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Skimboarding on Daytona Beach

A peaceful and enjoyable day with family or friends at the beautiful beach could be more relaxing than any other place. The sound of the waves could change your mood and make you romantic. Sometimes, you may like to stretch legs or your kids want to do something different, skimboarding could be the perfect choice then!

A lightweight and thin board weighing about 4 pounds is called a skimboard. The rider rides the board in the area where the sand comes in touch with water. Your experience becomes more enjoyable if the beach has smooth and soft sand and if the area is open enough for skimboarding.

I think Daytona Beach is perfect for anyone to go for skimboarding with the best skimboard. Because the beach is a wide sandy beach and the open area allows you to execute any tricks you want. It is an ideal place for beginners and for the people who are interested in improving their skill. The beach remains crowded most of the time because of its flat surface and beautiful view. The rider should be more careful about jellyfish and urchins while skimboarding.

Skimboarding is popular with young people or kids. Learning starts with falling but it is better to fall in sand than falling in concrete. The soft sand of Daytona Beach helps to prevent your kids from getting hurt.

You should follow some tricks for a better ride. Here are some tricks for you.

  1.   Get the right posture:

First of all, you have to determine which foot you want to put on the board- your right foot or the left one. If you are confused about making a decision, just jump on the board and notice which one naturally slides forward. There are no rules for this step but you should choose the foot in which you would be more comfortable.

  1.   Keep the balance:

It’s natural to fall while skimboarding but if you learn to keep balance, you could avoid this fall. Stand following the right form and keep your balance in check. You should keep your shoulder width apart and your back foot would land about 2 to 3 inches from the board tail. You could also maintain a bit of bend in the knees that would help feeling secure and centered.

  1.   Jump onto the board:

You should keep practicing about how you would get to the board. Practice getting on the skimboard from the back sides. Don’t forget to bend knees when you are landing on the skimboard that would keep you centered and balanced. You should not just think about jumping on the board, but also gliding forward. By doing this, you could keep your speed.

  1.   Throwing the skimboard:

After approaching onto the board with comfortable footing, taking the board towards the water is your next mission. You should hold your skimboard using your dominant hand on the end of the board base. Put the other hand 3-quarters up going on the side of the board. Use your non-dominant hand like a guide and by throwing your board level and low, you are ready to move towards the water.

  1.   Start gliding:

Now it’s time for you to ride your skimboard. Standing in ankle-deep water and running could gather much speed for you. You could toss your board once the waves of the water come in. when the waves roll back out, you could glide then. It is a weird kind of feeling that your skimboard is slipping from your feet. You should keep your body weight a little forward to avoid falling. When you start gliding, it is better to start slow.

Ensure that the beach is clear and free of crowd, chairs, big shells and umbrellas because you would need a stretch line of 20-30 yards for skimming. In Daytona Beach, you won’t find any trouble as it has an expansive beach of 23 miles.

Daytona Beach also has many rental shops which offer umbrellas or skimboards if you don’t have any. These shops have a rental option for 24 hours that makes it easier for you to go to Daytona Beach, enjoy your trip with their equipment and give them back after use. You could easily return home without hauling the equipment all the way back.

Possible Dangers in Daytona Beach:

  • You would find risks from sharks on Daytona Beach as the place has received bad publicity. Mostly sharks don’t come near the swimmers or skimmers. Most of the sharks are found near the piers.
  • We frequently see rip currents. So, when you are preparing yourself for skimboarding, try to find out the status about currents.
  • In some particular areas on Daytona Beach, the authority allows motorized vehicles. You should know about those places for skimboarding or rest.
  • Be aware of the panhandlers because they may be frauds.

Skimboarding during spring break:

Daytona Beach could get crazy in spring break. During spring break, you may hear some bad language and the behavior of the people may be inappropriate that is not family friendly. You don’t want to give your kids that bad experience. You could not do skimboarding in such a rush. Moreover, the prices of things increased during spring.

However, there is always police presence but during spring their number increases. Most of the people try to maintain the law. So, you could also go there if you want to enjoy the environment and have fun.

Experience of people:

Many people share their experience about Daytona Beach. Almost all people give a positive review about going to Daytona Beach and skimboarding there. The slope in the water is slow, which makes it a better place for skimboarding. They said that the sand is free of shells and the best time to go to the beach is afternoon or morning as the current goes out. When the current rises, the flow of the water increases that may be risky for kids to ride their skimboard.

Here is almost all the information about skimboarding on Daytona Beach. Though some dangers and risks, Daytona Beach could be a better place for you. If you are planning to go on a trip and spend some time with nature, just do it! All you can do is to keep the negative things in mind and be careful of the frauds.

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