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National Festivals of India to Plan Your Trip Around

India is a country where life and festivals are interrelated. As the country has diverse landscapes and seasons, the celebrations are also diverse in every way. Each of the festivals mirrors the traditions, history, culture, and victories achieved by the country. Everyone in the country celebrates the regional and national festivals of India with a lot of excitement, pomp, and show. Of course, the list of festivals of India is never-ending. And all these occasions successfully break the monotonous humdrum of the busy schedules. So, if you plan to visit India anytime soon, go through our blog! We have highlighted some national festivals of India and more! Start scrolling down find out how Indians celebrate their life through festivals.

National Festivals of India

Just like all other countries, India too celebrates their political victories and birthdays of freedom fighters. The country celebrates these days irrespective of what caste, religion, or culture they belong to. So, before we inform you about any other festival, let us check out the national festivals of India:

Gandhi Jayanti

The 2nd day of October is marked red in the Indian calendar. People refer to this day as Gandhi Jayanti. It is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi – the leader of the Congress party in India and was a freedom fighter. Even though the day is not as celebrated as Republic Day, people admire and acknowledge Gandhi’s virtues and thoughts. On this day, you will find several schools, colleges, institutions, and more acknowledging and paying tribute to Gandhi’s contribution to India. You will notice them singing patriotic songs, reciting poems, and giving speeches in respect of Mahatma Gandhi.

More so, the ruling Prime Minister, President, and other political people gather at Raj Ghat in New Delhi, where the freedom fighter was cremated. All of them pay homage to the departed soul and recall his teachings. You will find several exhibitions, essays, creative writing competitions, and many more programs being held all across the country in Gandhi’s remembrance. So, if you wish to be a part of this among the national festivals of India, plan to book your tickets before October 2.

Gandhi Jayanti

Republic Day

India’s Republic Day is on the 26th day in January. On this part, ruling India’s President organizes his visit to pay tribute to all the martyred soldiers of India. The program is held in New Delhi in front of India Gate.

Republic day is a day to celebrate India as a sovereign Republic. So, the country was able to form the government on its own on January 26, 1950. If you happen to be in India during their Republic Day, you will notice how the country as a whole celebrates the occasion.

Since the diversity in India is vast, each of the states celebrates Republic day with its own folk dances, songs, décor, and much more. More so, several army people are presented with awards and new posts in honor of their work. Educational institutions make sure to celebrate the day through patriotic dances, speeches, poetry, and songs. Each of the countries celebrates this with grandeur, and you have to be present to witness it.

Republic Day

Independence Day

It is needless to say that every country celebrates its Independence Day with a lot of pride and grandeur. Similarly, India celebrates the 15th day of August.

Apart from hoisting the flag in the capital of India – New Delhi, the celebration takes place throughout the country. Several educational institutions, buildings, associations, clubs, and more organized programs on August 15.

Moreover, India’s ruling prime minister recites a speech in Old Delhi’s Red Fort, one of India’s historical places. The entire country celebrates the festival with a lot of grandeur, and each one shows their patriotism in their own way. Some make foods in the tricolor; a few paint their faces, and some wear t-shirts with the Indian flag. You may also find a few people wearing batches with India’s tricolor flag. So, if you happen to be in India during their Independence, you are sure to be absolutely amazed.

National Festivals of India

List of festivals of India

As the world says, life should be celebrated and not the festivals alone. Well, when you are talking about India, life is linked to festivals. Apart from the National festivals of India, there are many more festivals that the nation celebrates wholly. Each of the festivals Indian people celebrate mirrors the traditions and cultures. Plus, it helps them break their monotonous lives and enjoy each of the festivities with a lot of grandeur. So, if you wish to know some more national festivals of India, here are the following:


When you are talking about the national festivals of India, Holi also counts on the list. The entire nation frees itself into all the colors of the rainbow. It is also commonly known as the festival of colors. Indian people celebrate this festival with colors that are dry and powdery. But the celebration does not limit the use of dry colors; you will find people wetting themselves quite soon during the celebration.

During Holi, you will find people using white so that the other colors pop up clearly. More so, people take sweets and other food items to their friends and relatives to celebrate the occasion.

Apart from celebrating colors, Holi also has significance. It is a celebration to overcome evil and emerge victoriously. You will find people all over India celebrating Holi. Each of them celebrates the occasion in their own style and culture. However, several Indian communities abroad also celebrate Holi. But if you wish to get the real essence of Holi, plan your trip during spring. It is best you have a look at the Indian calendar and plan your trip accordingly to enjoy Holi in India.



Indian people celebrate their lives through festivals. Another among the national festivals of India is Diwali.

Diwali or even commonly called Deepavali. You will find Indian people celebrate this festival with lights. The significance of this festival is because Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating his rival Ravana. So, the festival initially began in Ayodhya but now you will find the entire nation celebrating this occasion.

You will find every Indian household to light their house with oil lamps, candles and many more fancy lights. It also signifies the removal of darkness through light’s power.

Also, if you happen to be in India during this festival, you will notice the entrance of each households to have a colorful drawing on the floors. It is usually done using dry powdered color and is referred to as rangoli. Moreover, you may also notice houses being decorated using yellow and orange marigold.

People during this festival exchange gifts and celebrate the day with their close family and friends. So, if you want to be a witness to Diwali among all the national festivals of India, plan your trip around November. The dates usually vary from one year to another, so it is best you consult the Indian calendar.


Durga Puja

If you are Indian or a foreigner, whether you live in India or abroad, Durga puja is among the most vital national festivals of India. Even though Durga puja is vastly celebrated in West Bengal, but the entire nation jointly enjoys the coming home of Goddess Durga.

You will notice people celebrating Durga puja through feast and fast both. Also, you will find several clubs and buildings organizing cultural programs. In these programs, you will notice people singing, dancing, acting, and reciting poems. You will also see some drawing competitions take place during this time.

The significance of the Durga puja not limits to the Goddess coming home but also her battle with Mahishasura – the demon. The entire nation lights up during this time, and you are sure to be in complete awe when you witness Durga puja in India. Since it is a festival that occurs just before Diwali, you can book tickets around this time. You are sure to have a lifetime of experience when you celebrate Durga puja and Diwali in India.

National Festivals of India

Ganesh Chaturthi

Even the birthday of Lord Ganesha is among the national festivals of India. It usually takes place during the months of August or September. You will find people purchasing idols or praying in front of Lord Ganesha’s picture. The celebrations last for around 8 to 10 days. Are you wondering what the significance of this day is? Well, it is the birthday of Lord Ganesha.

You will notice that several pandals being put up using colorful clothes and bamboos. Ladoos is a sweet that is prepared by several homes and shops. You will see people offering Ganesha ladoos as it is believed to be Lord Ganesha’s, favorite sweet.

On the last day of the puja, there is a large procession that people make. And further, carry Lord Ganesha’s idol on their heads or trucks for visarjan. The drowning is usually done in the nearby waterbody.

However, nowadays, people have changed their mindset of drowning the idol. You will notice people worshipping an organic idol to avoid polluting the waterbody. So, if you want to experience this festival in India, plan your trip around August. But to be sure, it is always best you recheck the dates with the Indian calendar.

Ganesh Chaturthi - national festivals of India


Janmashtami is Lord Krishna’s birthday. You will notice the entire nation celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna. However, ISKCON, an organization that is solely devoted to Lord Krishna, has many temples across India. All the temples are beautifully decorated with flowers and homes plenty of visitors throughout the year.

Also, you will find several homes in India that celebrate Janmashtami as they have the idol of Lord Krishna at home. People sing hymns, pray and dance to celebrate Krishna’s birthday. Finally, after the prayer session, they break their fast and eat vegan food. The celebrations of Lord Krishna’s birthday happen usually in July or August. However, the date may vary. So, it is best to check the Hindu calendar if you wish to be present during this festival.

National Festivals of India


You will find this also among the National festivals of India. The festival of Mahashivratri is solely in devotion to Shiva. You will see people from the entire country fast the whole day and then offer milk, coconut water, honey, curd, and many more things to Lord Shiva. After they offer the mixture on the Shiv linga, only then do the people break their fast.

It is a belief that if young women follow this ritual and abide by the rules, they will get a husband like Lord Shiva. However, men also can do this fast and celebrate Mahashivratri to get their blessings and power from Lord Shiva.

There are several Shiva temples across the country that welcomes tourists from all over the world. Watching the devotees bath their idol is something you must not miss if you want to experience the list of festivals of India.

Generally, the festival occurs in February, but the dates may vary. So, it is best you know the correct date before you book your tickets to India.



Are you thinking we are talking about the Assamese folk dance – Bihu? Well, no! The festival Bihu is to celebrate harvest in Assam. Bihu festivals usually happens thrice a year. However, the biggest festival happens during the month of April as it marks new beginnings.

Bihu is among the most celebrated and vital festivals that Assam celebrates. Assamese people organize feasts, fairs, and several cultural programs. In the cultural programs, you will notice natives dance the Mukoli Bihu in their traditional clothes. Also, some people indulge in singing the Bihu song (commonly known as geet in Hindi).

Since the mid of April is the New Year for the Assamese, the Bihu festival is celebrated in a more grand way. However, Bihu is also celebrated in the months of October and January. You can part of this festival if you visit Assam during these months.

Bihu national festivals of India

Final Thoughts

Alongside enjoying all the traditional and national festivals of India, don’t miss out on eating some unique Indian traditional dishes. In each of the celebrations, Indian people prepare a special and unique recipe that is extremely tasty and savory.

So, if you plan to visit India during any of the festivals mentioned above, do let us know in the comment section below. And once you finish your trip, you are sure to bring home excellent memories.

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