory
  • Biyadhoo Island
  • Hulhumale Alimatha Island
  • Jet Skiing
  • Snorkeling
  • Scubadiving

Best places to live

  • Adaaran Prestige Ocean Villas
  • Paradise Island Resort and Spa
  • Coco Bodhu Hithi

Best time for you to visit

May to July

Sun Island

Sun Island is an incredible place. You will find stunning beaches, lavish greenery, and tropical beautiful flowers. Moreover, the amazing blue waters, fabulous resorts, and sparkling beaches will certainly provide you joy.

Sun Island is the best place for honeymooners and couples. They would love the atmosphere of this place.

Major attractions of the place

  • Island Divers
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  • Diving
  • Spa and Sauna

Best places to live

  • Holiday Island Resort and Spa
  • Sun Island Resort and Spa

Best time for you to visit

November to April

Alimatha Island

Alimatha Island is an ideal place for couples. You can visit here for your honeymoon and a family vacation.

You can enjoy volleyball matches in the sand and beach. It is a famous tourist place with restaurants, bars, a spa, and an Ayurvedic massage center.

A major attraction of the place

  • Alimatha Aquatic Resort
  • Fotte Kandu
  • Canoeing at Miyaru Kandu
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving

Best Places to live

  • Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives
  • Rihiveli by Castaway Hotels & Escapes
  • Fun Island Resort
  • VOI Dhiggiri Resort

Best time for you to visit

March to April

HP Reef

HP Reef is a wonderful place in the Maldives. You will find various marine creatures here. All kinds of marine creatures like harmful, colorful, small fishes and multi-hued caves, corals, overhangs are protected in this place.

A major attraction of the place

  • Diving
  • Photography

Best places to live

  • Hotel Jen Male Maldives
  • Lily Beach Resort & Spa
  • The Somerset Hotel
  • Seahouse TopDeck

Best time for the place

December to April

Artificial Beach

Artificial Beach of Maldives attracts many. If you are a swimming enthusiast, then this place will become your favorite.

You will find clothing restrictions, but many peaceful walks, water sports, and carnivals happen here, making this place youngsters’ favorite. Moreover, you would enjoy the group music performances here in the evening.

Major attractions of the place

  • Kani Corner
  • Manta Point
  • Nassimo Thila
  • Shark Point

Best places to live

  • Eriyadu Island Resort & Spa
  • Isola Guest House
  • Ocean Cottage
  • Huraa East Inn

Best time for you to visit

November to April

Fihalhohi Island

Fihalhohi Island is one of the most attractive places in the Maldives. You can visit this attractive place during your holidays or for your honeymoon.

You will find clear waters, pristine beaches, and coconut palm trees on this beautiful island.

Major attractions of the place

  • Fihalhohi Island Resort
  • Rihiveli
  • Rannalhi Beaches

Best places to live

  • Eriyadu Island Resort
  • Meeru Island Resort and Spa
  • Fihalhohi Island Resort
  • Veligandu Island Resort & Spa

Best time for you to visit

December to June

Biyadhoo Island

This is one of the famous islands of Maldives. You will find abundant tomatoes, cabbages, the vegetation of bananas, mangoes, coconuts, and cucumbers here. It is also known as the Scuba Diving Island. You would love the sparkling waters and enjoy the adventure of water sports.

Major attractions of the place

  • Canoe paddling
  • Biyadhoo Island Resort
  • Scuba Diving, Snorkeling

Best places to live

  • Island Cottage
  • Cocoa Island by COMO
  • Crystal Sands
  • Arena Beach Hotel
  • Beachwood Hotel

Best time for you to visit

November to February

Utheemu Ganduvaru

The small wonderful island named Utheemu Ganduvaru resembles a little green jellyfish. You will find a monument in the name of Utheemu Ganduvaru.

Major attractions of the place

  • New Mosque
  • The home of Sultan Mohamed
  • Beach North Shore
  • Ancient Cemetery

Best places to live in the place

  • The Barefoot Eco Hotel
  • J Resort Alidhoo
  • Amra Palace Laamu
  • JA Manafaru

Best time for you to visit

May to November

Baros Island

Baron Island is a fantastic place which attracts tourists from everywhere. You would love the luxurious resort and natural elegance of the place. It’s an ideal vacation place for you.

You can visit this place for your honeymoon or enjoy the holidays with your friend. Some bars and restaurants are also present here.

Major attractions if the place

  • Coral Reef
  • Scuba Diving
  • Resort Spas
  • Snorkeling

Best places to live

  • Grand Park Kodhipparu
  • Baros Maldives
  • Angsana Ihuru
  • Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru
  • Best time for you to visit

November to March

Cost of traveling to the Maldives from India

If you are searching for an amazing place for your vacation from India, then the Maldives is the perfect place for you. The Maldives attracts you with its mesmerizing beauty and unusual charm.

You can travel to the Maldives from India; it will become your favorite destination for sure. Also, you will enjoy the beauty and tranquil beaches of the place.

For your honeymoon trip, family vacation, friends adventure trip, and underwater or a beach wedding, you can visit the place.

Packages to try for Maldives vacation

There are several Maldives packages with different options for the resort. The cost of living in Maldives from India are as follows:

  • If you want to visit Maldives Paradise Island Resort for 4 Days & 3 Nights, you have to pay Rs 45,690
  • You will get the package at Rs 59,450 to visit Cinnamon Ellaidhoo Maldives for 4 Days & 3 Nights.
  • You can visit Bandos Maldives Resort for 4 Days and 3 Nights at Rs 64,250
  • If you want to visit Makunudu Island Resort for 5 Days & 4 Nights, you have to pay Rs 41,999
  • For visiting Sheraton Full Moon Resort & Spa for 5 Days and 4 Nights, you have to pay Rs 74,800

You have to decide the exact hotel or resort where you want to stay, places you want to go, and the activities you are interested in before visiting the Maldives. The resorts will provide you all the facilities like diving centers, a gym, a children’s activity center, and a swimming pool.

What to expect?

With your India to Maldive package, you will get other options like sunrise and sunset cruises, fishing trips, water skiing, snorkeling, excursions, and sailing trips. To reach your hotel or resort from Male International Airport, you have to ride either a speedboat or seaplane.

The Maldives has the best resorts and hotels. You will get good hotels within your budget. The hotels of Maldives will provide you relaxation and comfort.

Indian food like raita, biryani, paneer, dal, naan, paratha, poha, and dosa are available here. Mostly, you will find the three items: rice, fish, and coconuts.

Delicious desserts with tropical fruits of Maldives attract all. The Maldives is famous for its delicious seafood. You will also enjoy western beverages and local wines here.

Cost of living in Maldives in Indian Rupees

If you compare the cost of living in Maldives and India, you will get as follows:

Maldives consumer prices and rent prices are 137.20 %  and 427% more than India. You will find that the restaurants and groceries prices are 96.00% and 107.86% more when you compare it with India’s restaurants and groceries.

According to the estimate of 2020, The approximate total cost for a four-person family monthly in the Maldives is 56,095 Rufiyaa which is equal to 2,70,294.50 Indian Rupee, and the approximate total cost of one person monthly in the Maldives is 31, 623 Rufiyaa, which is equal to 1,52,375.84 Indian Rupee.

Final thoughts

The Maldives is an amazing place to visit for your honeymoon, wedding party, and vacation with your family and friends. Still, it is basically a strict country with a high Muslim population. If you are from Islamic ethnicity, it will be easier to adapt to the local culture and lifestyle.

You must try scuba diving here and enjoy the aquatic world. We have provided here all the information about living in Maldives. You need to know all details well before visiting the place. Hopefully, all our information about living in Maldives will come to your help.

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