Best Restaurants in Pismo Beach With a View
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Best Restaurants in Pismo Beach With a View

When visiting Pismo Beach, we all look for the best restaurants in Pismo Beach with a view for a fine dine experience.

Considered one of the most beautiful cities in California, the city of Pismo Beach has many beaches to offer to its visitors.

It also has an array of foods in store for its visitors that you cannot afford to miss. Whether you are a foodie or not, the vast array of food present at all corners of this otherwise small town is sure to attract you.

Many cafes and restaurants surf delectable food. However, some nice ones do not just serve good food but also provide an amazing view.

In the article below, we have jotted down some of the best restaurants in Pismo Beach with a view. Read on to know more.

Best restaurants in Pismo Beach with a view

Jotting down the best restaurants in Pismo Beach with a view is extremely difficult. This is because almost all the cafes and restaurants here are amazing in their way.

Read on to know the Pismo Beach restaurants that offer amazing views:

Spyglass Inn

The first restaurant in the list of best restaurants in Pismo Beach with a view is Spyglass Inn Pismo Beach. This restaurant was established in 1984 and has been the favorite of the localities ever since then.

It is also one of the must-visit restaurants in Pismo Beach. There are many unique things about this restaurant. One such thing is that no matter whichever seat you wish to grab, you would be gifted with an unparalleled breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

Apart from just the views, this restaurant is also well known for the choicest food they serve. Whether you wish to grab a quick bite or a heavy meal, they have something for everyone to munch on.

This restaurant also flaunts a 1000 square feet banquet hall that you can book for all your celebrations. A huge banquet hall overlooks the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean, followed by lip-smacking food. Sounds like a great deal, for sure.

Anytime you wish to visit the place it is good to talk about the views. Even then, the best time to visit here would be during the evening hours or the night hours. When here in daylight and lucky enough, you will witness some dolphins and whales passing by.

You will be amazed to see the sunset beautifully painting the sky with a riot of colors during the evening. And, if you are here to grab a meal during the nighttime, you would be able to dine under the stars.

Some of the best dishes to try when you are here are Clam Chowder, Avocado Egg Rolls, and Lettuce Wrap, amongst others.

Spyglass Inn
Image Credit: Flickr

Ventana Grill

Established in the year 2010, Ventana Grill is one of the best restaurants in Pismo Beach with a view. The coastal fusion cuisine that this restaurant gifts its guests with and the unmatched ocean view leaves a long-lasting experience in the minds of everyone.

Imagine digging on some delectable food as you hear the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks – amazing, isn’t it? Apart from the wonderful view, this restaurant also has an array of choice dishes.

From many fish and meat recipes to a huge list of alcohol drinks, this place has it all. This place also serves some of the best steaks and a huge dessert section that the city has to offer.

Another unique thing about this restaurant is that the kitchen here is partly visible. Hence, you can look at how they are preparing your dish, unlike many other restaurants.

Head over to this place during the evening to witness the sight of beautiful sunsets painting the sky as you sip onto your favorite drink. Just the thought of it excites us, does it not?

Some popular dishes are a must-try when you are here. A few of these dishes are shrimp cocktails, clam chowder, halibut fish tacos, amongst others.

Best Restaurants in Pismo Beach With a View
Image Credit: Pinterest

The Deck

Next on the list of the best restaurants, Pismo Beach that does not just serve amazing food but has great views too, is The Deck.

The Deck is a beachfront bistro and bar that welcomes guests with an extremely tempting menu and a relaxed, comfortable sitting arrangement.

It also has in store for all its guests is an unmatchable view of Pismo Beach’s sand stretch. Whether you are here in the morning to grab some breakfast or are here to fuel yourself up after a long run. Whether you want to grab something light or have a heavy and filling lunch or dinner meal, this restaurant has something for every need and mood.

This restaurant lets you bite on some tasty food as the breeze of the ocean relaxes you, and the sound of the waves sings to your ears. Established just in 2018, this place has earned a huge name already.

All thanks to all the lip-smacking dishes that it serves. Some of the signature dishes that are a must-try when you are here are Sundried Tomato Hummus, Wild Baby Arugula Salad, and Goat Cheese Flatbread, amongst others.

Image Credit: Pinterest

The Oyster Loft

If you plan to take your loved one out for a romantic and luxurious dinner, then without a second thought, Oyster Loft is your place.

This restaurant that sits on Pismo Beach has grabbed the Dinner’s Choice Awards thrice. It also has its name in the list of the top 100 most romantic restaurants in the United States of America. Fascinating, is it not?

The menu contains a vast array of delectable luxury dishes. In Oyster Loft, they wish to gift their customers an unforgettable experience. Everything spells luxury, from the choice of dishes they serve to the unique way they are presented.

The service of this restaurant is hands down amazing. There are two kinds of seating, and you can choose where you want to sit – indoors and outdoors. No matter where you decide to sit, you would be awarded the beautiful views of the beach as you dine on.

The best food is served here during lunch and dinner. However, even if you want to come here to grab some breakfast, they are amazing too. Needless to say, the Oyster Loft restaurant is not one of the most pocket-friendly restaurants that you can come across.

But, it is also worth it to talk about hospitality, taste, presentation, and luxury. The best time to visit this place would be during sunset.

Best Restaurants in Pismo Beach With a View
Image Credit: Trip Advisor

Sea Venture Restaurant

Another Pismo restaurant with amazing views of the beach and the sea is the Sea Venture restaurant.

Established in 1985, this restaurant offers its diners a fine contemporary coastal cuisine of California. Along with that, it also provides an unparalleled breathtaking panoramic view of Pismo beach.

This restaurant is located on the third floor. Naturally, it provides a wider view of the ocean. The best time to come to this place would be right before the sunsets during the evening.

You would then be able to witness the riot of colors that fills the sky as you chop onto some delicious meal.

The restaurant is also well known for the contemporary coastal cuisine by Chef Steve Smeets. The menu here is high draws its inspiration from the local wine country surrounding it.

On Wednesdays and some Sundays, you would be able to enjoy some nice live music at the terrace. This is a bonus. This restaurant has it all, from grabbing some quick breakfast to sipping on your favorite wine or grabbing a full-course meal.

Sea Venture Restaurant
Image Credit:

Somerset Grill

Another fine dining restaurant to grab a bite into in case you want some comfort and luxury is Somerset Grill. Standing just beside the Pacific Ocean, this fine dining restaurant offers a panoramic view of the gorgeous ocean.

The restaurant’s decor is chic and gives out a classic 19th-century vibe to all who visit it. A blended bar serves the choicest of drinks, a pool, a star bar, and a gorgeous starlight lawn. Altogether, the decor of this restaurant is a show-stealer.

Along with these, it provides its diners with a huge collection of mouth-watering dishes. The food collection consists of various drinks and cocktails, seafood plates, meat varieties, and cheese and charcuterie boards. In case you are a vegan or a vegetarian, worry not.

This restaurant has a wide option of food choices for you too. Some of the signature dishes that are a must-try when you are here are:

  • Salmon Cake
  • Smoked Truffle Fries, and
  • Lobster Greek amongst others.

Somerset Grill is one of those restaurants in Pismo Beach which you would want to avoid if you are on a budget. In case you are in the mood to wear something nice and dine beside the ocean as you listen to some flute, Somerset Grill is your go-to place.

Image Credit: TravelAge West

Rooftop at Inn at the Pier

Last on the list of best restaurants in Pismo Beach with a view is Rooftop at Inn at the Pier. The Rooftop at Inn at the Pier bar overlooks the gorgeous Pacific Ocean and provides an amazing view.

If you are in the mood to grab some lip-smacking mocktails or cocktails, then this place is a must-visit. Along with that, you can grab any of the small plates, all of which are inspired by the seasons.

Whether you want to come here to grab something quickly or are here with your girls for a mini party; if you wish to go here for a quick office meeting or are here to witness the sunset with the love of your life; whatever the reason, you would not be disappointed.

This restaurant’s menu is vast and contains some lip-smacking food choices. However, some of their signature dishes that you should try here are. A few of them are Clam Chowder, Chips and Dips, and Fried Chicken, amongst many others.

Best Restaurants in Pismo Beach With a View
Image Credit: Trip Advisor

Final thoughts

The beautiful city of Pismo Beach is famous to travelers for reasons more than one. Among the many other things, there are some best restaurants in Pismo Beach with a view. This one thing grabs the attention of visitors and the localities alike. A huge list of restaurants offers a panoramic view of the breathtaking Pacific Ocean. Along with that, they also serve lip-smacking food.

However, we have jotted down seven of the most in-demand restaurants in Pismo Beach that offer a remarkable view. These restaurants also go hand-in-hand with the current taste of the youngsters when it comes to decor and food.

Hence, if you also want to get to gram-worthy pictures, these must be your first choice. Choose any day to grab some meal in any of these restaurants. Have some good food while you get the view of the Pacific Ocean and the music of the waves hitting the shores. It would be worth it for sure.

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