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Best Places to Live in India Alone and for Employment

What do you remember when you think of India? Don’t you usually imagine deserts, sea beaches, caves, and mountains all at once? Don’t all these pictures pull you to them? Well, of course, they do. Who wouldn’t love to visit the warm deserts and enjoy camel rides! But would you want to stay where the camels and the local people do? Here, we will discuss the best places to live in India and why they are ideal for you.

How to choose the best places to live in India?

Before moving from one place to another, even if unconsciously, we tend to justify the shift and if at all it is necessary. Now, what defines the best places to live in India? Do you determine that considering your birth city? Do you consider the amazing backdrop? Or do you consider the safety level?

Well, it’s all and nothing. The best places to live do not only relate to attractive amenities possessed by the place. It cannot be called the best place for the city’s opportunities, such as employment and living standards.

However, while determining whether a city may be the best or not, various things are kept in mind. Some of these are a general assessment of the attitude and behavior of the residents, cost of living, climatic conditions of the region, leisure opportunities, etc.

The best city to live in India is not just one, but a perfect mixture of all the necessary amenities of life. It has to be those cities that have peace amidst the chaos. Somewhere you can allow yourself to have crazy experiences of the nightlife and be able to consolidate yourself to the warmth of a deity as well. It has to be somewhere you can lose yourself and find yourself as well.

You may live anywhere in India. However, only a few places are the best to live in. This determination has been made by keeping in mind all the necessary aspects that humans may need to exist.  Given below are several places that you can easily live in according to the different parameters.

Best and cheapest place to live in India

Of the most cherished and cheapest places to live in India, the following have been able to scoop someplace in people’s hearts successfully. These few are as follows:


Situated in West Bengal, this is one of the most amazing places to live in. For all those who want to relocate, Kolkata is one of the best options ever.

Primarily constituted of the Bengali-speaking people, Kolkata is adorable to the core. No matter if you’re hopping between monuments, relaxing at the amusement parks, or feasting at any of the restaurants, this sweet city will only invoke sweet feelings in your heart.

Being close to the Hooghly river, the city experiences a tropical wet and dry climate. The cuisine generally involves Bengali dishes with various desserts, predominantly sweet yogurt, among other sweetmeats.


Located in Tamil Nadu, Chennai is the heartbeat of culture and civilization in the southern part of India.

If you belong from the northern parts of India, you will definitely love it here.

Chennai is an absolute treat. It is a perfect blend of modern amenities and cultural heritage. It has several beaches and sea views that elevate its beauty.

Being closer to the sea, it has a tropical climate with sweltering and humid summers. South Indian cuisine such as Dosa, Idly, and Vada is a staple here. Seafood is also largely available and devoured.


Somehow as soon as you think Hyderabad, you remember beautiful dome-shaped buildings and flying pigeons. This image is absolutely at par with the views of this city.

Situated in Telangana and called the ‘city of Nizams,’ Hyderabad has an entirely different feel. Apart from the city’s cultural heritage, the native people who predominantly speak Telugu and Urdu are like a splash of rosewater to Biryani.

Speaking of which, the staple cuisine of this city consists of Biryani. This unique Biryani is like no other and can take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride.

Being bound by the land on all sides, this city has an arid climate. This is why the summer days are hot and dry and have soaring temperatures. However, the nights are breezy and more comfortable.



It is the third-largest city in India that resides in the arms of Karnataka. The ‘Silicon Valley of India’ is better known as the booming capital to employment generation.

Every year a large chunk of the population relocate to Bangalore for the sake of employment. This makes the city immensely busy and chirpy throughout the year.

The city is also well known for its nightlife. The city is also one of the highest cities in elevation, 3000ft above sea level. This is why the place has balmy weather all year round. Interestingly though, the people of this city are called Bengalurenavaru.

The city’s cuisine primarily consists of south Indian cuisine. However, due to the heavy influx of population, it has no staple cuisine.

Best places in India to live alone

We are all aware of the turmoil we may have to endure if we choose to stay alone. Yet, living alone is not only fun but also necessary.

After a point in time in life, we all need space and carry the desire to move away from our families and live with ourselves in peace. But that too cannot be based on petty things such as desire.

The relocation decision is always a major one and therefore has to be based on solid reasons and recommendations. This is why we have curated a list of the best places to live in India by yourself. These are as follows.


Also known as the best place for booze, this place has it all to be amongst the top of your relocation list.

Situated on the edge of the Bay of Bengal, this place is serene and green.

If you’re looking for beautiful sightseeing venues, Pondicherry is it. It is full of beautiful natural and man-made beauty.

The churches and the French colony are two of the most famous aspects. It also consists of a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mahabalipuram.

This place is very safe due to numerous reasons such as discipline dwellers and prevalent strict rules of the territory.

Pondicherry tourist place


Better known as the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi is an amazing place to live alone.

Varanasi is also considered one of the holiest places for the Hindus. The place is filled with ghats that overlook the waters of the Ganges.

The temples add to the story that the landscape well portrays.

One of the most amazing practices still prevalent is the worship of the river Ganga as a deity.

Although it takes place at the ghats every evening, you can never get tired of watching it no matter how often you see it.

The place is filled with domestic animals such as cows. Moreover, the presence of monks and friendly natives can give you an extremely homely feeling.


This place can give you one of the most relaxing vibes ever. The beaches, the seaside, the seafood, the nightlife, the rains, the mountains, and the sights are all something to die for.

You absolutely need not worry about money when in Goa. The place is extremely flexible in terms of employment.

You can go from doing a stipulated and boring 9-5 job to becoming a yoga instructor and earning just enough to live comfortably.

This is further aided by a simple lifestyle and the comparatively lower cost of living. In terms of safety, Goa is extremely safe for a young and solo tourist or immigrant. This is mainly because the place is almost always filled with both national and international tourists.

The people, too, are warm and friendly, which definitely adds brownie points to the list.

water sport in goa


Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is one of the most beautiful places in India.

The snow-capped peaks, beautiful roads, and calm year-round weather are probably the things you think about when you hear about this place. And in reality, too, it has the same to offer.

Shimla is full of breathtaking flora and fauna that intricately adorn the landscapes and fill it with beautiful colors.

The pollution-free air and serenity, along with pretty amenities such as the toy train, can only spice up your stay.

Being a tourist-rich location, Shimla is safe for single people and families alike. The people are cheerful and sunny, which is definitely the cherry on the cake.

Best small towns to live in India

Often you may feel like giving away your job, your loved ones and displacing yourself to a small town in some corner of the country.

It doesn’t matter how often life pushes you hard enough to think of making such decisions; you always need to think it out.

Living the hippie life sounds fun unless it isn’t. This is why we have brought you a palate of locations to choose from.


Situated in the district of Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan, Mandawa is filled with eerie forts, colorful crafts, and intricate landscapes furnished with carvings and frescoes. The town’s ambiance can instantly transport you to the times of Maharajas.


Situated in the lap of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is often called the “hippies’ heaven” or “backpackers’ paradise.” It has numerous trekking points and is filled with beautiful scenic views.

It feels amazing to inhale the fresh mountain air, which is why the town overlooks a heavy flow of tourists worldwide,  especially from Israel. The Israeli people call it their hamlet home.

Best places to live in India


This town is the perfect place for your hideaway. It is located in the midst of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand.

Filled with immense flora and fauna,  this place is one of the most peaceful places in the country.  In December,  January and February, Chopta usually rests under sheets of snow. This makes the place even more admirable and adventurous.


This town exhibits undiscovered beauty. Seated by the Indo-China border in Himachal Pradesh, this town has a beautiful view and many pretty lakes.

The rampant greenery, the crystal lakes, and the ivory mountain tops adorn this little hamlet. Moreover, tourists also have the opportunity to boat on Nako lake.

With the onset of winter, the town wraps itself in sheets of snow and makes a perfect occasion for skiing.


Located at the southernmost point of Kerala, the island of Poovar is absolutely stunning. It is famous for its natural estuary where the sea, river, and lake enter the land.

The backwaters only add enchanting vibes to the landscape. The town also provides a lot of delicious seafood to devour into.


Kalap locates at an elevation of 7500 feet above sea level, which makes it special. The place has dense pine and deodar forests and can instantly make you feel easy and tranquil.

The surrounding areas are accessible via trekking. Moreover, the terrain is highly cultivable and makes the town intriguing and indigenous. You will definitely feel the locally grown vegetables to be more delicious than the same you have elsewhere.


This town is so beautiful that you may even feel like you exist on a different planet altogether. Located on the banks of the Nubra River and amidst the snowy peaks in Ladakh, this town is absolutely mesmerizing.

The town has several natural hot springs with multiple therapeutic effects. Amongst other stunning views, the presence of monasteries adds a unique feel to the landscape.

It Is wonderful to stay in different places and enjoy everything the place has to offer.

Final thoughts

Apart from the need to relocate, it can also be beneficial in changing your mood and mindset. You may or may not keep constantly moving around from place to place. However,  it is essential to make the most of wherever you are. So make sure to inhale the air of every corner of every city you visit because each memory counts.

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