Beaches in Dubai

Top 6 Best Beaches in Dubai for the Perfect Sun and Sand

Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world. It attracts many tourists from all over the world every year. Even though this beautiful city is known for majestic skyscrapers and miles and miles of desert, what also is slowly emerging is the beaches in Dubai.

These beaches of the Persian Gulf, also known as the Arabic Gulf locally, have been turned into one of the beach destinations. Hands down, these beaches are now no less than any tropical area.

Dubai flaunts several beaches and ensures that they are all maintained well. While some beaches are cleaned regularly, others keep a day away for just cleaning.

Along with that, most of the beaches in Dubai have all the basic amenities that a person can require. From showers to washrooms to changing rooms, you would do all you need with utmost cleanliness.

Beaches in Dubai

There are many private beaches in Dubai. These beaches can be accessed only when you visit the hotels or resorts associated with them.

However, there are many public beaches in Dubai that you can visit and spend a good day for fun and leisure.

Usually, since the temperature in Dubai is hot and humid, you would find people relaxing at the beach sides mostly during the nighttime.

Hence, in case you knew that Dubai only meant confining yourself to air-conditioned rooms owing to how hot the place is, then you are about to be proved wrong.

This article jots down some of the best beaches in Dubai, which would prove that Dubai is also about crystal clear water beaches, breathtaking shorelines, and golden sands.

Kite Beach

As already suggested by the name, Kite beach is located at Al Manara Road, at the northern end. This beach, a part of the Umm Suqeim beach, is a favorite spot for kite enthusiasts.

This beach is way windier compared to the other beaches in Dubai, making it a perfect spot for kite flyers and kite surfers.

However, this beach offers a lot of other fun and entertaining stuff to do as well. You can rent paddleboats, go kayaking, wakeboarding, and more.

If you are looking forward to doing some non-aqua fun, then their options for that. There are high rope courses, places for skating, or you can also go jogging on a 14 km track specially made for the joggers. If you are in the mood for just relaxing, then you can book an umbrella or a sunbed overlooking the beach and the majestic Burj Al Arab present in the background.

Along with that, you can also enjoy some really tasty food. The beach houses various food trucks present here at all times. There are also multiple restaurants to choose from and keep you satiated.

Image Credit: Pixinio

Sunset Beach (Umm Suqeim beach)

The Sunset Beach, also referred to as the Umm Suqeim beach by the localities, is one of the best open beaches to visit if you want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing place.

This beach is hands down one of the best beaches in Dubai to get those jealous-worthy Instagram snaps. Sunset beach is a quiet public beach in Dubai compared to the other beaches.

As the name already reveals, this beach offers breathtaking views of the sunset and the Arabian Gulf. You can come here for a morning jog or a stroll along the edges of the land with your dear one.

The beach is a calm one with soft waves. Hence, it allows you to relax on the shore amidst the sound of the ocean.

You can even choose to sleep a little or read a book. One of the unique things about this beach is a small library that keeps many books to choose from.

However, the beach only has basic amenities such as a shower, washrooms, and changing rooms. There aren’t any fancy cafes or restaurants to visit hence you would have to carry your food.

There are small covered picnic spots and a children’s playground you can have a good time. You can also choose to swim, which is open till midnight.

However, this beach is mostly made for women and children only on the weekdays hence you can choose to go here during the weekends.

Beaches in Dubai

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamar Beach Park that stands at Al Mamzar Al Khaleej Road is one of the best public beaches in Dubai that spans over 106 hectares.

The park flaunts five beaches in Dubai, which are open to the public and are made safe with lifeguards.

Along with these, this park also flaunts several other things as well. There are two public swimming pools, a playground for kids, a cycle path for all the bike and cycle enthusiasts, and a well-maintained lawn.

Certain basic facilities such as changing rooms, showers, and showers are present at the beach. You can also borrow umbrellas and sunbeds on rent and enjoy a relaxing time under the sun.

Furthermore, you can also choose to spend a night on the beach witnessing the beauty of the Arabian Gulf by booking a chalet.

But, before you visit the park, do keep in mind that the park remains extremely crowded on Fridays and Saturdays, which is considered weekends in Dubai.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the park remains open for women and kids. There is an entry free. The access is free for kids and people with special needs.

Image Credit: Flickr

La Mer Beach

If you love everything artistic and aesthetic, adding La Mer Beach to the list of the places you should visit when in Dubai is a must. Previously referred to as the Jumeirah Public Beach, this newly formed beach is one of the classiest beaches in Dubai. This beach flaunts chic wooden walkways, a gorgeous sandy beach (cleaned every day in the morning), and the walls are decked up with artistic murals and graffiti, all done by the local artists. There are beautiful palm trees along the beach where you can borrow an umbrella or a sunbed and relax.

Basic amenities such as showers, changing rooms, and washrooms are available. Along with that, there are parlors, bars, cinema halls, shopping areas, an amazing water park, and various cafes and restaurants to keep you entertained for the day. And if you are a water sports enthusiast, then this place has a lot of water sport options to offer to you.

The best part about this beach is that this fun and entertainment come for free. Yes, you heard that right! There is no entry fee to this place. All you have to pay to enter is the parking lot money, and you are good to go for the day. In case you want to spend the night in this delightful place, there is also a choice of hotels available to choose from.

Beaches in Dubai
Image Credit: Pixal Hive

JBR Open Beach (Jumeirah Beach Residence)

Some beaches in Dubai are open. The Jumeirah Beach Residence is one such beach in Dubai. However, a little part of it is also reserved for restaurants and hotels. This beach is one of the oldest, most popular, and the best beaches of Dubai that you would not want to miss.

The beach stretches for 3kms and is divided into two parts. One part is reserved for water sports while the other is for swimming.

There are basic amenities available at regular intervals, including proper places for showering, cleaning, and changing.

The sand here on this beach is soft and white (you would feel you are walking on powder) that ends as the beautiful crystal clear blue water takes over. This beach has been lauded with the Blue Flag status for cleanliness award because of its excellently clean.

However, if you are a water sports enthusiast, this beach might not interest you as such. This is because there is no real current on this beach. However, there is a certain fun you can have here. You can go parasailing, wakeboarding, or boating here.

A certain part of this beach is private and is reserved for the guests of Jumeirah hotels. These secluded beaches are at the waterfront and are amazing for sunbathing and enjoying a relaxing day under the sun and beside the waves.

Otherwise, the public beach is one of the favorite spots for picnicking and visiting the localities. Hence, you would find it mostly crowded with children jumping and playing everywhere.

Beaches in Dubai

Black Palace Beach

The Black Palace beach, also referred to as the Al Sufouh Beach or the Secret Beach, is a less traveled-to and easily accessible hidden gem.

Located at the Al Sufouh road, this beach is a heaven for all the introverts or anyone who wants to seek some serenity away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan.

However, reaching this beach could be a little tricky. You would have to take the road to Madinat Jumeirah through the Al Sufouh road to get to this place. A little drive through the road would make you witness a row of gorgeous palm trees, and you are there.

The soft sand, the breathtaking turquoise water of the beach, and the view of Burj al Arab at the backdrop promise a fun-filled day with the close ones here.

Hence, you can come here with your family for a picnic or just a short day out. However, because this beach is secluded and less traveled to, you are very unlikely to come across any vendors or even get the basic amenities such as changing rooms, washrooms, or showers that are not generally available.

But, the beach is protected with lifeguards hence making it safe. Also, parking here is free, so that’s a bonus.

What are the rules of Dubai beaches?

There are certain rules and regulations that a person needs to keep in mind before they plan a trip to the Dubai beaches.

Especially due to Covid, the rules have increased and have become more strict. In case you fail to follow these, the authorities can charge you a fine. To mention, some important Dubai beach rules are:

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Maintain social distancing
  • More than 5 people must not gather at the same place
  • Men must not go near the sites meant for women only
  • Women can wear swimming costumes at the beach unless they are inappropriate
  • Dress your part

Final thoughts

The luxurious city of Dubai is extremely popular for its skyscrapers and miles of sand desert. But what is slowly making its way to the must-visit list when in Dubai is its gorgeous beaches.

From private to public, these beaches are some natural and some man-made. Some with great current and some stagnant. Some come with a list of lavish amenities and entertainment to ensure you have a cherishable day. Moreover, some beaches here are so pretty that you will imagine being present in a tropical country.

While the article jots down the best beaches in Dubai, these are not all. There are many beaches in Dubai that might be close to you or private depending on your staycation! Make sure you enjoy a fun-filled day at a beach when in Dubai. Click pretty pictures and flaunt them to people who don’t know about luxurious Dubai beaches. Make sure you are aware of all the rules, regulations, and restrictions when stepping into a beach.

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