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Where Is Bali Situated? – Bali from Various Places on Earth

Where Is Bali Situated? Dreaming of a tropical escape? Wondering how to get to Bali from various locations around the world? This guide explores Bali’s location from different starting points, helping you plan your perfect island getaway. Discover the best route for you, whether you’re coming from Australia, Europe, the US, or somewhere else entirely. Start planning your unforgettable Bali adventure today!

Bali is one of the most attractive and cheapest island paradise options to avail. It is one of the many islands in Indonesia and surrounded by many other interesting ones. Let us find out where is Bali to see how you can reach it quickly.

Where is Bali near to?

Indonesia is that kind of country where you will find plenty of islands which are popular beach destinations. Nearly four million people inhabit this place. Further, they maintain their reputation as a popular holiday destination for years. Not only that, but it is also the main attraction of Indonesia.

Around seven million foreigners come here every year to visit this volcano-dominated island of Indonesia. Plenty of natives from the other islands of Indonesia also stay at the same time. So we can say that this Bali Island has its characteristics which charm all.

Bali from Java

So, exactly where is Bali? To know the island’s true whereabouts, you need to look to the very west of Java. It is the most crowded island globally, and approximately 141M people live there. From this Java island, Bali locates to the west, and it is about 95 miles long.

Bali from Lesser Sunda Islands

Bali locates to the east of the Lesser Sunda Islands. It comprises a group of Islands including Bali, Flores, Lombok, Sumbawa, Timor, Sumba, and others. The island, which is very near to Bali, is Lombok island, situated in the east. Lombok is where Mount Rinjani is.

Bali from North Perth

To heighten the level of your knowledge, Bali is just 1631 miles away from North Perth, situated in Western Australia. Also, from the capital Jakarta, Bali Island is about 716 miles towards the east. The tiny islands of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are in the southeast corner of Bali and Lombok.

What makes Bali special?

It has been many years since Bali has become a significant tourist spot. It is on the list of all kinds of travelers across the world. Moreover, this place is also appropriate for those who can’t afford big money to travel. So this is a good reason behind its popularity.

It can be its mind-blowing landscapes or the different atmosphere which stick into the minds of the visitors. There is mainly Muslim and Christian community all across Indonesia. However, Bali island is a Hindu region. On this particular island, you can see the mixture of both new and old types of construction, and it is quite normal if you cannot figure out the distinction between a 100-year-old construction and a one-year-old building.

Bali is a perfect spot for newly wedded couples, and every year plenty of honeymoon goers visit this place. The traffic here is indeed ready to give you some trouble. But with the gorgeous shorelines and even more impressive atmosphere, your journey is perfectly worth it. The island is full of secrets, and you will find them if you know where to look.

As we said earlier, volcanoes mostly dominate this island, but the lands of this area are very productive, making the flowers blossom. Several artistic minds have shifted to this island over the years to cherish its authentic wind. However, Bali is not the same place as it once was, but it still holds plenty of originality from its glory days.

This place has its technique to attract foreigners, mostly because people can afford it even at a low cost. You will be amused to know that you can book a hotel room here at just USD 50 per night and often at a lower rate. If you visit any other islands globally, you have to spend over USD200 per night to get a beautiful view and more amenities.

What to do in Bali?

You can do all the things people generally do on an island, like shopping, eating in fancy restaurants, or just relaxing on the beaches. Those people who enjoy surfing very much will be quite interested in this place, and Kuta Beach offers enough for those who want to try surfing for the very first time. If you are an expert at this, you can always check out Uluwatu and other places for more adventure.

Ubud is that kind of place which rose into prominence in recent times and also flourished so much. In the past, it was like an escape from the main island. Though still today, this particular place has its appeal, enough to attract tourists to move away from the beaches.

Bali is the kind of island that is enjoyable for every type of person. If you like entertainment throughout the day, you must check out Kuta, which travelers usually occupy. But if you want some time away from the crowd, you can always visit South Bali.

The inner territory of Bali island is sore to the eyes for those who love lakes, volcanoes, rice terraces. You will be delighted to know that you won’t need days to see all the corners of Bali island as it is smaller than the other islands in the world, and you will be able to see all of it within a day.

where is Bali

Bali tourism

In this article, “Where is Bali,” we will now discuss Bali tourism. Now that you know about the proper location of Bali, it’s time to learn what to see there and the fun activities you can do there. So read below to know more.

Bali is a special island of Indonesia where you can see the rice terraces, mouthwatering dishes, heartwarming beaches, and a perfect blending of art and cultivation. The waterfalls, neverending shorelines, heritage temples create a mixture of adventure and breathing space too. This is an ideal place to rediscover your true inner self.

Bali island is also special as it’s a fitting place to visit a serene sunset and sunrise like no other in the world. You will be so amazed that you will want to stay there for the rest of your life. The country life of Ubud, coral cays of Tulamben, Kintamani mountain, vintage temples, you can get all of them at once, and it would be fun for a lifetime.

Once you go to Bali island, you need to check out the rice terraces that enhance the beauty of this island. The visitors generally get to choose from many options like spending an entire day under the sun, diving into the clear water, renting a boat to see the dolphins, checking out the vintage temples, going shopping, or visiting the yoga center. For ages, there have been so many things written about this place. Many popular stories or novels are created based on this place.

Bali Island is truly a place of wonder. It is also known as “The Island of the Gods,” and undoubtedly it is.

where is Bali

Where is Bali airport?

To plan a vacation to Bali, you need to know the exact location of Bali airport. If you don’t know that yet, we tell you not to worry. In the following, you will find the details about Bali airport, and also you will know the essentials.

If you are one of those who are searching for a vacation at a lower rate, then we recommend you to go to Bali island. To go there, you need to reach Denpasar International airport. It is the primary entrance to this particular island. This airport locates 13 kilometers away from Denpasar, but it is just two and a half kilometers away from Kuta Beach.

This airport is also known as Ngurah Rai International airport, named after one of the jewels of the country I Gusti Ngurah Rai, known for his martyrdom. The airport was built in 1931, back when the country was under Dutch rule.

This airport has two passenger terminals to divide domestic and international passengers. You can have all the modern facilities here as the other airports have. This airport closes for an hour every year due to the Balinese Nyepi festival.


What to do at the Bali Island?

You are reading about “Where is Bali,” and now we will inform you about Bali Island in detail. After reading this section, it will be quite easier for you to know everything about that place before going there. So let’s check it out.

Take home some souvenirs

You can always call Bali a perfect handiwork of God and truly magnificent in several different ways. Once you go there, your mind will be satisfied in many ways, and you definitely will be quite interested in taking home a souvenir with you. To do that, plenty of shops are waiting for you on the island, and you can take home food as a souvenir.

In Kuta, you can find many dive shops where they sell colored t-shirts, attractive beach garments, light sandals, and many more. If you want to purchase dry foods, we recommend you try Bali coffee, which has a certain flavour to satisfy you. Many of us like essential oils, and if you are one of them, you can always try them to enjoy your shower a little more.

Bali Souvenirs

Enjoy the environment

As you may have already known, Bali island is a tropical area, so be ready to encounter quite hot weather with a high humidity level. So mainly two seasons are there like summer and monsoon. But in the regions where this island’s main volcanoes are located, the weather is not so hot, and the amount of rainfall is much better there than on the shorelines.

The white beaches of Bali are perfect for a family vacation. There are plenty of activities which are perfectly safe to perform in water like swimming, jet skiing, parasailing and much more. If you are in no mood to do any of those activities, you can relax under the sun by reading your favorite novel.

Kuta beach is immensely famous around this area. Here you will find the best hotels, diners, cafes, and dive shops. Modern music pulsates through these areas every evening, and the crowd enjoys themselves too much.

At Jimbaran, you can spend a quiet evening if you want, and there is plenty of seafood to satisfy your hunger. Seminyak is that kind of place where you can get top-class service from renowned hotels and a perfect romantic evening is just a walk away. Nusa Dua contains more exclusive beaches with equally gorgeous hotels.

Blend yourself into the blue

Menjangan Island is that type of place that is quite popular among divers. It is in the west of Bali, and here you can notice that the deer are floating through the waters. Pemutaran is also popular among divers.

You must find time to visit the West Bali National Park, where you can get quite familiar with the goddess of flowering plants, also known as flora and fauna, like Jalak Bali and Bali Sterling.

If you are more of a cycler type, you can always try cycling around Ubud and its nearby areas. Uluwatu is also a good place for cycling.

Cycling in Bali

Final thoughts

So now it’s time to wrap things up. We hope that you have read this article with attention as we spent so much time gathering information for you. As Bali island is an affordable place for most people. We recommend you book your hotel rooms in advance before the time runs out, and then you are good to go.

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