Best indoor activities

Best indoor activities to do in Santorini on a rainy day

Santorini is one of the very few islands in the Mediterranean visited by tourists almost year-round. Indeed, whether you come to the gorgeous Queen of the Cyclades in the summertime or the winter, its charms will allure you for sure. Even when the weather is somewhat less than ideal for swimming and sunbathing, you’ll still find plenty Best indoor activities to do, as Santorini offers an exciting cultural and historical insight. 

From galleries filled with impressive art to museums brimming with ancient treasures and from book festivals, quirky theatrical experiences, and samples of the island’s farming production to tasting delicious wine and joining cooking classes, expect to have your hands full during overcast days. Here is a small taste of the available options, but do feel free to explore your alternatives yourself as well, as new adventures keep popping up at Santorini! Best indoor activities-

  1. Wine-tasting the finest Santorini wines 

The volcanic soils of the island create the perfect foundation for unique grape varieties producing world-acclaimed wines, particularly Assyrtiko. In fact, Santorini’s wine scene is just as recognised across the globe as Mykonos’ parties! Most wine tours offer a variety of local produce to choose from while complementing the entire experience with fantastic panoramas of the caldera, the dramatic cliffs, and the glittering Aegean Sea. 

And, to complete a wine-tasting tour, you could pamper your taste buds with amazing seafood dining at local tavernas or restaurants like MAVRO restaurant at Imerovigli and enjoy the freshest catches at idyllic locations, seafront or hilltop. That way, you’ll also have the chance to admire the scenic whitewashed houses of picturesque villages spreading in front of or below you. 

Want to take this to a different level? Then join a cooking class on a rainy day and learn how to recreate some of the hearty dishes and tastes you’ve had on the island back home! 

  1. Visiting the Museums of Prehistoric Thera & the Tomato Museum

Santorini’s past is much more than glorious in the way its people managed to give this place life back again after it was entirely destroyed by a catastrophic volcanic eruption in the 1600s. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera is the next best thing you can do if the weather does not allow you to visit the archaeological ruins of Santorini. In the museum, you’ll see precious artefacts and exhibits from the Minoan Bronze Era unearthed from the excavations in the Akrotiri settlement. That would be a village built using the most advanced construction techniques (e.g., two-storey houses with underground heating, when the rest of the world was still living in straw and rock houses). 

Now, the Tomato Museum eagerly waits to unfold the exciting tomato history of the island. Restored nearly 30 years ago, the museum speaks of the once-thriving tomato processing industry (until the 1952 earthquake) and displays machinery used back in the day, among others. At the same time, it also hosts several cultural and artistic events throughout the year while also serving as the Santorini Arts Factory. 

Tip: If art fascinates you, then the art stores and galleries in Santorini will definitely excite you. Behind milky-white facades, you’ll be welcomed to unique settings, such as the AK Art Gallery and Art Space in the Fira and Exo Gonia areas, respectively. 

  1. Spoil yourself with a wellness treatment or private luxury dining- Best indoor activities

Give yourself a day of relaxation. After all, you are at the very heart of sheer indulgence and luxury in the Mediterranean Sea. So, if the weather is limiting your outdoor adventures, why not dive into the pampering of a spa treatment. This could be provided at your hotel (world-class accommodation like Kivotos Hotels offer in-house spa services and high-end facilities like indoor pools and jacuzzi) or a spa centre. If that’s your case, feel free to revive your skin, body, and mind with blissful massages, cryotherapy sessions, and red clay treatments, among others. Then, give yourself the luxury of a private dinner at the comfort of your elegant suite with staggering views of the sparkling sea, awe-inspiring caldera, and cloudless sky. 

Feels dreamy, right?

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