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Places to Visit in Dandeli – the Adventure Capital of South India

Dandeli is a small city in Karnataka. It is situated amidst the rocky regions of the Western Ghats. The city rests on an elevation of 1551 feet above sea level. It is extremely renowned amongst travelers and trekkers due to the presence of numerous peaks and hilly terrains. Thus, let us find out what are the best places to visit In Dandeli.

Places to visit in Dandeli

The Dandeli region is filled with flora and fauna, which elevates its entire view. Apart from so many naturally beautiful sights, the place is blessed with manmade architecture that can easily grab attention.

There are many places to visit in Dandeli. These are as follows:

  • Kali river
  • Ganesh Temple
  • Shiroli Peak
  • Shivaji Fort
  • Kivadi Kere
  • Anshi National Park
  • Kavala Caves
  • Sri Mallikarjuna Temple
  • Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary
  • Kulfi Nature Camp
  • Jenukallu Gudda Sunset Point
  • Supa Dam
  • Mini Tibet
  • Sykes point
  • Kodasalli Backwaters
  • Disney Park
  • Ulavi Temple
  • Dandeli Gautam and Gautam Group Adventure Activities
  • Sri Tulana Bhavani Temple
  • Dandakaranya Park
  • Kulgi Nature Camp
  • Moulangi Eco Park
  • Dandeli River Rafting Tours
  • Syntheri Rocks
  • Dandelappa Temple

Dandeli is also known as the adventure capital of South India. This is because it is crawling with adventure sports opportunities. You can easily enjoy whitewater rafting, kayaking, and boat riding with your friends and family.

Due to the elevation of the location, Dandeli has a unique climate. The climate is a subtropical type with temperatures ranging between 20 to 42 degrees Celsius. Further, the reason behind this unique climate is the proximity of the Arabian Sea.

Places to visit in Dandeli

Waterfalls near Dandeli

When looking for places to visit in Dandeli, you cannot miss out on the waterfalls. This naturally elevated region is blessed with several rivers that have led to the formation of waterfalls. Moreover, the waterfalls are not only beautiful but also aid in the production of hydroelectricity in the region.

The Sathodi Falls

Locally referred to as the ‘mini Niagara,’ this fall is located in the Uttara Kannada district of Yellapur. The Sathodi Falls is composed of multiple streams that amalgamate near the Kallaramane ghats.

The interesting part of these falls is that tourists little knew this rectangular fall. Lately, though, most people have taken to it due to its unique structure and surrounding beauty.

To reach through to these falls, you’ll need to walk for half a mile, approximately twenty minutes between tall trees and chirpy birds. The 15 meter-high waterfalls are audible and visible even before you reach them. Moreover, this waterfall is perennial which flows and joins the backwaters of the Kodasalli Dam.

The Magod Falls

Also known as Magodu Falls, these waterfalls come rushing on the earth from a height of about 200 meters. The falls have been formed by the river Bedti that tumbles from the stony cliffs.

These waterfalls are located in the Uttar Kannada district, about 17 kilometers away from Yellapur in Karnataka. The scenic beauty of the spot attracts many tourists and photographers to the location. Moreover, the unique part is that it is located amidst dense forests, and it dries out in the summer. Each year, in the monsoon season, the falls rejuvenate.

The Molangi Falls

This is one of the most renowned falls of Dandeli due to several reasons. First of all, at the foot of the falls, a natural pool has formed. This pool is quite huge, which is why travelers often refer to it as a natural ‘jacuzzi.’ Secondly, this fall is an ultimate treat to your eyes.

Surrounded by lush greenery and thick bamboo trees, this place is breathtaking yet serene. Witness a mesmerizing sunrise or sunset with your partner and tune in to the rhythm and romance of this place.

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Thirdly, you can easily enjoy the company of nature and your friends and family in the surrounding landscape. Many tourists prefer this spot as one of the best places to visit in Dandeli and enjoy a warm meal.

Dandeli to Bangalore

The best time to visit Dandeli is during the winter, especially between February and October. You may also visit Dandeli during the summers. During both these seasons, the view of the place is magnificent. However, it is advisable not to visit this place during the monsoon.

Dandeli is close to Bangalore. Therefore most people travel to and from these places via road. If you are too in the mood for a weekend trip, pack yourself a bag and hit the road. There are two main routes which you can opt for.

Route 1:

Bengaluru to Hyderabad Highway to Srinagar Kanyakumari Highway via NH 48.

Route 2:

Bengaluru to Shimoga Road to Tumkur Main Road in Rajaji Nagar to Kalghatgi to Haliyal Kalaghatagi Road via NH 48.

It is advisable to opt for Route 2 as it will take you approximately 7.5 hours to reach. However, this is in stark contrast to Route 1, which can take you about 9.5 hours to reach.

You may also opt for buses to transport you to Dandeli. Several state buses are well connected between Dandeli and Bengaluru. Further, the route taken is AH 47 or NH 4 via Bangalore, Haveri, Davanagere, Chitradurga, Hiriyur, Tumkur, and Dandeli.

Route to Bangalore

Dandeli resorts

There are many resorts in Dandeli. These are as follows:

River Side Stay

This is one of the few lesser-known resorts that can provide you with a pleasurable experience. These luxury cottages are best for families and couples, especially those on their honeymoon.

The resort is located on a silent corner that can allow you to be one with yourself and nature. Moreover, the resort’s in-house restaurant has a shack-like look that can make you better resonate with nature. The charge per night is about Rs. 1400.

Kali Adventure Camp

This resort is located at the banks of the river Kali. The resort has bungalow accommodation with an in-house restaurant and a fully stocked bar. The resort takes the responsibility of providing their guests with top-notch adventure activity opportunities, for example, kayaking, birdwatching, jungle safari, etc.

One of the unique attributes of this resort is that the in-house restaurant is equipped to prepare any food, including Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc. The charge per night at this resort is approximately Rs. 2100.

Jungle Nest

This resort is one of the best options if you want to stay close to a tourist spot. Situated at two kilometers from the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, the Jungle Nest resort is apt to its name. Moreover, the location of the resort makes it one of the prime locations for birdwatching.

The resort also allows night camping and tent facilities to its guests. Due to such vivid experiences of the resort, it is wildly famous among couples. Guests can also opt for activities such as jeep safari and whitewater rafting. The approximate charge per night is around Rs. 1400.

Whistling Woods Resort

You should opt for this resort if you want to experience a premium stay. The resort is spread over a vast piece of land and consists of several amenities. It also has an in-house restaurant that can prepare multiple cuisines at request.

There are six rooms available; tents, huts, cottages, dormitory stays, twin cottages, and premium cottages. The average cost per night is around Rs. 2800.

Dandeli Shikra Jungle Resort

This resort is extremely famous due to its unique presentation. The resort provides treehouses as accommodation for their guests. This resort prepares a list of adventure activities for all their guests, which they may opt out of.

They also provide guides for all these activities to ensure safety. This resort is mostly preferred by people who are traveling with their friends. The cost of living per night at this resort is around Rs. 1500.

Bison River Resort

This is one of the most renowned resorts to stay at Dandeli. Most tourists love this resort and often want to come back here due to their experience and exposure. This resort is located close to the Kali river and provides guests with many adventure activities opportunities.

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The resort arranges for all such adventure activities, for example, jungle safaris, kayaking, river crossing, etc. The resort also arranges barbecue and get-together nights with all the guests and ensures they all enjoy themselves. The unique part of the resort is the availability of an in-house library. The charge per night at this resort is about Rs. 3500.

Hornbill River Resort Dandeli

This is one of the best places to stay when in Dandeli. This five-star resort has a huge property that can provide guests with various kinds of accommodation—for example, treehouses, tents, cottages, etc.

The resort is situated close to the Kali river and can allow you to absorb all the goodness of nature. The resort is also equipped with amenities such as wifi, TV, air-conditioners, geysers, etc.

Moreover, the resort management arranges special adventure activities for all their guests, such as river rafting, jeep safari, etc. The cost of stay per night at this resort is about Rs. 13,000.

Magenta Century Resort Dandeli

This is one of the most luxurious resorts in Dandeli. Moreover, if you want to experience adventure sports around nature and feel like royal, this is where you need to stay.

The resort has four rooms; maharaja tent room, swiss tent room, Lakeview room, and garden view room. Each of these rooms has utmost facilities such as TV, wifi, air-conditioners, etc.

Moreover, the resort also has a swimming pool and a jacuzzi in each bathroom. The charge per night of this resort is about Rs. 2500. However, prices may increase to Rs. 5000 per night during peak months.

Dandeli famous food

Dandeli is not only famous for its heavenly beauty but also for its mouthwatering cuisine. The influx of tourists has led to several restaurants that serve delicious delicacies for a loot.

The majority of the food available here includes South Indian delicacies. However, North Indian thalis and non-vegetarian food are also available in plenty. Here is a list of a few food items that you must try out when in Dandeli.

Samosa and Kachori

This is one of the most famous dishes of Dandeli. Most tourists prefer this dish for breakfast. Moreover, these puffed kachoris and samosas are available for as low as Rs. 30 per plate.


This too is a very famous dish that most people opt for breakfast. The restaurants usually serve idlis with white coconut chutney or green chutney along with a lentil soup. Moreover, this dish is easily available for Rs. 10 to Rs. 20 per plate.

South Indian Food


The tourists especially prefer this as a tea-time snack. These crispy lentil vaadas taste amazing when paired with a glass of coffee or tea. The entire combination can cost you as low as Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 per plate.

Poori Baagi

Most tourists highly consume this dish during lunch. The dish consists of deep-fried, puffed pooris paired with a bowl of delicious curry. Moreover, one plate of this dish consists of four pooris and curry. Each plate is available for Rs. 30 per plate.


Also known as Upma, this is one of the yummiest and healthiest breakfast options available in Dandeli. Moreover, one plate of this delicious dish can cost you anything between Rs. 15 to Rs. 25.

Each of these restaurants serves different kinds of delicacies that are flavourful. Here are a few restaurants that you need to check out at Dandeli:

  • Amara Homestay Restaurant serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
  • Bison River Resort Restaurant serves vegetarian north Indian thalis
  • Stanley Farm House serves south Indian vegetarian food
  • Laxman Palace Restaurant serves both south Indian and north Indian delicacies

Final thoughts

We all need a break from life at times. It is essential to bring us back on track and prepare ourselves to take things one day at a time. Therefore, whenever you feel like you need to step back, step away from the world and explore places to visit in Dandeli.

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