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Historical Monuments of India That Exhibit Rich Heritage

The history of India is vast and diverse. Several religious influences, emperor invasions, and changing governments resulted in such a diverse culture and heritage all across the country. The monuments have been a witness to several things, including natures’ destruction, explosions, and more. But they are still there for the world to explore and admire its beauty. Here, we will specifically explore historical monuments of India.

Several historians across the globe consider India while doing their research and studies. Apart from scholars, even tourists love to visit and explore the explicit beauty of India. So, today we thought of highlighting our blog with some of the iconic historical monuments of India that you must try and make a visit to at least once in your life. But the monuments of India list are massive, so we are highlighting our blog on some of the best and unknown ones. Start scrolling if exploring the historical monuments of India is your next plan!

Historical monuments of India

India’s monuments are endless. The list can simply not finish. But here, we have selected some of the unique monuments that many might miss.

So, now that you know we are talking about all the iconic historical monuments of India, let us check out the following:

Konark Sun temple

Also known as the Black Pagoda, the Konark Sun Temple was constructed during the 13th century. It indeed has some spectacular architecture that tourists and scholars love exploring. Apart from its stunning architectural work, the Konark Sun Temple is a spiritual abode that attracts tourists throughout the year.

It has a caravan-like outer look that makes the Konark Sun Temple unique and remarkable. As you go into the beautiful Konark Sun Temple, you are sure to gaze in awe at the paintings and drawings too. If you are wondering where this architectural beauty locates in India, then let us tell you, the Konark Sun Temple is in Odisha.

historical monuments of india

Sanchi Stupa

During his reign in BC during the 3rd century, the king of Maurya- great Ashoka built this ancient complex. Sanchi Stupa also counts among the most primitive stone structure standing in the land of India.

Several Buddha stupas are made out of stone and have complex architecture on them. When you visit Sanchi Stupa, don’t miss out on seeing the Great Stupa of Sanchi.

So, you can consider Sanchi Stupa among the iconic historical monuments of India. And it is present in Madhya Pradesh.

Sanchi Stupa

Amber Fort

The Amber Fort is named for its brilliant mustard hue. You will find the tall fort to be present slightly away from the city of Jaipur in a place called Amber. The entire fort, while it was building, was divided into four segments. And you will notice each one has a courtyard of their own. Visitors who get tired going around the fort take some rest at these courtyards to enjoy and imbibe its essence.

Reaching the fort is quite a fun affair! If you love an elephant ride, you can take one to get to the Amber Fort. But if you are afraid, you can simply take a jeep and reach the fort.

Once you enter the fort, the blind alleys might confuse you. So, it is best you take a tour guide to help you explore the alleys and even inform you about its history.

Amber Fort

Jantar Mantar

Sawai Jai Singh II – a Rajput king of Jaipur, was the constructor of Jantar Mantar. You will find the entire Jantar Mantar to possess a vast instruments collection. However, among such a wide variety, the giant sundial is the most famous.

When you are at Jantar Mantar, which is one of the most historical monuments of India, don’t miss out on browsing the equipment that measures astrology. Jantar Mantar is present quite close to City Palace. So, you can stay that central part of Jaipur and reach this iconic monument within minutes.

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historical monuments of india

Monuments of Hampi

One of the wealthiest kingdoms in India was Hampi. And today, it has become the home of all magnificent ruins that everyone loves admiring. Anyone who visits this lofty site is sure to look at it in complete amazement. All of it is stunning and captivating.

The rocks and temples are all inscribed with drawings and text that might engross any history lover. Even though there are plenty of things to watch in the amalgamation of the monuments of Hampi, you can visit all of them in a day’s tour.

Monuments of Hampi

Basilica of Bom Jesus

If you are looking for iconic Christian structures present in India, the Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of them. It is a Roman Catholic structure that is world-famous. The structure has St. Francis Xavier’s mortal remains, who was the patron of Goa.

The entire church has been constructed in an exotic baroque style. Plus, it is the sole church present in Goa that lacks a plastered outer-side. When you enter the church, you can enjoy the magnificent arts present on the wall. And don’t miss out on spending some time alone enjoying the superb ambiance.

historical monuments of india

Bibi Ka Maqbara

When we are talking about the historical monuments of India, the Taj Mahal is an obvious inclusion. But not everyone knows about the Bibi Ka Maqbara. So, we thought of giving you a brief about Bibi Ka Maqbara that has a striking resemblance to the Taj Mahal.

Azam Khan – Aurangzeb’s son, was the maker of this structure. It is a burial chamber built by the Azam Khan in remembrance of his mother – Rabia-ud-Daurani. You will find the primary tomb to be bordered with minarets on all sides.

You will find the tomb to be built in marble that gives Bibi Ka Maqbara a classy look. Plus, you will find the surroundings having a beautiful garden with the Deccan Hills present in the background. If you wonder where this historical monument is built, let us tell you, it is present in Aurangabad.

Bibi Ka Maqbara


Charminar was the result of Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah’s thoughts that led to its construction. And today, the Charminar has become the landmark of Hyderabad. You will notice the Charminar has four cardinal points and minarets present all over it. The entire structure is the symbol reflecting brilliance.

But before you visit the Charminar, don’t miss out on studying its history to enjoy and admire the work of excellence better. After you finish exploring the Charminar, you can visit the market (commonly known as Bazaar) nearby. The entire alley has some exciting and unique things that you would love to bring back home.



Golgumbaz is among the remarkable monuments present in Karnataka’s Bijapur. It possesses Mohammed Adil Shah, his grandson, his daughter, his mistress, and his wife’s mortal remains. It is a tomb that has towers that are seven-story tall. Finally, it has all been joined by a giant dome.

Scholars and visitors must also visit the whispering gallery present at Golgumbaz. The entire space possesses some fantastic acoustics that anyone going there must try.


Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is a 240 feet monument that stands tall in Delhi. The famous Qutb-ud-din Aibak constructed the tower with the help of his heirs. You will notice the tower to possess a number of balconies that jut out from all the sides.

Qutub Minar is made bearing in mind the Indo-Islamic style of architecture using marble and red sandstone. Apart from the tall magnificent monument, there are many more places to visit too. The mosque – Quwwat-ul-Islam is one the attractions that you must not miss on watching.

historical monuments of india

Humayun’s Tomb

If you are looking for historical monuments of India made by Mughals, then indeed, the Humayun’s Tomb is one of them. It was created by – King Akbar during this reign.

It is one of the constructions made quite early and is indeed a remarkable piece of work. The architecture makes every historical person fall in love. It is made with red sandstone, and its geometrical shape is impeccable. So, when you are in Delhi, don’t miss out on watching this extraordinary work of architecture.

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Humayun's Tomb

Meenakshi Temple

Placed in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai – the Meenakshi Temple is present at the Vaigai river’s banks. The temple is an example of India’s most exemplary architecture, and people who have seen the temple indeed second the thought. The temple attracts tourists of all kinds – be it architectural lovers or religious devotees. There are almost 33,000 sculptures that this temple homes, and it is indeed an unprecedented scene that no one should miss. So, when you are planning to go to India, don’t miss out on keeping Madurai on your list.

historical monuments of india

Bahai Temple

The Bahai Temple is also commonly referred to as the Lotus Temple. If you are looking for an example that reflects modern architecture, then the Bahai Temple is undoubtedly one. It is a religious place that attracts people from the Bahai sect and also welcomes a variety of tourists throughout the year.

If you do some research, you are sure to find this temple has a mention in several renowned newspapers and magazines. Plus, the temple also bags several prestigious awards for its architectural uniqueness.

You will find the shrine to possess 27 petal-shaped free-standing marble structures arranged together in a number of three and covers all nine sides. Also, the Lotus Temple welcomes people from all nine doors that are around 40 meters in height. The entire hall can accommodate approximately 2,500 people together.

Bahai Temple

Bara Imambara

Asaf-ud-Daula was the fourth Awadh’s Nawab. He took up the initiative of building Bara Imambara in Lucknow as a major famine relief project. The famine had taken place in 1784.

Bara Imambara is considered among the most famous historical monuments of India. However, Bara Imambara is also referred to as the Asfi Imambara because of the Lucknow Nawab.

Muslims worship in this place and considers it as one of the holiest shrines to worship. More so, they take the opportunity to celebrate Muharram, which is a big festival for Muslims in this sacred shrine.

Bara Imambara

Brihadisvara Temple

Rajaraja – the Chola Emperor’s grandest creation is the Brihadisvara Temple. Rajesvara Peruvudaiyar is the insipiration for Brihadisvara and that is how it got the name. It is entirely built with granite and is quite promising in the monuments of India list.

The Brihadisvara Temple is also the evolutionary landmark for South India’s art building. You will notice some simple designs and giant proportions present in the temple. As per popular belief, the architecture and design inspired future creations present in India and many more southeastern parts of Asia.

Brihadisvara Temple 

Dilwara Temples

Dilwara is among the finest temples for Jains present in India. The beauty of exemplary marble carvings and magnificent architecture is world-famous and is discussed by all architectural lovers. Architectural design of this place seems superior even to the famous Taj Mahal according to experts.

The outer appearance may deceive anyone who visits this temple at first. That is because the exterior is plain, while the interiors are an example of the sheer excellence of craftsmanship by humans. The temple is built in between the remarkable green hills amidst the 11th to 13th centuries AD.

historical monuments of india

Final Thoughts

As come to the end of all the historical monuments of India, it is time you grab your backpack. It is probably time you book your tickets and plan to visit India.

There are many more important monuments of India, but the ones above are unique and unknown to many. We have given you an outline of how the monuments look, but the true beauty is much more exotic and mind-blowing.

It isn’t easy to fathom how magnificent human craftsmanship can be reading a book. You have to witness it yourself to believe it and remain in awe. Visiting the whole of India indeed is one go impossible. But you can always start by seeing two or three on each trip. So, start packing your bags and get ready to explore these magnificent beauties. And don’t forget to leave us a few pictures in the comment section below after your trip.

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