10 Advantages of Coach Hire for Your Huge Family’s Travel

With great advancements and innovations happening each day, people are able to think of many new ways to make traveling better. You surely see how booking flights and accommodation continues to become easier and more convenient for travelers all over the world. 

Since it’s about travel, means of transportation is the concern at the center. You can travel by air, land and water. There are many options, and you just have to be clever and strategic. 

Traveling with your big family, not just your own family, but including your extended family, is definitely fun and exciting! It’s a time of reunion, catching up and bonding together. Because you are in a huge quantity, transportation means might become a dilemma to you, especially because nowadays, fare rates are going up. Good news is that coach hire companies do exist! 

WHAT’S A COACH? A coach is a bus utilized mainly for touring and traveling, particularly for long-distance trips! They can be going for intercity and international routes and destinations. Also, they can be hired for small private gatherings.

Coach hire has definitely become a thing today because it is extensively helpful indeed, especially to big groups that travel. For you to better understand about coach hire, below is a list of its 10 advantages!


The capacity of a coach is sufficient to carry your big family plus the many things that you’re bringing to your trip. It is totally created with a purposeful space for many people. There are coaches with a maximum capacity of 70 persons. That’s a kind opportunity for you to even bring your pets! 

When it comes to space, a coach will never disappoint you. In the first place, the main reason for its structure and design is to bring big groups of people together to and from their travel destinations. It takes away all the worry you have about being squished in your car or public transport while your family travels.


Since you’re not commuting if you ride a coach as a group, you have your privacy. You can sleep well, fix your things as you want, move freely, eat without disturbing any stranger and do the things you cannot do when you are in a public transportation. 

While it’s not literally an utter privacy since there’s many people in it, the fact that it’s just your whole family makes a big difference. You can be more comfortable talking, moving and resting since you’re not very conscious about the people around–of course, because you know them all. 


Luxury coaches and other high-quality coaches give you all the comfort you physically need, and that’s without a doubt! The problem with long-distance travels if you are commuting is that just from the commute itself, you are already tired. You don’t have much energy and enthusiasm anymore when you reach the destination. You will need to recharge and rest first before you totally enjoy your trip. That’s somehow a waste of time, when you should be immediately enjoying.

For private car traveling, it will be comfortable and relaxing for you if you are the passenger, however, if you are the driver, you will get exhausted too. Well, drivers in the family have no choice, so even if they want to sleep during the trip, they cannot.

With coach hire, all of you are comfortable. Everyone in the family can sit back, relax, enjoy the views and sleep too. That’s because there is a coach hire company driver managing behind the wheels. You will not have a strained back and a sweaty feel even if you sleep for hours inside the comfortable coach.


If you have experienced commuting on the way to a famous tourist spot, you will know the struggle of carrying kids and infants with you. 

Little kids are usually naughty, playful and restless. Meanwhile, infants become easily irritated and sensitive. They cry out loud in the vehicle, most especially if the environment is hot and humid, if they feel uneasy and if they are sleepy or hungry. That’s a hassle for you as the parent/guardian. At the same time, other passengers might get upset and disturbed too.

If you hire a coach for your whole family’s travel, kids have the freedom to move as they want. They can play, laugh, scream and cry all they want. They might get scolded, but at least, it’s just your family. Other family members will totally understand, and you would not have to worry at all. They can even help look over your kids who are playing or crying. 


Going for a coach hire is much more economic than renting five huge vans for your family to split up in subgroups. Since a coach can store a large quantity of passengers, you can all be in one vehicle. That means one payment for one necessity for everybody’s good and convenience!


When you travel through coach, your troubles and worries about having some luggage lost or stolen are eliminated. Unless you know you cannot trust someone in your family, you don’t have to be extremely bothered. 

In general, however, all your things are much safer when you’re in a coach. They are well-kept, and you yourself can monitor and keep an eye on them. You don’t have to be paranoid at all. 

Essentially, you can place all your valuable belongings in compartments above your seats. For bigger bags and suitcases, there is room for each one to place his/her stuff. It’s a substantial benefit because there’s no stress in putting your bag on your lap, in squeezing them under feet and the like hassles. Ensured, a space is designated for every person, so no one runs out of an area to keep his/her things. 


Not a direct and immediately-noticeable boon, but taking a coach for your family travel lets you take care and be good to the environment. 

Imagine being 50 people in your family outing. If you are riding separate vehicles, you might need five 10-seater vehicles to accommodate all. That’s not just a lot of financial expenses but also added pollution and road traffic.

Even in a small and indirect way and even if not everyone would know, you become part of giving something good to Mother Earth. 


Coach hire companies see to it that they pick up and drop off every passenger satisfied and most especially, safe! Professional drivers handle and take you to your destinations. They are trained well before being placed in the job. 

It’s not an easy task since the drivers are in-charge of lives beyond them behind the steering wheel. That’s why coach companies make sure to get and assign the best and the most careful drivers to bring you there and take you home gladly and securely.  


You will be able to enjoy the scenic views of nature and the alluring sights of cities. With the beautiful structure and features of a coach, all of you can witness the places you are passing by. Through the wide windows, outdoor views are nicely framed and presented to your eyes. 

Even in the silence of everyone resting in the coach, you can enjoy and find delight in the refreshing views and the warm touch of the sun in the day. In every moment, even when you have not yet reached your destination, you can already appreciate all the beauty along the way. 


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There’s probably no other transportation means better for your whole family to have fun during your travel but a coach! You can sing and shout songs aloud! You can exchange jokes and laughters, talk about stories you always hear during family reunions and even catch up knowing what everyone has been up to lately. 

Even if you’re noisy, nobody’s going to stop you (except the easily-annoyed adults in your family and the driver trying to concentrate on the road!) It’s a wonderful time to also get to know family members you have just met. It’s a time to make your bond as a family stronger than ever before. 

The sense of togetherness inside that coach makes your family travel an even more special one. 

Coach hire does have loads of usefulness and meaningful purposes. When you go for it on your big family travel, you will never regret. Your road journey, even if it’s not yet your travel spot, makes the beginnings and ends worth waiting for. 

Make sure to bag home amazing memories before in and out of the coach! 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. She also writes for BelleVue Coach Hire Manchester, a cost-effective quality transport service provider for group travel needs. 

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