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Cheap Country to Visit From India for Budget-Friendly Vacations

Most Indians love lavish trips and save up for that one big American holiday or a long Europe tour. While those might seem a distant dream to many of us right now, there are several other international destinations that we can travel to at a lower cost. Here, we will give you a list of the cheap country to visit from India and other necessary details to start planning your itinerary. 

Cheap country to visit

Here is a list of cheap foreign trips from India and reasons why they are cost-effective international destinations:


Nepal is one of the neighboring countries of India and is covered by snowy peaks and clear streams. The country has a serene atmosphere full of monasteries and laidback life.

Nepal is one of the ideal destinations to ditch the hustle-bustle of cities and dive into adventure. It has several activities to pump up your adrenaline and not die out your pockets at the same time!

Visiting Nepal from India

  • You don’t need a visa when traveling from Indian; you will get a visa on arrival.
  • The distance from the capital city Delhi in India to Kathmandu in Nepal is 813 km.
  • Taking a non-stop flight will reach you here in 1 hour 45 minutes only.
  • Nepal is accessible by train, bus, and road as well.
  • The best time to visit Nepal is from October to December.
  • INR 0.62 = NPR 1.60

Nepal is a cheap country to visit from India


Vietnam has a rich nature, history, and heritage. It is a paradise for explorers looking for a cheap country to visit. If you are a backpacker, we recommend you to come here from any part of the world. This is the most affordable country for Indians.

Visiting Vietnam from India

  • Acquiring a visa is an easy online procedure.
  • The distance between India and Vietnam is only 3,094 km, and you need a 4-hour 20-minute flight to get there.
  • The cheapest tickets are available for travel in April. 
  • It would help if you targeted Mondays and Wednesdays to book a flight for this country.
  • The time from February to April and between August and October are best.
  • INR 1 = VND 311.59

Vietnam is a cheap country to visit from India


Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelagos and one of the most common destinations for Indians. Apart from the flight cost, everything there is cheap, and the place is beautiful to tour. From pristine beaches to heritage sites, from buying stylish clothes to partying all night, there is a lot to do in Indonesia. The most popular places to get to will include Bali, Jakarta, Gili, Lombok, and more.

Visiting Indonesia from India

  • You don’t need visas from before; you will get it on arrival.
  • The shortest distance between India and Indonesia is 4,483 km and around 5 hours by flight.
  • Flights can cost as low as INR 6000 if prebooked to Jakarta.
  • April to October is pleasant to visit Indonesia.
  • INR 1 = IDR 190.30

Indonesia is a cheap country to visit from India

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another island destination that gives you budget-friendly places to stay and delicious food to eat. Indians are connected to Sri Lanka with a lot of emotions due to the religious mythology of Ramayana. 

Visiting Sri Lanka from India

  • You can obtain a visa online – the country issues an ETA that lets you visit within 30 days since approval.
  • The distance between the state of Chennai in India and the capital of Colombo in Sri Lanka is only 628 km. If flying from here, it will only take 1 hour 21 minutes to reach.
  • Flights from Chennai can be as cheap as INR 4000 if pre-booked.
  • The time between November and March is the best.
  • INR 1 = LKR 2.49

Sri Lanka is a cheap country to visit from India


Bhutan is called the happiest country in the world because it is peaceful and tranquil. Being adjacent to India, it gets lots of travelers from this country. People who love mountains and want to soak into the natural beauty of the world come here. The place has many unexplored terrains and beautiful monasteries.

Visiting Bhutan from India

  • Indians don’t need a passport or visa to come to Bhutan; you only need your Indian identity card.
  • The distance from Bagdogra airport in Darjeeling to Thimpu in Bhutan is only 333 km. By flights, you need 30 minutes to arrive.
  • Take a direct flight from India to Paro is best. You can also book a shared taxi from Bagdogra and pass through the Nepal border.
  • The best months to visit are between October and February.
  • INR 1 = BTN 1

Bhutan is a cheap country to visit from India


The Philippines is famous for its lovely beaches and picturesque beauty. Travel enthusiasts who love to stay by the beach will want to come here at least once. From scuba diving to snorkeling, there is so much to do here. Moreover, coming here from India is pretty quick and cheap, so you will want to seal a good deal!

Visiting the Philippines from India

  • Indians need a valid passport and obtain a tourist visa from the Embassy of New Delhi. The trips can be as long as 21 days.
  • The distance between these two nations is 4,631 km and takes around a 5-hour flight to get here.
  • Flights to come to the Philippines is available from most major cities of India. The best prices are during off-season travel.
  • Months between December and February are best to get to the Philippines. 
  • INR 1 = 0.62 Peso


Cambodia is famous for the temple of Angkor Wat and a haven for cost-effective travelers. The country is culturally rich and has lovely natural places of interest. Cambodia is a cheap country to visit from India and must be on your go-to list!

Visiting Cambodia from India

  • You get to apply and get a visa online for Cambodia in four days.
  • The shortest distance between these two countries is 2,912 km and 3 hours, 23 minutes by flight.
  • The best time to visit would be between March and June, and tickets can be as low as INR 5,600.
  • Come here anywhere from May to October to get a favorable climate to travel.
  • 1 INR = KHR 54.83 

Cambodia is a cheap country to visit from India


Laos locates in Southeast Asia and is known for mountainous terrain. It has lovely Buddhist monasteries amidst French architecture. It is a cheap country to visit for Indians as the distance is less, and so are the prices of the things you need to pay for.

Visiting Laos from India

  • You can obtain a visa on arrival from any international checkpoint or by going to the Embassy.
  • Laos is only 2572 km away from India, and the quickest flight takes 9 hours to reach.
  • Come here anytime between October and April to get the best climate to stay in.
  • INR 1 = LAK 124.68


One of the cheapest countries to fly from India is Thailand. From the eastern side of India, you can get roundtrips as cheap as INR 8000 or less. Thailand is not only known for its nightlife and street food but also its cultural heritage and cityscapes.

From ancient ruins to opulent royal palaces, there are so many places to explore here. If you’re a party animal, you will want to stay in places like Pattaya and Bangkok. But if you like quiet places, you will want to head to beaches like Koh Sa Mui or Krabi.

Visiting Thailand from India

  • You can come here for 15 days and get a free visa on arrival from Immigration checkpoints. All you need is an Indian passport.
  • Distance between Thailand and India is only 2,386 km, and you need a 3-hour flight to arrive.
  • There are lots of flights coming to Thailand from India all the time. The cheapest buys are on Mondays or Saturdays. Cost is lower between March and October.
  • The best time to visit Thailand is between November and March.
  • INR 1 = TBH 0.41

bangkok street food


Honestly, Singapore is not the cheapest country in the world for Indian. But it is pretty doable on a tight budget. The country is diverse, but most people tend to travel to the capital city only. Depending on what attracts you about this country, you might want to choose other places that most explorers won’t. The country has a rich heritage, a developed economy, and offers a lot to learn from their lifestyle.

Visiting Singapore from India

  • A tourist visa can let you stay in Singapore for 30 days.
  • The shortest distance between Singapore and India is 3614 km and takes around 6 hours to reach.
  • Flights tickets can be as low as INR 4,000 is booked well in advance.
  • Singapore is favorable to visit at all times.
  • INR 52 = SGD 1


Turkey is famous for its rich heritage and diverse culture. It is one of the most exciting holiday destinations, and Indians want to come here at least once. It is also a cheap country to visit, which makes it even better. The hotel costs will be INR 1,500 on average, and a full meal will take around INR 500. Moreover, traveling within is cheap and comes with proper transport facilities.  

From a beautiful coastline to a sky full of hot air balloons, from exciting events to cultural festivities, many reasons will make you want to come here. Turkish people are not only known for their ice cream but also for being forward in terms of fashion.

Visiting Turkey from India

  • You need a valid passport to apply for a visa online to come to Turkey.
  • The distance between the countries is 4,628 km and takes around 8 hours to reach.
  • There are plenty of flights available from India, so you can grab the next one if you want.
  • Most of April and May, and September and October are best to come here.
  • INR 1 = TRY 0.18


Myanmar is known for its scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and off-beat destinations. It is a famous place for Indians to come to with an average footfall of 3 million every day before the pandemic

Visiting Myanmar from India

  • Indians need a valid passport to apply for an online visa to come to Myanmar.
  • It is a cheap country to visit as the distance is only 1,986 km and it takes 3 hours by flight.
  • You can also come to Myanmar via road through Manipur state in India. However, flights are quicker and comfortable.
  • The best time to come here is between November to February.
  • INR 1 = MMK 17.58

Myanmar is a cheap country to visit from India


The Maldives is one of the most common honeymoon destinations for Indians. It is a cheap country to visit, and not many know that it was a part of India in history. It is known for pristine beaches and luxury resorts. However, people who don’t want to stay in such resorts can travel at a cheaper cost. You need to plan and research well before coming and save some more money.

Visiting the Maldives from India

  • You get a visa on arrival to come to the Maldives and completely free of cost.
  • The archipelago is 2,142 km away from India and takes around 3 hours to reach.
  • You get daily flight available, and the cheapest can be INR 3800 only.
  • The best time to visit is between November and April.
  • INR 1 = MVR 0.20

luxury resorts in Maldives


Malaysia is not as cheap as most other destinations here. It is slightly more affordable than Singapore. It has several places to visit, including the bustling capital city. The best part of Malaysia is the climate. It is usually pleasant and lets you sunbathe on the beaches. It has heritage sites and many activities to keep your adventurous side pumped as well.

Visiting Malaysia from India

  • You can apply for a visa online. 
  • Distance is 3,081 km from India and takes a flight of 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach.
  • You will get flights to and from Malaysia all the time.
  • The best months to visit are December, January, and February.
  • INR 18.15 = MYR 1

kuala lumpur malaysia

These were some of the cheapest international destinations for Indians. You got to start planning your next trip now!

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