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Places to Visit in Jaisalmer to Explore the Golden City

Jaisalmer is oftentimes referred to as the ‘Golden City’. It has some spectacular beauty that attracts tourists globally. There are many places to visit in Jaisalmer. And if you are planning to visit the Golden City very soon, start reading our blog. We have covered some interesting places to visit in Jaisalmer and much more. Start scrolling down to know them all!

“The Golden City” Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is always the first choice of foreigners and Indians also. This city of Rajasthan is a medieval trading center and is situated in the heart of the Thar desert. It looks stunning with its yellow sandstone architecture in broad sunlight. Tourists love to visit this northwestern part of the state because there are marvelous spots you can explore. The desert is only 40 kilometers away from the city. Therefore, you can visit easily there too.

Places to visit in Jaisalmer

This city is the queen of forts so there you can go to visit stunning forts and mahals. There are a few magnificent places you can go to see the Indian architecture of ancient times. You can experience golden dust, mountain-high sand dunes, desserts lifestyle, and Jain temple architecture. This place holds a high position in the charming tourism landscape of Rajasthan, and you can book a total of 7 days and six nights to visit the whole place. Havelis and temples are the most wonderful places in the city where you can find idyllic beauty and ultimate satisfaction. Each place is remarkable, and wherever you will look, the wall, floor, and ceilings are incredibly picturesque and panoramic.

Now that you know so much, let us check them out: top 10 places to visit in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort is the second oldest fort in Rajasthan, and one-fourth of forth ancient city’s population lives in the fort. Rajput Rawal Jaiswal made this fort in 1156 AD, and the fort’s name is derived from his name. This fort looks stunning during sunset. Furthermore, it seems astonishing from other sprawling towers.

Jaisalmer Fort

Gadisar Lake

Historical lord shiva temples and birds surround Gadisar Lake. It is lovely and perfect for boating, as well as this lake’s clear water and a nice breeze, which can give you a soothing feeling. 

Kothari’s Patwa Haveli

Kothari’s Patwa Haveli is a beautiful example of stone carvings; furthermore, this 19th-century palace is 350 years old. People change it into a heritage lifestyle museum to showcase old and wealthy merchants’ lives in this monumental mansion.

Vyas Chhatri

Vyas Chhatri is a cenotaph of sage vyas made with sandstone. Besides, travelers like to come here to enjoy quiet time to enjoy this edifice architecture’s beauty.

Salam Singh Ki Haveli or Moti Mahal

Salam Singh Ki Haveli or Moti Mahal can increase your respect for the Indian people who made it. This historical architecturally fantastic home was designed with a peacock-shaped roof and several balconies 300 years ago in 1815. You can explore artistic painting there, and you can get enough idea of that time’s culture and how sophisticated they were.

Salam Singh Ki Haveli or Moti Mahal

The Thar Heritage Museum

The Thar Heritage Museum is a place where you can get to know about the culture of folk art and historical artifacts of that region.

Nathmal Ki Haveli

Nathmal Ki Haveli is eminent for its striking architecture and ornate carvings made with sandstone. This place is really lovely for street shopping and enjoying sculptures of that era and multiple symbols you can find there that have different meanings.

Bara Bagh Temple

Bara Bagh Temple is a place that is located outside the city, and Maharajas of this state constructed this old garden complex in the early 20th century. Tourists can learn many histories of ancestors from this temple, and a windmill is there to enjoy the sunset.

Tazia Tower

The Tazia Tower is a multi-level building made by the Hindu ruler of that time, Maharawal Berisal Singh, in 1850 AD. This five-story beautiful building comprises joy, and its pretty architecture includes balconies, inscriptions, and arts. You can find surprising cut features in this traditional building alongside the complete view of a city with Rajputana’s architecture.

Desert National Park-

This desert national park is the best example for those looking around for the ecosystem of the Thar desert. The 20 percent part of this park is nothing but the sand dunes.

Tazia Tower 

Special places to visit in Jaisalmer

Here are some special to visit in Jaisalmer.

Sam Sand Dunes

If you enjoy deserts, we have got your back here! Sam sand dunes are one of the most authentic desert sites to visit in the whole of India. The sand dunes here have a height of 30-60 meters. Tourists and travelers here enjoy traveling these exquisite sand dunes on camels or jeep. The recommended time to pursue places to visit in Jaisalmer is from October to March. There are desert camps available here for stay. These camps are built of a radius of 2-3 km of sand dunes. The best time to visit these sand dunes is from 4 to 6 am during sunrise and from 4 to 7 pm during sunset.

Kuldhara Village

In case you are looking forward to having an adrenaline rush during your exploring of places to visit in Jaisalmer, we have something exciting for you. You must check out the Kuldhara village, located at a distance of 18km from Jaisalmer. It is believed to be an abandoned ghost village. This place has been left to date by all the Rajasthani locals. Kuldhara village was once heavily populated by 85 villages. Paliwal Brahmins once inhabited it. The villagers of Kuldhara had all left due to unknown, ominous circumstances. It has been told that the villagers while leaving the place, had cursed it. They set a curse where anyone residing in the village would meet a fearful fate ad inevitable death. Out of all the spooky places to visit in Jaisalmer at night, this one tops the chart.

Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

More interesting places to visit in Rajasthan

Here are a few more exciting places to visit in Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer War Museum

There is a war museum in Jaisalmer called the Jaisalmer War Museum. If you are exploring places to visit in Jaisalmer, this is a place that all patriots must visit. This war museum traces the evolution of the Indian army. This museum pays special attention to India’s actions during the Indo-Pak War of 1965 and the Longewala battle of 1971. This Jaisalmer war museum is popular in India as it is among the famous places to visit in Jaisalmer. This is because this place pays tribute to the fallen Indian heroes and commemorates their sacrifice. The museum holds a 106mm Recoilless Gun India used to destroy Pakistani tanks.

Desert National Park

The Desert National Park is a good one of the interesting places to visit in Rajasthan. You will find the vegetation and wildlife is an exciting factor of study in a desert. It displays a unique range of flora and fauna that perhaps one would not have expected to thrive in a desert. Some of the animals found here are blackbuck, chinkara, wolf, and desert cat. Birds such as grey partridges are a common sight here. This park is also the house to the state bird of Rajasthan, which is the Great Indian Bustard. The park also houses exotic species like nilgai, spotted eagles, and desert wolves. It occupies 3100 sq km of land and six located in Sudashri forest.

Exquisite places to visit in Jaisalmer in night

Here are some exquisite places to visit in Jaisalmer in night.

Ramesh Talkies

Traveling can indeed be exhausting at times, and that is why we bring to you a place you could visit for some entertainment. Ramesh Talkies is one of the most entertaining places to visit in Jaisalmer in night. This place is specially dedicated to movie lovers. Ramesh Talkies is a single-screen theatre that allows visitors and locals to watch trending movies at affordable prices. The interior of this place matches the simplicity of the desert and assures a relaxing night with family and friends. It is located in Patwon ki Haveli Road at Amar Sagar Pol.

Incredible Discotheque

In case you have been craving for a touch of modern in the traditional places to visit in Rajasthan, then we have something that might excite you. Incredible Discotheque is a night lounge designed for some fun and relaxation. It is located at the center of Jaisalmer at Hotel Brys Fort. You will find this place to dedicate itself to partying, dancing and fun. It is equipped with a bar and a dance floor.

The Royale Jaisalmer

Trips and travels also require a place to stay. If you still haven’t found an excellent place to stay while pursuing places to visit in Jaisalmer at night, then we are here to help you. The Royale Jaisalmer is luxurious dining and lodging that you could stay with your family and friends.

This place has a traditional touch that is inspired by Rajasthani culture and architecture. You will find luxurious suites and living places with European-style attached bathrooms. They serve mouth-watering Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Rajasthani cuisines.

Hidden places in Jaisalmer to visit-

Gyan Bhandar – This is a special library constructed beneath the Sambhavnath temple at the Jaisalmer fort. Here, you will find a significant collection of all the ancient manuscripts.

Maasa Minature Art– This is a small art gallery shop, from here you can buy all types of traditional paintings.

Architectural Places to visit in Jaipur

Here are some interesting places to visit in Jaipur.

City Palace

India is considered to be heritage sites for places and forts. Most of the renowned palaces fall under places to visit in Jaipur. City Palace is a heritage palace and one of the oldest standing palaces in India. It is three centuries old and was built for Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh the second. The current modern-day royal family still resides there. The Mubarak Mahal and the Chandra Mahal are the two noteworthy Mahals at this palace.

Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

Jantar Mantar

Other renowned places to visit in Jaipur include the very popular Jantar Mantar. This place is a collection of astrological tools initiated by Jai Singh the second, Rajput ruler. He began this so he could measure heavenly objects from there. This place also has the Samrat Yantra, commonly known as the sundial. It is 27 meters tall and accurately measures the shadow that falls because of the sun. Jai Prakash is also a part of this place. It uses the shadow of a metal plate to keep track of time.

Exquisite things to buy in Jaisalmer

You can enjoy the beauty of that place, yet you can buy a few pretty and memorable things from the streets of that place. Mirror work embroidery clothes and interior design pieces are best because local people’s handmade work makes that fabric colorful and vibrant. You can buy camel leather products, jewelers, fossil stones, souvenirs, and multiple gift items. Brasswares, rugs, shawls, carpets, carved wooden boxes, antiques, and lamps are so dazzling in that place. These things make the city more vivid, and you can go to well-known markets such as Bhatia Bazar, Sadar Bazar, Sonaron Ka Bas, Pansari Bazar, Light of the East, Manak Chowk, and Seema Gram. Rapid commercialization is happening there because of their authentic things, and this lies in its massive sand forts, Havelis, mahals, and colorful bazaars.

Best Places for Staying and Foods

You can choose to stay in good hotels, and they welcome tourists warmly and show Rajasthani hospitality. Desert Spring Resort, The Mama’s Resort And Camp, Jaisalmer Marriott Resort And Spa, Leela Heritage Resort, Saira Fort Sarovar Portico, Sand Dunes Resort and Gorbandh Palace, Mirvana Nature Resort And Camp, and Suryagarh Palace, are some popular hotels that offer good quality service. These hotels are reputed for their global delicacies and conceivable luxury. Some hotels have no cost of the booking, and they give instant confirmation. These resorts provide facilities for secure booking, new deals, zero reservation cost, and great rates.

You can try lots of food options: mutton saag, gatte ki sabzi, murgi e sabzi, makhania lassi, pyaj ki kachori, dal bati korma, and ghotua ladoos. You can find the glory and grandeur of this place by enjoying every moment. The urban surface will remind you of the city’s charm, rich heritage, desert safaris, and religious significance.

Best time to visit Jaisalmer

Travelers can plan to go from November to March because winters are pleasant in this city. It also hosts a Desert Festival during the month of February. Therefore, you can plan your trip at this time to enjoy local culture. Castles, forts, and outside markets can never let you down; instead, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in that place. Yellow desert and yellow masterpiece buildings are fairytale sights of the city, and in this time you can enjoy best. This is the west part of the country, but in summer, the temperature increases gradually, so it will not be an excellent time to enjoy the scenic beauty. Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all,” and we can make it true by reaching that golden destination.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you have all the exciting places to visit in Jaisalmer. So, start packing your bags and book your tickets to see the ‘Golden City.’ And don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below how your trip was to this magnificent city!

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