Surfing in the Philippines for a Lifetime Experience
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Surfing in the Philippines for a Lifetime Experience

Do you want to explore the heart-pounding surfing spots in the Philippines? This island archipelago, boasting over 7,000 islands and a stunning coastline, is a true paradise for surfers. Surfing in the Philippines is more than just a water activity; it’s an adventure that promises crystal-clear waves, breathtaking scenery, and a unique cultural experience. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable surfing experience, then the Philippines is definitely the place to be!

The Philippines is one of the best surfing spots globally, and if you want to know more facts about this, then here we will share with you. Surfing in the Philippines is excellent for fun and enjoyment, especially when you have with your friends.

If you love to break the waves with great confidence, surfing is the best activity. The place is trendy just because of its pristine beaches and breathtaking views. There is something that makes this place more pristine and positive.

This place is slowly emerging worldwide, and visitors love to visit this place to do some adventurous with water. It becomes the hottest spot, and you should be there at once in your life. The suggested months to visit this place are from August to November.

Surfing in the Philippines for a Lifetime Experience

Best place for surfing in the Philippines

Here in the below section, we share the best ten spots for surfing in the Philippines with you:

1. La Union- San Juan

San Juan is the top spot for Surfing in the Philippines to beginners and the pros. You can go to this place from Manila after five hours of journey. This is the crowded place where visitors visit the whole year to explore the beauty. This is an urbanized area and the best place to learn surfing.

Here you can also get admission into the best surfing schools. The right time to make a trip to this place is October to start the week of March. If you visit this place for the first time, you can explore the luxurious budget hotels with many restaurants and bars.

2. Cebu City

This is another traditional city of the Philippines which is also known as the South Queen city. This city is widely known for its amazing cool breeze weather and beautiful scenery. This is the place where you can soothe your eyes by watching and feeling the soar of beaches. This is a famous location for visitors and the best month to have a look at this place is from December to May. The best sites for surfing in this city are Argao, Bantayan Island, and Talisay.

3. Eastern Samar- Calicoan Island

Calicoan Island is the best offbeat destination for people where you can enjoy surfing. This is one of the calmest destinations that are away from the all the crowd. Calicoan Island in Eastern Samar is the place that keeps you far from all the stress. This is the place you can witness to enjoy the soothing vibe and amazing views with your friends and families.

Another best perk about this place is the high and challenging tides. This is the place to surfing from the intermediate to the pro and expertise. If you are a beginner, then this spot is not for you. The right time to decide on a trip to this place is from September to October.

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4. Ilocos Norte- Pagudpud

Are you searching for an alone place? If you are not comfortable and feel free, then this is the place for you. The best month to decide on a trip to this place is in July. You can visit anytime between July to September. The most substantial waves make this place perfect for adventures during these months.

The coastline beaches are there with pristine sand. Here you can also find the hotels and restaurants near the beach at an affordable price. All levels of surfers can visit this place which is the plus point of this place. This is one of the top-rated locations where you can go surfing.

5. Surigao Del Norte- Siargao

This is another spot in the Philippines where a person can go to feel the tide and waves. This is the most exciting place because the pro level of surfers is there. If you are an intermediate-level surfer, then you are also welcome to this place. But if you are a beginner, then you should look for another option.

This place is famous for its solid and high tides, not suited to beginners or a newbie. The best months in which you should be there are in between August to November. This spot is famous nationally and internationally because of its views and shores of tides.

6. Real in Quezon

This is the right place if you are craving a home away from all the chaos. This is the place far away from all the busy, bustling sounds of buses and vehicles. It is the calmest spot which is located in the Philippines. The place is full of adventures and tranquillity.

If you are planning an adventure surfing, then this is worth visiting. You can take a look at this place with your partner between October to March. The tides are best for different levels of surfers. This is one of the unmissable places that you should visit.

7. Baler in Aurora

This is another surfing spot suitable for all surfers. This is the starting point of surfing adventures. Another pretty thing that attracts visitors is it is closer to the city of Manila. This is the weekend gateway for local people as well as for visitors.

The best places where you can go are Sabang Beach, Charlie’s Point, and Cemento beach. You can book a trip to this place from July to December. You can quickly get the transportation facility and restaurants and hotels to stay inside the beach.

8. Surigao del Sur”- Lanuza

This location is popular because of the fantastic and chilling climate. This place has everything that you need to make your vacation super cool. Palm trees and a pristine beach surround the place. You can visit this place from December to February. This is a worth visiting place where you can see with your family.

There are many more surfing destinations like Beach Breaks and many more. The place is filled with high waves and tides that are long and powerful. If you are hunting for a less crowded area for surfers, this is the right place to come! If you are deciding to visit this location, then come in between November and March.

9. Cebu Northshore and San Fernando

This is the ideal place for beginners and the way to start surfing. Here you get the fantastic sporting experience which is near to the city. This is a crowded place because all levels of surfers are there to do some fun. This is an easily accessible place that is just three hours far from Manila. The best spots to surf are San Felipe, Pundaquit Beach, San Antoni, Pundaquit Beach and Crystal Beach Resort.

10. Daet in Camarines Norte

This is one of the best spots where you can go surfing. If you love to do adventurous, then this is the best place for you. Here you get the sandy beach, with solid and high tides waves.

The high tidy waves make this place more ideal for pro surfers. Well, all levels of surfers, starting from beginner, intermediate, pro-level surfers, are there to surf.

The suitable months to surf at this place are from July to January. This is the oldest place in the Philippines, where you can also watch some traditional and historical footprints.

The basic surfing tips in the Philippines

Here are some tips you will need when surfing in the Philippines:

Don’t learn by watching videos

Surfing may look easy to you, but it’s not. Never try surfing by yourself when trying first time. You should take the expert’s help or your friends.

Surfing is not an easy activity that you can try anytime. It would help if you learned all the basic and advanced things before going to surf.

Water adventures are always challenging and risky, and therefore it is best to visit a surf camp. In this way, you have less chance of getting injured. So, don’t put your life in danger and take help.

Pick a good expert

If you want to start surfing from the basics, then you should pick the best experts. Make sure that the person is fully experienced and receives good reviews from their clients. Make sure that they will teach you the ways in a good way.

Surfing in the Philippines for a Lifetime Experience

Use a big surfboard

If you are a beginner, then the very first thing that you have to do is choose a giant surfboard. Most of the people fall for the smaller and shorter boards as quickly as possible. A giant surfboard will help you to develop better fundamental mechanics. When you have a giant surfboard, you can catch the big wavmore quicklyily in the initial stage.

A soft-top

In the beginning, you might make some typical mistakes. There is various kind of surfing boards available in the market, but the soft tops ones are a good option. These boards are highly recognized for beginners because of their fiberglass and epoxy.

Surf in a beginner wave

When you are a beginner, you should start with the beginner waves means small waves. To get success in surfing, you need to play with the high tides. But at the initial phase, start with the short ones. The whole steady waves are best to learn the surfing.

It makes your learning smoother and makes you confident to attempt the larger waves. This is the way to upgrade yourself. So, put in exemplary efforts and upgrade yourself to deal with the waves.

Time on dry land

Once you are at the beach, don’t run to the water. Spend some time on the dry land first. Do stretching before going surfing. Check your board well and make sure there is no such issue in this. Wait and take a look at the waves. Please keep your eyes on the other surfers and check their activity.

Pace yourself

Once you go into the water, you need to be confident and pace. You feel much more excited the very first time, but it can make you injured. So, be patient and do as per the instructions of your expert.

Besides that, you should keep the distance from the pro surfers inside the water. The pro surfers take significant challenges. As a beginner, you might take so much risk and make mistakes, and that’s why it is suggested to keep away from pro surfers while surfing.

Get used to wiping out

When you are a beginner, then you need to be confident and get used to wiping out. You will fall every time, but still, you have to stand up with the same confidence and effort.

The waves will knock you down and make you confused and frustrated. So, as a player, you have to build the spirit in yourself.

At last, to be a perfect surfer, you should have a proper idea of how to look good while surfing, the position of surfing.

When you are going for the first time, you might feel frustrated, but as the days pass, you feel more energetic and confident.

Surfing in the Philippines has many health benefits too. It makes your bones and cardiovascular health strong. It gives you complete peace with a relaxed and calm mind. The activitiy makes a person stress-free and energetic with stronger bones.

Final thoughts

Surfing is not something that you can easily pick up. It needs a lot of effort to learn right. If you love to take on challenges, then this is the right time. The fear of failure creates a barrier, but you can break the waves with total confidence when you have the right coach and expert. Learn surfing and visit the fantastic places for Surfing in the Philippines to do some crazy adventurous.

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