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Pondicherry Tourist Place to Visit When Traveling to South India

The Pondicherry tourist place is a rare French colonial area located in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. From quaint colonial-style coffee shops to clean promenades, from being a center of spirituality to having fun nightlife, you get it all here.

The Pondicherry tourist place is perfect for laidback beach lovers. The coastal town has many attractions to offer and is a must-visit when coming to Tamil Nadu.

Best time to visit Pondicherry

Pondicherry is now known as Puducherry, but you can refer to it by either of the names. It is one of the union territories in India. 

The best time to visit Puducherry is during the winters as the weather remains pleasant. Since the south Indian states are slightly on the hotter side than the rest of India, winter months are most favorable for visits. Thus, if you have more places on the itinerary, you can plan your trip accordingly.

The summer months, especially April to June, remains hot. Most visitors wouldn’t like to explore the city, even if they like staying by the beach. 

You should plan your visit between October and March to make the most of your experience.

Pondicherry tourist place

There are lots of enticing activities lined up for you as you read through the best places to visit in Puducherry:

Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges

Our Lady of Angels Church is officially known as Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges. It is one of the must-visit places in Pondy.

The church is known for its fantastic masonry and takes inspiration from the ones in France. There is a beautiful Basilica at Lourdes, which is similar to the one built here.

You will be surprised to know that limestone was mixed with egg whites to create this structure. The result is remarkable, and you have to see it to believe. 

Our Lady holds baby Jesus in her arms, and the beauty keeps you in awe. As you enter the church, you will find eight-barrel vaults along with a dome in the center with eight round openings.

Pondicherry tourist place

Shri Aurobindo Ashram

When talking about spirituality, one cannot miss the magic of Shri Aurobindo Ashram.

It was the residence of an unconventional freedom fighter of India, Sri Aurobindo. The place was founded in 1926 and is one of the wealthiest and most visited ashrams in India. 

People looking for serenity and peace come here from all over the world. As soon as you enter, the vibe will speak for itself. It is also a walk away from the Puducherry beaches, making the surrounding tranquil and peaceful.

Shri Aurobindo Ashram

Serenity beach

One of the most peaceful beaches in Puducherry is serenity. It is a relaxing spot that goes along the Bay of Bengal. It is 12km away from the main town, but worth the ride here.

The beach has warm golden sands followed by a trail of rocks. Finally, you cross them to experience the cerulean sea waters. This place is perfect for basking and relaxing.

As the name goes, the Serenity beach is perfect for honeymooners looking for quiet time. Every morning, fishermen come here to get the best catch of their day.

Some people like surfing at this beach as massive waves keep hitting the shore.

Pondicherry tourist place

Kallialay Surf School

If you love to go surfing or learn the basics, you should come to the Kallialay Surf School. It is located in Serenity beach and was started by two brothers Samai Reboul and Juan Reboul from Spain. The men settled in Auroville and started making their livelihoods here.

Once you take training for this school, you can enjoy one of the thrilling adventures as Puducherry. Learners get to choose from different packages based on their budget and interest. You also get to buy surfing equipment that meets international standards. 

Every year, this place hosts a Summer Swell Challenge, which attracts people from all across the globe.

Auroville Market

If you had to choose one Pondicherry tourist place due to lack of time, it has to be Auroville. It is an experimental town about which you can best understand with the YouTube video we have added here.

Living in Auroville will make you give up on money, commit to life, and strive for unity. It might seem not easy to imagine, but it is the quest to attain peace to whoever devotes to it entirely.

Tourists who come here want to explore the place and shop from the Auroville market. You can buy handicrafts, scented soaps, incense sticks, t-shirts, and more items to take back as souvenirs.

Paradise Beach

This Pondicherry tourist place locates at Chunnambar, and you have to come along the Cuddalore road to get in. It is one of the most remarkable beaches as it is pristine, has blue waters, and golden/white soft beach sand.

The pre-built shacks and lounge below add more to the attraction. You get amenities like changing rooms, toilets, and showers.

Weekends are filled with both tourists and locals alike. However, you are not allowed to drink around this beach area. Swimming is not advisable as well, but you can rent a fishing rod and catch a few.

Paradise Beach


One beauty of Puducherry is its naturally formed promenade due to big rocks. It is also an attraction for photographers because of how it looks. 

The promenade is a perfect place to stroll around and have fun with your friends and family. It is lined with eateries with a beach-view to satisfy your tastebuds as well. 

If you don’t want to sit and eat, you can always buy some peanuts or candies from the hawkers. Make sure you click all the Instagram-worthy images here.



The archaeological site of Arikamedu takes you deep into the history. The place was built in the 19th century and exhibits the beauty of Roman glassware, stone beans, lamps, etc. 

It is one of the lesser-known tourist places in Pondicherry. The emporium was recently used for archaeological excavations and exhibits black and red ceramic statues. We recommend all history lovers to visit this place.


Chunnambar Boathouse

Chunnambar Boathouse or Plage Paradiso is a beautiful picnic spot where you can also go boating on the backwaters. The river meets the Bay of Bengal in this spot, and that is the main attraction.

You can lounge under the sun-kissed beach spot or play sports here. It is one of the typical family outing places for locals. 

Tourists enjoy speed boats, rowing boats, motorboats, paddled boats, water scooters, and more. The tranquil backwaters amidst thick mangrove trees will draw your interest as you sail through. You can also go jet skiing here.

For lunch, you can try some of the restaurants selling Tandoori dishes or Chinese ones. You can also take a ferry to Paradise beach and eat in the restaurants around.

Chunnambar Boathouse
Image Credit: YouTube

The Pondicherry Botanical Garden

You need to take a day out to explore the 22-acre land. It is a must-visit Pondicherry tourist place due to the exotic plants brought and grown here from all across the world.

French colonists established the lush green garden, and they nurtured the exotic plants to grow here. It has more than 1,500 plant species with names and descriptions given with placards.

Pondicherry tourist place

Pondicherry Museum, White Town

Even though Pondicherry exhibits a French heritage, the real history dates back over 2,000 years ago. It was a time when Arikamedu served as the point of contact for the Roman empire.

If you explore the Pondicherry Museum, you will see several rare artifacts. Apart from the ancient valuables, you will also educate yourself about the trade links with Rome. 

The museum includes several stonework and sculptures of the Chola and Pallava dynasties. It is also famous for its wealthy exhibitions related to the French rule.

Pondicherry tourist place

Gingee Fort 

Visit the fabulous Gingee Fort when coming to Puducherry. It was marked as a National Monument in 1921. The unique architectures of this place make it quite an attraction. History lovers will find a lot of studies to indulge in when coming here.

Gingee Fort 

Raj Niwas

The Raj Niwas was earlier called the Palais du Government. It is an 18th-century building that serves as a residence for the Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry.

Although it is not open to the general public, the structure serves as a prime tourist spot for visitors. You are allowed to see the old court featuring the Legislative Assembly that locates inside the building’s premises.

The spot’s prime attraction is the monolithic pillars brought here from the Gingee Fort after it was captured in 1751. Few more of such pillars are present in Gandhi Mandapam, Promenade Beach. Finally, there is a water monument that serves as an attraction along with a well-maintain garden. 

Pondicherry tourist place

Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswar Temple

South India is famous for its temples.

You have to visit the of Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswar when coming here. It boasts of a 15-meter-tall chariot that they take out for processions during Brahmotsavam. It is an annual festival of Pondicherry.

Jawahar Toy Museum

The Jawahar Toy Museum of Pondicherry is unique. It comprises 140 dolls that were brought from different states of India.

The place locates in the main town and at the old lighthouse. If you come towards the Gandhi Maidan, you must visit this place.

It has some of the rare toys and dolls and is quite an attraction for tourists. This place is not only an attraction for children but also interesting for adults.

Le Club

If you’re looking for the perfect place to eat steaks, you have to come to Le Club. It is a famous garden restaurant that is romantically lit. 

The place serves premium liquor, and bartenders make signature cocktails you won’t get anywhere else.

Le Club is famous for Mojito, so you have to try that for sure. Also, make sure you try the finger foods and set the mood all-night parties.

Ousteri Lake

Ouster or Osudu Lake is another Instagram-worthy place where you will want to take lots of pictures. It is a vital freshwater later, and it was human-made for Pondicherry. 

The lake comprises mudflats and marshes. It is a wetland for Asia that was established by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. 

The place offers breathtaking views of both sunrise and sunset. This is one place for nature lovers.

The rich biodiversity of the place draws in several birds, including migratory ones during spring.

Pondicherry tourist place

Pondy Bazaar

If you want to buy traditional souvenirs and handmade pieces of art during your visit to Pondicherry, you have to come to Pondy Bazaar. It is bliss for shopaholics, and there are lots to buy and take back as gifts.

You will have immense respect for the artisans who make everything with their hands and sell at a cheap rate. You can visit silversmiths and goldsmiths doing their daily work while you watch them turn raw materials into lovely pieces of art. Their talent and skill is something you will want to record on your smartphones.

Once you’re done shopping, make sure you eat at one of the local restaurants around.

Pondicherry tourist place

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

It is one of the most religious places in Pondicherry and one of the 21 Basilicas in India. It was built in 1908 by French missionaries and received its status as a Basilica in 2011.

The Basilica is a beautiful catholic church exhibit Gothic architecture. It lights up during Christmas and New Year and becomes a popular attraction for the locals.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Final thoughts

You can now choose from the list of Pondicherry tourist place to decide which ones you want to visit. Make a quick itinerary to not miss out on any of the places you love. Also, take lots of pictures and buy handicrafts to take back home.

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