best beaches in San Diego for families

Best Beaches in San Diego for Families With Kids

Whenever we think of San Diego, we think of the best beaches in San Diego for families, world-class dining and lodging experiences, the unique neighborhood, and all the places to explore.

But what is of more attraction are the majestic beaches spread across a 70 miles coastline across the Pacific Ocean.

San Diego beaches have it all, from the gorgeous sparkling water of the ocean to the soft sand, the relaxing sunshine, and a safe and fun destination for the families to enjoy.

The pictures of San Diego beaches that we come across every time we surf the internet are hands down gorgeous and extremely tempting.

Although all the beaches that San Diego has in store for all its visitors are amazing, there are some best beaches in San Diego for families that you must include on your list.

best beaches in San Diego for families

Read on to know what those beaches are:

Mission Bay

Mission Bay is one of the best beaches in San Deigo for families. It is the largest park made by men, which spread across around 4600 acres of land with over 27 miles of shoreline.

In short, this place is no less than an aquatic wonderland, especially for the kids. The waves and water of the beach are a lot calmer when compared to the other beaches in San Diego, thus making it a perfect spot to take kids to. There are grassy areas that are very neatly manicured, picnic spots with tables and grills.

Apart from this, there are also several fun activities that you can choose to enjoy. You can go kite surfing, wakeboarding, and kite-surfing, amongst many other things.

And if you want not to do anything and choose to relax beside the shores under the sunshine, then just lay a towel on the beach and take a nap, your choice.

However, an important thing to keep in mind is that there are not many restaurants nearby and hence you would want to pack and carry your food.

is Mission Beach good for families

Coronado Beach

Coronado Central Beach is considered the best beach in San Diego for families for many reasons.

There is a gorgeous golden touch to the sand, all because of the mica deposits in the shores with time.

As a result, making sandcastles is extremely popular on the beach (all thanks to the color of the sand, of course, you would come across many sandcastles once you are here, many of which are made by pros).

The beach spreads over a whopping 1.5 miles of gorgeous shoreline and has a lot of lands for you to have fun on the beach.

This place is easily reachable, is gorgeous, and is a perfect place to take children to because it slopes slowly towards the ocean.

Car parking is easily available, and there are also restrooms if you need one. Furthermore, this beach nests one of the gorgeous hotels called Hotel del Coronado.

The Coronado Central Beach, one of the best beaches in San Diego, promises a relaxing and fun-filled with water play, building sandcastles, and having a nice time with the fam.

You can also choose to visit the tide during the daytime when there is low tide or even take surfing lessons or play any adventurous water sports; there is everything you want.

best beaches in San Diego for families

Moonlight Beach

The Moonlight beach is a gem that is located at Encinitas. Considered one of the best beaches in San Diego for families, the specialty of the beach is that it has got something for everyone.

Whether you want to have fun at the waters, have a fun day at a park area, or chill with your family while your kids have a nice playtime, this beach has got you covered.

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This beach is, without a doubt, one of the best beaches for kids in San Diego. There are designated play areas for the kids and the adults, with nicely groomed places to play football and volleyball.

The slope of the beach towards the ocean is extremely natural and gradual, making it safe for the children to play near the shore. Apart from that, there are also lifeguards present at the beach to ensure safety at all times of the day. There is also an only swimming zone that provides all the protection required.

Apart from this, there are many public restrooms, washrooms, and showers. There are also plenty of snack counters, ice cream parlors, and other eating places for you to grab a bite.

Moonlight Beach

Del Mar City Beach

The best family beaches in San Diego list must include Del Mar City Beach. This beach stretches along with two of the city’s most beautiful parks, namely Seagrove and Powerhouse.

One of the best things to come to this beach to witness is the breathtaking views of the sky and the ocean when the sun rises and sets. You would thus want to come here at the early hours of the day or stay till dusk.

Apart from that, the beach contains a huge acre of grassy areas for the kids to play around freely. It also makes good spots for families to enjoy a picnic. Additionally, this beach is linked with the nearby town with many shops and restaurants.

This makes parking extremely difficult to find. Hence, you would have to visit early if you wish to find a parking spot. If you are okay with walking a little, then we are sure it would be worth it.

A dog park is located at the northern end of the beach. But the southern end is not so well-groomed or maintained. This beach is made safe with lifeguards watching the place at all times during the day. There are restrooms, washrooms, showers, and many restaurants throughout the park.

best beaches in San Diego for families

La Jolla Shores Beach

Standing just beside Kellogg Park, La Jolla Shores Beach is a favorite spot of many localities. It is one of the must-visit and best beaches in San Diego for families.

If you are wondering what to do once you are here, trust us when we say there is a list. This beach gives all its visitors plenty of water sport options.

One can choose kayaking, scuba touring, or snorkeling; all thanks to the gentle waves that break softly on the southern end of the park. Apart from this, there are separate swimming and picnic areas.

If you are here with kids, you can ensure a fun-filled day for them. They would never get tired of the play and fun they can do at the neatly maintained grassy areas of the beach and the soft sand. Therefore, this beach also has its name amongst the best beaches in San Diego for a picnic.

Hence, do not forget to pack some snacks while you come here. You can also choose t go to the restaurants, ice cream parlors, and snack counters here. The beach is kept safe with lifeguards that guard the place throughout the day. There are also many restrooms and washrooms maintained well and kept clean.

Along with this, this beach also flaunts extremely pretty marine animals. If you are here during late summer and lucky, you can witness the beautiful sight of leopard sharks swimming around you.

Don’t worry, they are not harmful and come here at this time to give birth to off-springs. Finding a spot for parking your car could be a little tricky here. Hence, in case you want one, visit early.

La Jolla Shores Beach

Torrey Pines State Beach

Have you wondered what it feels like to go for a hike and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach at the same place on the same day? If you are confused, then Torrey Pines State Beach has both.

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Considered as one of the best beaches in San Deigo for families, this place is both a natural reserve and a beach. It offers 2000 acres of land to its visitors to explore.

If you are a beach person, you might want to put on your flip-flops and head towards the ocean for a relaxing day under the sun and amidst the shores.

However, if you are more into adventure and hiking and are looking forward to a day filled with thrills, then there is a whole unique terrain, diverse landscape, and fauna of the area to explore.

Coming to this place at early hours in the morning has its perks as you would be gifted with breathtaking sunrise views, and so are the sunsets, gorgeous.

Apart from just that, you can plan a day of fun with your family on the beach in one of the many picnic spots present here.

Kids would love this place and stay entertained for the whole day as they have plenty that can be done here.

When here with your family, you would want to keep on the northern end of the beach more since it is family-friendly. The southern side is clothing optional.

Getting a parking space here is tricky, and you would have to come here at early hours to get one. However, do remember it is not free, and the cost depends on where you park your car. Restrooms and washrooms are available near the parking lots in the northern end.

Torrey Pines State Beach

South Ponto Beach

When we talk about the best beaches in San Diego for families, South Ponto Beach is a must visit!

Located at Carlsbad, South Ponto Brach is considered a hidden gem, especially if you plan a day out with your family. This beach flaunts long and beautiful stretches of coastlines that are perfect for sunbathing and relaxing on a warm and sunny day.

Along with that, it gifts visitors pretty sunsets and sunrises that beautifully paint a picture in the sky every day. It does not just end here. You can choose to spend some quality time playing with the gorgeous soft, white sand – build sandcastles. You can also play other sport like volleyball, football, the choice is yours. However, if you wish to play volleyball with your group, do not forget to carry your net and ball; finding one here could be difficult.

One may feel the water of the beach is not clean because it lies just beside the Carlsbad wastewater facility. However, there is no need to worry as the water of the beach has been termed as excellently clean.

The beach is kept safe with lifeguards at the service all day long. During the peak seasons, it has comparatively larger crowds. There are restrooms, washrooms, and public showers for everyone to use. Apart from that the parking here is completely free.

Tips to visit San Diego beaches

No matter whichever beaches you choose, here are some tips that you must keep in mind:

  • Do not forget to look at the parking status of the beach you are traveling to. Since finding a parking spot at some of these beaches can get difficult. Hence, if possible, book a cab from your hotel.
  • Not all beaches come with restrooms, washrooms, and showers. Have a research on the ones that have these.
  • Some beaches do not have any lifeguards for safety. Therefore, keep your watch for signs and signals to ensure your safety in those areas.
  • It is always advisable to stay away from cliffs that descend to the water. This could be dangerous and can even take a toll on your life.

Final thoughts

When we talk of the best beaches in San Diego for families, there is a huge list. According to us, mentioned above are the top 7 best beaches in San Diego for families.

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