Best beaches in California
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Best Beaches in California That You Must Visit Once

What is better than knowing about the best beaches in California when planning to visit? It is possible that you may never set foot in California, and now you have decided to visit the place you have heard so many exciting things about. We are here to inform you that when you mention California, our thoughts go right into the beaches of California.

Best beaches in California

This article is about the best beaches in California, and here you will find out what to do there. There are so many beaches in California, and it cannot be apparent for you to choose between them. Well, you don’t have to think hard about that because we have made your job easy.

In this article, we are going to tell you the details about the best beaches in California. You need to go through this article for once, and you will know what to do next. Choose wisely and start exploring the best beaches in California.


You may have heard the name of this place so many times or seen it in the movies. You can also realize how good the feeling would be when you experience it for real.

It locates in southern California, and it is what you call a complete package. You will see all kinds of beaches here, including Zuma Beach and Point Dume State Beach. This is the ideal place for sand lovers and people who love to play in the sand.

Malibu Colony Beach and Puerco Beach provide amazing views of the town. You will need at least a week to see it all and do all the activities.


Pfeiffer Beach

Situated in Big Sur, the beach gives access to all and is famous for incredible views, perfect for taking pictures. Travel 10 miles further from Andrew Molera State Beach and Pfeiffer Beach impresses you with its rocky structure.

We recommend going there in the evenings when the sun is about to go, and you will get a beautiful background of the Keyhole Rock. Now you are absolutely ready to capture some unforgettable moments. Nobody will stop you.

Just don’t forget the fact that swimming is not recommended here at all. So please don’t try that.

Half Moon Bay

Maybe you heard the termgo big or go home.” So if you want to go all the way, we advise you to visit Half Moon Bay. Just go 30 miles south from San Francisco and explore multiple beach options for some ‘Vitamin Sea.’

If you go north, you will get to Dune Beach, and if you go south, you find Francis Beach. Cowell Ranch, Martins, Tunitas Creek Beaches can also be added mustvisit list. Moreover, try to visit the California Coastal Trail as it is great for hiking.

Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is one of the best beaches in California and gives you a liberating feeling. It would help if you went 20 miles south from Sun Louis Obispo to explore this place. But know that there is indeed not much activity left to enjoy rather than enjoying the scenario.

This isn’t always disappointing because you actually get enough time to enjoy nature peacefully. You can go kayaking to visit Dinosaur Caves Park or roam around the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation area. There is one place which you absolutely must visit between the end of October and February. It is Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Glove to explore stunning butterflies.

Best beaches in California

La Jolla

San Diego can give you feelings of adventure. La Jolla coastlines are a perfect getaway for your family. The sea is timid with the vast coastline and a beautiful park out there to entertain the kids.

Those who have adventurous souls would be very happy to be here because there are Leopard sharks ready to go snorkeling with you at La Jolla coastlines. The Garibaldi fish are also there for your entertainment at La Jolla Cove in their free time.

Point Reyes National Seashore

Point Reyes National Seashore is that kind of location not many people talk about. If you go about 40 miles northwest of San Francisco, you can witness its uniqueness. This definitely intrigues people with the fantastic views and wild animals.

You can take a walk through the beach, take a boat, or you can take your car to explore some of the locations. Great Beach, Limantour Beach and Drakes Beach all have great spectacles. But again, swimming is not allowed here due to the underwater current.

East Beach

If you go to Santa Barbara, you cannot return from there without visiting East Beach.

Situated in the middle of Santa Barbara, this beach is a nice inclusion to Santa Barbara’s coastlines. If you are a sports freak, you can play beach volleyball here.

The waters are timid, and they cause no harm to the kids. The hotels are thereby at the sides of the beach to provide you with favorable scenarios to stay.

Crystal Cove State Park

Situated in Orange County, Crystal Cove State Park is an existing vast coastline. There are a few beaches by the park. Moro Beach and Pelican Point are prime attractions. More than the surreal coastline, this place favors the hikers as there iare2400 acres of natural scenery, making it one of the best locations in South California.

Crystal Cove State Park

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz offers one of the best beaches in California and about 29 miles of the beach venues seen here. Just stick to basics and don’t order anything off the menu at Pleasure Point and Main Beach. This Main Beach is famous for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and amusement park.

Coronado Beach

This vast coastline is situated southwest of San Diego, and this place has so much to offer that it was one of the shooting locations for a Merilyn Monroe movie Some like it hot.” This is also suitable for you if you are going with your family or with your partner.

The basics to expect are warm sand, transparent waters, and magnificent natural views. But the important thing is that the beach is just a walk away from Orange Avenue, to provide you the best services from the restaurants and the dive shops. We recommend you to check in the Hotel Del Coronado to make your holiday worth remembering.

Catalina Island

This is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in California. Moreover, this one is highly recommended while you are in California. Come here by boat or flight and reach Avalon and Two Harbours.

There is so much to do in Catalina Island, and we bet you will find this place so attractive that your mind would still wander thereafter your return. The relaxing services are there to charge you up, and you can sit there by the coastline for hours with ease.

catalina island day trip

Natural Bridges State Beach

Being a part of the Santa Cruz areaNatural Bridges State Beach has much to offer to those ready to take anything they can. This place is special for its geographical structure, and the backgrounds are equally intriguing. The backgrounds get more fascinating when the sunsets.

Don’t forget to check out the tide pools when the waves are timid, and you absolutely need to go to the Monarch Butterfly Natural Preserve. Here you will see the eucalyptus and milkweed trees, ready to give the butterflies a safe passage from October to February.

Laguna beach

In this particular section of the article about the best beaches in California, we will tell you about Laguna Beach, which is just an hour’s drive from Los Angeles. Read this section till the very end, and we are sure that after reading it thoroughly, you cannot resist the urge to visit the place for once.

Laguna Beach is regarded as one of the best beaches in California. Yes, there are as many fun activities as you can imagine, but there is also the fact that the adventure never ends there. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking are so popular there that you have to try them even if you are not the type.

Unlike the other beaches in California, this place is rich in culture. There are many festivities, and the most popular one is the Sawdust Art Festival, the festival of Arts of the Masters, Art A fair, and Plein Air Painting Invitational.

If you think that Laguna Beach only offers you clean water and sand, well, you have more to explore. Laguna Beach is the kind of place that gets so many people’s love because of its about 20,000 acres of unspoiled nature. The famous bikers, hikers, and adventurous souls come here every year as so many regions are still waiting to be discovered.

Laguna beach

Best beaches in Los Angeles

We don’t think that many people in the world don’t like Los Angeles or don’t visit there for a vacation. If you are also interested, go in there and see what it’s like, as the movies do not really do justice!

Travelers absolutely must read this part. Here, you will know about the best beaches in Los Angeles, and then you can decide where to go first.

Hermosa beach

First, you have to take a flight to Los Angeles and then go about 20 miles southwest from there. Whether you are the adventurous type or you are somewhat cynical about spending time at beaches, you will definitely find Hermosa beach quite different from the others and intriguing. If you like sand, you will be pleased to notice that there are about two miles of sand to enjoy.

How the ocean would behave is entirely up to the particular season you are going there. The water could act nice, like it’s perfect for swimming or pretty good for surfing. If you are not adventurous and want to enjoy the view, don’t be disappointed.

The view from the Hermosa beach is equally fascinating. You can go for a walk to watch the sunset at Hermosa Beach Pier, over a thousand feet long. Sports lovers can also rejoice by hearing that there are actually facilities available like the beach volleyball courts where they can participate in a friendly match.

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is situated in Los Angeles county’s South Bay region, and it is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in California. This beach is always ready to meet your expectations and satisfy you from every possible angle. This beach is over one andhalf miles long and special for its dinners, dive shops, and live concert stages.

This particular beach also has specialties in terms of those who like adventures. If you want to go there with a group of friends, you can absolutely do that.

Best beaches in California

Final thoughts

Now we have come to the very end of the article about the best beaches in California. While reading the article, you must have wondered that there are so many places to visit with so little time in your hand. Well, the time may be limited, but your imagination isn’t.

Just try to go where your heart takes you and try not to think so much about it. Remember that a relaxing beach vacation gives you exactly what you need in stressful times and will help you get through tough times.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the perfect getaway and start packing your bags. Always remember to maintain the COVID protocols wherever you go in this pandemic.

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