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Cars Below 10 Lakhs – Ultimate Budget Car List for 2021

Have you ever imagined owning a luxury car that will be within your budget? The first thoughts coming into your mind must be Maruti Suzuki Cars or the popular TATA Nano. But several companies such as Mercedes and Audi have rated their cars below 10 lakhs. These automobiles usually fall under the price range of 8 lakhs to 25 lakhs. If you’re a fan of such top brands, the following list will help you select a car.

Cars Below 10 Lakhs

Check out the following to choose which car you would wish to purchase in 2021:

Audi A4

The German Company is known worldwide for creating a set of magnificent vehicles and automobile products. The multinational enterprise has created “ Audi A-4”, one of the most excellent models available today. The price range starts from 10 lakhs to 41.20 lakhs. Since under 10 lakhs, it has caught several entrepreneurs’ eyes across countries such as India and Indonesia.

Features of the car

This particular version contains a 1968cc, 4-cylinder inline diesel engine. It also comes along with a fundamental rail injection system that helps in turbocharging. It has a power range of 3800-4200 rpm at 140kW. The maximum level of produced torque is 400nm on a scale of 1750 – 3000 rpm. The car runs on petrol and has an automatic transmission.

Audi A-4 is available in the colors Ibis White, Moonshine Blue Metallic, and Matador Red Metallic. It also comes in the attractive colors Floret Silver Metallic and Mythos Black Metallic.

Audi A4

BMW 5 – Series

Bavarian Motor Works is another German company with a series of cars ranging from 9 lakhs to 61.3 lakhs. It is to notice that most second-hand cars are available below 10 lakhs. The BMW 5-Series contains an extravagant list of features and details. The following are:-

Features of the car

The current version contains a BMW Twin Power Turbo four-cylinder engine. It has the power to produce up to 190hp with a maximum torque of 400Nm. It has an odometer marking up to 65,000kms. The car runs on petrol and can be transmitted automatically.

BMW 5-Series is available in 8 colors such as Alpine White, Black Sapphire metallic, Cashmere Silver metallic, Carbon Black Metallic, and Mineral White metallic. The blue color range contains Imperial Blue Brilliant Effect metallic, Mediterranean Blue metallic, and Bluestone Metallic.

BMW 5 - Series

Mercedes Benz C-Class

Karl Benz’s creation is also worthy of being under this list. The cost of the C-class usually ranges from 41.31 lakhs to 1.39 Crores. But, the price starts from 8.5 lakhs in a second-hand market.

Features of the car

The car runs both on petrol and diesel. The petrol engine is a homogenous injection with a high-pressure rail. It has a 300 Nm torque and a power of 184 Hp. The car has an automatic transmission with an odometer of 30,000.

Mercedes Benz C-Class

BMW 3- Series

The used car price starts from 8.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs. But, generally, the range of the car is between 41.4 lakhs to 45.3 lakhs. Being one of the greatest sedans, it is sold at a considerable pace worldwide.

Features of the car

A 1998cc BMW Twin Power engine powers the series. It contains a Turbo 4-Cylinder engine having a power of 252hp at the range of 5200 rpm. It has a 350 Nm Torque in the range of 1450-4800 rpm. The car has an odometer of 34,000. It has an automatic transmission and runs only on petrol.

The BMW 3- series is available in Sunset Orange Metallic, Estoril Blue Metallic, and Black Sapphire Metallic. It is also painted in the non-metallic version of alpine white.

These are the luxury cars below 10 lakhs that can be suitable for you.

But if you stay in India, there is also a list of cars ranging below 10 lakhs. The best car under 10 lakhs in India 2020 is not given to one, but many.

Cars Below 10 Lakhs

The best car under 10 lakhs in India 2020

 Here are some of the cars below 10 lakhs that a lot of people purchased in 2020:

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

It can be considered as an all-square vehicle, which makes it top the list. It has a potent and fuel-efficient engine. The car comes up with a comfortable cabin and space for boots. The noises made by the engine and cabin are minimal. The price of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno starts from 5.63 to 8.68 lakhs.

The car is available in colors such as Nexa Blue, Magma Grey, and Pearl Phoenix Red. It is also found in primary colors such as metallic premium silver and pearl arctic white.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Hyundai Creta

This is another Hyundai car that has become India’s favorite. There are features such as a sunroof and a BS6 engine. Paddle shifters along with a sound system are present in the car as well. Starting from 9.81 lakhs, the car runs both on petrol and diesel.

Hyundai Creta is offered in Galaxy-Blue-Metallic, Typhoon Silver, Phantom Black, Red Mulberry, and Lava Orange. It is also found in Polar White Dual Tone, Polar White, Deep Forest, and Titan Grey Metallic.

Tata Nexon

The car’s price range begins from 6.95 lakhs and ends at 12.70 lakhs. The SUV has a vast interior, which received a Euro NCAP rating. The Tata Nexon BS6 2020 is powerful and has features such as DRLs that run throughout the daytime. The base variant has also got a digital instrumental constraint.

Tata Nexon

Hyundai Venue

Winner of the Indian Car of the Year 2020 award, it is known for its intricate features. The price range begins from 6.70 to 11.39 lakhs. It has got unique LED lights and a Turbo variant for acceleration and stability. The handling of the car is comparatively more accessible than other vehicles. It also has a sunroof on top.

The available colors are Star Dust, Fiery Red, Polar White, Phantom Black, Denim Blue, Lava Orange, and Deep Forest.

Kia Sonet

Kia Sonet is one of the latest cars available in town. Ranging from 6.71 lakhs to 11.99 lakhs can be regarded as one of India’s best SUVs. It has a unique UVO feature in the cell phone, allowing the driver to start the engine or lock the car automatically.

Extra 57 features are added to control the car’s climate, OTA maps, and air voice commands.

Further features include an air purifier with virus protection, ventilated seats, multi-drive modes with traction control, and Bose speakers. Safety measures like dual airbags, emergency stopping signals, and brake assistance are also available.

Kia Sonet

Honda Amaze

Also available on ZoomCar, this car uses the BS6 engine. The features have a dashboard, proper steering, an auto AC and many more. It also has a varied list of safety measures. The price begins at 6.17 lakhs.

The available colors are Steel Metallic, Radiant Red, White Orchid Pearl, Golden Brown Metallic, and Lunar Silver Metallic.

Volkswagen Polo

Starting from 5.82lakhs to 8.02 lakhs, Volkswagen Polo is one of the most premium cars available in India. The three models have got the best mileage along with performance. The build-in quality brings about stability. However, the service maintenance costs are a bit problematic in terms of saving.

Shades of Lapiz Blue, Carbon Steel, Flash Red, and Toffee Brown adds up a unique touch. Volkswagen Polo is also available in primary colors such as Candy White and Reflex Silver.

Volkswagen Polo cars below 10 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Brezza

The price starts from 7.34 lakhs to 11.15 lakhs. It has a 1.5 liters engine which runs on petrol. The car is suitable for Indian roads and highways as it is an SUV. The Hybrid variant contains an AMT. Brezza is designed with four windows, LED DRLs, and dual airbags.

The colors available are Pearl Arctic White, Premium Silver, Granite Grey With Autumn Orange Roof, Autumn Orange, Torque Blue With Midnight Black Roof, Torque Blue, and Sizzling Red With Midnight Black Roof.

Tata Altroz

Awarded the five-star safety, it is deemed perfect for the Indian roads. It has been rated as one of the best cars for its efficient looks and features. The best feature of the vehicle is its optimized suspension systems. It has got other premium features like cruise control and instrumental digital cluster. An infotainment system, Apple Carplay, and Android Auto Connectivity, along with ambient lights, are present. The price range is from 5.44 to 7.89 lakhs.

The colors of the car are High Street Gold, Skyline Silver, Downtown Red, Midtown Grey, and Avenue White.

Cars Below 10 Lakhs

Mahindra Thar

The 6-seater vehicle with a massive cabin is India’s recent favorite. It has a varied top, which is also convertible. Safety measures like passenger airbags, pressure monitors, and anti-theft devices are also present in the car. Mahindra Thar runs both on petrol and diesel. The price range begins from 9.80 lakhs.

The color range is Mist Silver, Diamond White, Aquamarine, Red Rage, Black, and Rocky Beige.

Ford Figo

Starting from 5.39 to 7.85 lakhs, the American-based automobile is a boon to India. The hatchback contains a six-airbag option kept for safety. It has an excellent built and ride quality suitable for Indian roads.

The colors available for Ford Figo are Deep Impact Blue, Moondust Silver, Ruby Red, and Smoke Grey. Oxford White and Absolute Black are the primary colors for the car.

Ford Figo cars below 10 lakhs

Hyundai i20 Elite

Ranging from 5.59 lakhs to 9.41 lakhs, it is the best car in India in terms of versatility. It has excellent quality and is a comfortable ride. The stability in roads and highways is its best feature. It runs on petrol and has an automatic transmission.

The colors available are Marina Blue, Stardust, Passion Orange, Fiery Red, Typhoon Silver, Polar White, and Black.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

This car has got several features which make it fall under this new list. The interiors have incredible features, such as multifunctional steering and rear AC vents. The newer model has a lot more fuel capacity and is even more comfortable. Prices start from Rupees 8.32 lakhs.

The colors offered for this car are Nexa Blue, Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown, Pearl Sangria Red, and Pearl Snow White. Premium silver and Pearl Midnight Black are also the extra color options.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

This has been India’s favorite car for ages. It is popular for its spacious cabin and smooth performance. The car can have a comfortable steering wheel to move easily. Swift Dzire has also got several safety measures for bumpy roads. The price starts from 5.89 to 8.80 lakhs.

Dzire is offered in Premium Silver, Oxford Blue, Phoenix Red, Magma Grey, Arctic White, and Sherwood Brown.

A new list of cars below 10 lakhs in 2021 has also been mentioned. There have not been too many changes in this short span, but few have been added.

Toyota Yaris

The Sedan has amazing features starting from disc brakes to vehicle stability control. There are 7 airbags and reverse cameras ensuring protection and safety. It also has got parking sensors. The prices start from 8.86 lakhs.

The color list is Wildfire Red, Wildfire Red With Attitude Black, Phantom Brown, Silver Metallic With Attitude Black, and Pearl White. The other colors are Super White With Attitude Black, Grey Metallic, Grey Metallic With Attitude Black, and Silver Metallic.

cars below 10 lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

Many Indian joint families possess this car to have room for all. It has a hybrid technology engine with BS6 compliance. This makes the car fuel-efficient, running on both petrol and CNG. It has several features such as child-seats, ABS, and front airbags. Starting at 7.59 lakhs, it has a lot to offer.

The colors available are Metallic Magma Grey, Pearl Arctic White, and Pearl Metallic Auburn Red. It is also available in Metallic Silky Silver and Oxford Blue. Hence, you have a lot of amazing options to select your car at a pocket-friendly budget. Select wisely and drive safely for a fun ride ahead.

It is now time for you to choose the best cars below 10 lakhs and take your family out for a long drive!

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