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Cost of Living in Maldives and How to Travel Cheap?

The Maldives is a place filled with exotic places and dreamy islands that attract visitors every year. This is the dream destination and paradise for travelers, especially for newly wedded couples. If you are looking for a special honeymoon package and romantic gateway, then the Maldives should be is on the top list. Stop, wait for a second. Have you any idea about the cost of living in Maldives? Living in the Maldives doesn’t cost much, but here we will depict this topic deeply.

The Maldives is the place to explore the crystal waters and sandy beaches that will surely impress you. The destination is a luxurious place where you can spend some cool and chilling days with your friends and families.

The swaying palm trees inside the beach, sparkling white sand, and limitless blue skies can trigger your mind. This is the place which is famous for its good weather condition throughout the whole year. The destination is the ultimate dream of every visitor because of tranquility and luxury.

cost of living in Maldives

Reasons to travel to the Maldives in your next vacation

Before you make plans of settling on this beautiful island, find out the price for vacationing here:

Romantic Place on Earth

The island is a dream come true for honeymooners. Every resort offers complete privacy and tranquility. It is a great place for relaxing and spending some quality time with your loved ones.

The Maldives is a place to create magical memories with azure blue sea and pristine beaches. The best thing is the cost of living in Maldives is not so high, and you can afford it easily.

Myriad of marine life

The Maldives is famous for its amazing myriad and popular as one of the world’s best diving locations. The resorts have private house reefs that are attractive. Here you can experience the colorful arrays of corals and sea turtles and many more underwater species. You can learn more about them.

Luxury and Pampering

The Maldives is a luxury destination that triggers your mind whenever it comes to roaming around the destination. Here you receive royal hospitality. When you arrive at the airport, then the representatives will be there to escort you. They will be there for you to provide a romantic cruise for dining on a sandbank. Here you will receive unrivaled luxury and pampering.

Living on the Ocean

The Maldives is also popular for overwater villas, and you should visit this at least once. These villas look like a dream to everyone. As soon as you wake up, it soothes your eyes with the tranquil views of the sea and the sound of the waves. The colorful corals and the rich marine life of Maldives will surely give you goosebumps.

Beautiful Scenery in Paradise

The Maldives is filled with picturesque beaches with sparkling soft white sands. The place is filled with the sea, tropical paradise, and many more. The island is the best place for basking on your sundeck and enjoying the breathtaking views. Every single corner of this place gives a picture-perfect view.

A place for ultimate privacy

The trip to the Maldives is an ultimate vacation where you can enjoy the combination of nature and luxury with extreme privacy. The sandbank dining is the best thing that you can plan for your partner and surprise them.

What is so special about the Maldives that attracts visitors?

When it comes to the Maldives, it has many attractive things that can occupy your mind. This is the place to relax on the beaches and swim with the sharks. It is also the place where you can receive the world’s best spa therapy from experts.

If you want to dive into the coral reef and enjoy water sports, you can visit this place today! The attractive thing about the place is its cherishing Maldivian culture and the relishing cuisine with the historic architectural heritage.

If you dream about a memorable and relaxing vacation full of luxury, this is the right time to book a ticket for the Maldives. No matter whether you are planning for your honeymoon and all-inclusive Maldives resort, you can contact the best dealers who help you throughout the journey. This is one of the best destination places where you can receive spectacular surprises.

But before deciding on the tour, make a budget according to them. In the below section, we give you an overall cost chart that helps you find out an approximate tour cost of Maldives.

Resort prices per night in the Maldives

The Maldives offer a great variety of accommodation and hospitality to visitors. The place is filled with 90 resort islands, 900 uninhabited islands, and 200 inhabited islands. The cost of living in Maldives varies according to resorts and facilities.

No matter which place you pick to stay, your vacation will surely bring the right to the middle of the island’s nature. The incredible coral reefs and the amazing aquatic life bring so much energy to your body. You will receive a soothing vibe and take positive energy to your home.

The price for high-end resorts

If you want to stay in a high-end resort, it may cost up to $10,00 per night. This is the starting rate; it may vary as per the services and facilities provided by the resort. In these resorts, you will get luxury rooms crafted with the traditional and modern touch of the interior.

Besides that, these hotels are equipped with open-air washrooms, private decks, outdoor showers, and pools with a spa. This is the place to remember where you get the feeling of natural heaven. You can also get some discounts if you have any coupons or rewards. You can also visit the Constant Moofushi, where the price starts from $900 per night.

It is another lavish space where you can celebrate your honeymoon or anniversary on the majestic and lavish private islands. They offer many luxurious inclusions like yoga, gym, and boat inclusions with amazing restaurants. There are many more resorts where you can receive a relaxing and pampering feeling.

Living in Maldives

Cost of mid-cost rentals in the Maldives

If you love to enjoy the beauty of the Maldives on a limited budget, then you can choose the mid-coast resorts. There are many options for mid-cost rentals like Cinnamon Dhonveli that is located on a private island. This is a gorgeous resort that offers amazing services to make your vacations romantic.

You can completely share some exotic moments with your partner in the beach villas, Jacuzzis, sensational water bungalows, and many more at just $254. It may vary as per your stay.

The cost of living in Maldives is affordable when you choose other resorts like Paradise Island Resort & spa. These mid-cost rentals are good for honeymooners, solo travelers, and families too.

The mid-cost rentals in the Maldives should also be there on your list because of beachfront villas, welcoming restaurants, outdoor pools, and relaxing spas. If you are preparing for a trip to the Maldives with your kids, this is the best place to stay.

Are you hunting for local accommodation?

If you are excited about a trip to the Maldives, but the Cost of living in Maldives is quite high, you can prefer the local accommodation. Rather than staying in the resort, you can choose the local accommodation like a guest house, apartments, private rooms, bungalows, and many more. The cost of living for apartments, bungalows are $25 to $100+ per night.

An overall approximate cost for the food, transportation, and guide

If a person has a low-cost chart, they may be worried about planning a trip to the Maldives. Well, the overall cost of living depending upon your budget and lifestyle. If you want to spend the beautiful days in the Maldives, you must have $60 on food and transportation.

The cost of meals in the Maldives varies depending upon you. Like you should spend around $15 to $30 per day on food. The breakfast meals are available at low prices, but the dinner and lunch are quite expensive. Well, to cut down the cost, you can try street foods. The street foods are mouthwatering and nutritious.

If you are interested in exploring this place, you have to add more money to your budget because of transportation. You can add $7 and more for the local transportations. There are many more things to do in the Maldives like Swimming, Scuba Diving, and Sunbathing.

You can save money for a year and then come to this exotic place to explore in a better way. To do some fun activities, you might have to spend around $150 each for every activity.

Best time to visit the Maldives

No matter when you are planning to visit the Maldives, you will surely enjoy the place. You will receive a blissful experience with your partner and family.

It is the place known for the best weather all the months. Here you find the hot and sunny weather all day long with the average temperature of 23 degrees C to 31 degrees C. Still, you can visit this place between November to April.

Most visitors visit this place between December and March, while some in between April and June. Well, the dry seasons are not good for traveling, and you may probably found heavy rainfalls. But at this time you can get rooms at a pocket-friendly price.

The cost of traveling to the Maldives

The cost of living is low as compared to the plane tickets to visit the Maldives. The tickets cost depending upon the availability of seats, dates, and the airport.

You can visit many more platforms that offer tickets to the Maldives at a low cost. You can use either seaplane, speedboat, etc. Well, a road vehicle is not a good choice to visit this place. The cost of transportations depends upon your choice.

Additional tips to visit Maldives

The Maldives is the place where you can find anything and everything easily during vacations. Make sure you have enough cash with you while traveling to this place.

There are ATMs in Male, and the resorts also accept credit cards. One more thing about this place is a 10% to 12.5% service tax added to everything. If you want to eliminate some costs from the above, you can follow some tricks discussed below.

Ways to save money from booking your Maldives

If you want to save your money to minimize the cost of living in the Maldives, then you should follow the below tricks:

Book your Maldives hotel and flight

To cut down the cost of a trip to the Maldives, you should book the Maldives hotels and flights. It makes you feel free to choose the type of resort and meal package.

It gives you the flexibility to choose things as per your preference. If you book a Maldives resort, flight tickets, and hotels from one site, then it may cost bulkier.

Choose an all-inclusive Maldives resort

The other best way to save some cost from a trip to the Maldives is to choose the all-inclusive Maldives resort.

The trip to the Maldives is expensive when you choose the resorts that don’t offer the food, amenities, and other services. So, before choosing the resort, you can do some research and choose a reasonable one.

Use the right coupon codes

To save some money, you can use the cashback sites. Many sites offer half cashback or 20% cashback offers. You can redeem your points and apply the right coupon.

Final thoughts

Reading the overall article can conclude that a trip to the Maldives is not that much. To know more about this, you can ask your friends and relatives.

Make a budget first and search for the best sites to book hotels or resorts to roam around the streets of Maldives. So, make a plan for your next vacation to the Maldives with your friends and families to bring in a bundle of memories.

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