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Visiting Places Near Pune for Perfect Weekend Getaways

Pune is well known for being the base of the Maratha Empire. This place is full of attractions for tourists, including amusement parks, gardens, forts, museums, palaces, malls, street shopping for fashion lovers, bars & clubs. Pune is a city that can satiate all the desires of its travelers. Apart from the city attractions, you can also try visiting places near Pune. Which are just a drive or ride away from a hectic monotonous life and explore the best getaways. And the best part is you have a lot of places to visit near Pune within 100kms.

Places to visit near Pune within 100 kms

If you are planning for a super short yet refreshing trip, below are the few places that can help you visit places near Pune that too within 100 kms.

Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort is about 38kms from the city. It is also known as Lion’s Fort. The fort is 2000 years old and has stood to witness many historical battles. You can either trek or drive up to the foothills of the Sinhagad Fort. It takes about one and half hours if you are a regular trekker. There are different routes to reach depending on the difficulty level you would like to trek in. Once you reach the top, there are 3 gates to enter the fort, Pune Darwaza, is the entrance from where you can see the entire city. Other main attractions you will find here are the memorial of Tanaji, Rajaram Chhatrapati tomb, and a temple of Goddess Kali.

It would help if you also visited a local joint where you taste the authentic specialties like the curd; they make earthen pots one of the favorites.

Sinhagad Fort

Panshet Dam

This place is about 41kms from Pune. Panshet is one of the most famous picnic places in Pune, and riding or driving through the lush green roads is one of the best parts of the trip. From Panshet, one can get the most scenic view of the entire Sahyadri Ranges. While deciding on visiting places near Pune, this is definitely the best place for a picnic.

There are also some fun water sports that you would love to try, like boating, kayaking, water scooter, and the fun ride on a banana boat is a must. This place is one of the camping spots for many nature and adventure lovers.


If you are still thinking of visiting places near Pune within 100kms, then maybe Kamshet can be one of your considerations. It is a beautiful scenic village situated in the Western Ghats. It is mainly known for its adventurous activities like paragliding. They also have paragliding schools where you can learn and experience the sport under supervision.

It is about 47kms from Pune. So, if you are up for some crazy adrenaline rush, try paragliding in Kamshet.

Visiting Places Near Pune

Bedse Caves

Another famous weekend getaway that you can consider visiting places near Pune under 100 km is Bedse Caves. This place is full of rock-cut Buddhist monuments. Many studies claim that they are more than 200 centuries old. So that makes it the most favorite among the history buffs.

The caves are pretty close to Lonavala and are about 55 km from Pune, so plan a trip to Bedse caves before you reach Lonavla.

Pawna Lake

Who does not enjoy camping? It can be for stargazing, great music, perfect hot coffee, singing with your company, or maybe just enjoying the silence. Well, then Pawna Lake is here to your rescue. It counts among the best camping sites; the lake, its beautiful surrounding will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Pawna Lake can never disappoint you.

It is a perfect place for a weekend getaway with your loving company, which is just 54kms away from Pune.

Pawna Lake

Rajgad Fort

Earlier, Rajgad Fort was named Murumdev. Now Rajgad Fort is one of the aged hill forts, which is also known as the Ruling Fort. It is located at 4500ft above sea level. This place is just 57 km away from Pune.

It is a big fort which cannot be covered in a day, hence camping here can be one of the best choices. For trekking enthusiasts and history buffs, it is a famous choice. So, if you plan on your weekend, Rajgad fort can be the one on your list.

Karla Caves

If you are someone who loves rock-cut & architecture, this will definitely amaze you. On visiting places near Pune, Karla Caves can be the one. It consists of 16 caves, among which the largest one is the Great Chaitya.

Karla Caves can be your perfect getaway if you love to explore the history and appreciate the beauty of the ancient monument, which is 58 km away from Pune.

Karla Caves


Many individuals and explorers claim this place to be a mini-Europe in India. Lavasa is the first planned hill station in India. The design of this place is done by taking inspiration from Italy’s small hillside town Portofino.

Away from all the city chaos, Lavasa offers the best retreat as it has some beautiful lush green ranges, cobbled streets, and colorful buildings. And they also have an artificial lake. There is also a set of adventure sports like indoor golf, watersports, and few recreational activities to make your trip all the more fun, which is just 57 km away from Pune.

Lohagad Fort

A place which is just 64kms away from Pune is something that you should give a try visiting. Lohagad, as its name states it means the Iron Fort. It is a famous hill fort located in Maharashtra, which is also near Lonavala.

The fort has a rich history to share as it has been ruled by many dynasties at different points in time. So, this makes the place more attractive for history lovers. Lohagad has a beautiful scenic view with amazing trekking trails for trek lovers.

Lohagad Fort


As you all know, Lonavala is one of the most famous hill stations near Pune; the best part is it is within 100kms. What more do we want?

The greenery, picturesque viewpoints, cascading waterfalls, and placid lakes make this place one of the favorites. This place has several forts and caves surrounding the region.

A hill station that is just 65 km away from Pune is definitely a place you would love to visit.

Kune Falls

Another place that is just 72 km away from Pune is the Kune falls. This magnificent attraction is in Lonavala, and it claims to be the 14th highest waterfall. The height of the fall is about 660fts. The three-tiered waterfall has a magnificent sight having Sahyadri Ranges as the background. The best season to travel to this amazing place is monsoon, when the water flow is at its best.

This place is among the best holiday spot as it has a lot to offer. Start making plans for your next getaway.

kune falls


As we have already discussed the beauty of hill stations, Kandala is just 3 km away from Lonavala. So, about 69 km away from Pune.

Now Khandala is just another famous hill station like Lonavala. It is situated on the mountain ranges of the majestic Sahyadri Mountain. Which has its own charm as scenic valleys and placid lakes surround it.

Khandala also has pleasant weather to enjoy the beauty of nature. While visiting Khandala, do not forget to visit the Duke’s Nose; the view from this place is spectacular.

Della Adventure Park

Della Adventure Park is one of the largest adventure parks in India. It has 50 adventurous activities to offer. If you are ready for a shot of adrenaline in your body and be busy for the entire day, then this adventure park is your place should be in. Some of its attractions are flying fox, swoop swing, zorbing, mud bike riding, archery, rappelling, and paintballing.

While visiting places near Pune, Della Adventure Park is just 72 km away from Pune, suitable for solo travelers, groups, and even families.

Visiting Places Near Pune

Adlabs Imagica

To decide on visiting places near Pune and looking to do something fun, then Adlabs Imagica can be one of the best options. It is a theme park that is approximately 87kms away from Pune. It has so much to offer to its visitors. Like it has some unique shows, fun rides, and even spectacular water slides. Adlabs Imagica has over more than 40 attractions. They have a huge area of about 130 acres consisting of a water park, theme park, snow park, and some augmented reality parks known as the Eyelusion.

The best part is it has many themed bars, restaurants, and even comfy rooms for their guests. Plan your next outing soon.

Rajmachi Fort

Places near Pune have many historical monuments and forts. Among them, Rajmachi Fort is situated on the hills of Sahyadri Ranges. Now Rajmachi is definitely a dream destination for many trekkers and people who love to connect with nature. This fort is 83 km away from Pune but just 15 km away from Khandala and Lonavala. So, whenever you plan a trip to these places, one can easily cover both at the same time. The fort has massive gateways, secret exits, water reservoirs, strong walls, and a Kal Bhairav temple. Kondhane Caves is also located on the same plateau.

It is one of the best places for trekking, picnicking, and camping overnight. What’s more, do you need? Plan a trip soon with your group or go solo.

Rajmachi Fort


Jejuri is just 48 km away from Pune. This place is known for its famous and pious temples. It is among the popular places for tourists in Pune.

The Khandoba Temple in Jejuri is known for its important god Khandoba who is worshipped by the Dhangar tribe in Maharashtra. There is also a belief that god Khandoba fulfills the desire of all its devotees.

The view from the Khandoba temple is scenic as it is built on a mountain range. It will take about 200 steps to reach the Sanctorum. The gateway has various stone elephant images on both sides of the entrance. The design and art of this place are very minute and artistic.

The three weapons placed in the temple are a damaru, a sword, and a paral. These weapons have very high historical values. During Dussera, every year, a sword contest is held. The participant who can lift the sword up for the longest time is announced as the champion.


A picturesque hill station that is located about 1293mts above sea level, Panchgani has once been the summer getaway for the Britishers. And today, this place is known to be among the best getaways for people in Pune & Mumbai. It has the best sunset view. The place has greenery worldwide, with a scenic view of the beautiful Krishna River, fresh air, and an amazing climate. Panchgani offers a rejuvenating break from your monotonous schedules in about 98kms from Pune.

Panchgani’s major attractions are the Sydney Point, Parsi Point, Devil’s Kitchen, and Table Land.


Final Thoughts

Start planning your trip soon!

These are only a few lists of places to visit near Pune within 100 km; however, there are lot more hidden jewels in this region. Even places that are a bit far from Pune, like Alibaug, have amazing beaches to relax and enjoy. Then we have Nashik that is famous for its Kumbha Mela. And for a Portuguese feel, you have at Sivassa. The list can go on. So, choose whatever suits you the best.

If you are staying in Pune or visiting Pune for a business tour, don’t miss visiting and exploring these attractions. Life is too short of creating memories to cherish, so whenever possible, take a break and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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