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Best Places to Add to Your Next Travel Bucket List

Have you ticked off all your travel bucket list destinations? Or are you running short of them? Don’t worry! We’ve got for you some great travel bucket list ideas that you’ll be excited to know. You’ll find some classic and new places, all in our travel bucket list ideas below. Read on to start planning your upcoming trips.

Travel Bucket List Destinations

Here are the following travel bucket list ideas that you must visit:

Indonesia, Bali

If you haven’t seen pictures of Bali yet, go ahead and watch it right now! You’ll find beautiful beaches, jungles with orangutans, tigers and elephants residing in them, even Komodo dragons and volcanoes too. You’ll definitely love your vacation in Bali. If you haven’t added Bali to your travel bucket list, add it now!

Travel bucket list - Bali

New Orleans

New Orleans is a city very close to the Gulf of Mexico. If you visit this city, you’ll see a confluence of cultures, especially from Africa, America and France. Street music is something which you’ll find quite commonly in the lanes of this city. The adventures you’ll experience in Nola is definitely like no other.

Ireland, Kerry

Ireland is famous for its scenic beauty. The lofty mountains, beautiful coasts and vast lakes in Kerry are just picture-perfect. You’ll get a feeling of watching a beautiful oil painting in front of you, as you witness this place. The Killarney National Park and small unique towns like Dingle simply adds on to this mesmerizing place.

Morocco, Marrakesh

Marrakesh in Morocco is an ancient city that homes numerous palaces, lush green gardens, and beautiful mosques. You can also call it the Red City for its red brick walls all around the city. Even a medina in this city is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. So, when are you booking your tickets to Morocco?


You will find Sydney as one of the most iconic cities in the world. It will not be very hard for you to find amazing things to watch and do when you’re in Sydney. Some world-class entertainment, great beaches, and gorgeous cafes, everything around will keep you simply amazed.

The Maldives

Isn’t the Maldives already on your travel bucket list? If not! You must add this beautiful tropical nation present right in the Indian Ocean. Maldives has more than one thousand coral islands. You can vouch on some of the world-famous luxury hotels in Maldives. Moreover, the relaxing spas in the underwater villas will give you pleasure that you’ll remember for life. More so, the sparkling blue beaches and scrumptious dishes the underwater restaurants serve are something you cannot miss out on.

France, Paris

Often known as the City of Love, Paris is on the travel bucket list for most couples. You can also call Paris as an old and iconic city. It’s world-famous Eiffel Tower attracts everyone and thus, becomes a dream destination for all. Some other landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, and many more adds to the beauty of Paris.

Travel bucket list - Paris

South Africa, Cape Town

Cape town is also known for the endless scenic beauty the small city has. You will find the pink neighborhoods to draw your attention. Even more, the turquoise water and clifftop views make it a must for your travel bucket list.

Dubai, U.A.E.

You will find the U.A.E, Dubai to be the most fascinating places you’ll visit. It’s popular for the tall buildings and gold found all around the large city.


French Polynesia, Bora Bora

Tahiti has a very popular island called the Bora Bora. If you love underwater adventures and bungalows that are over water, you must visit this beautiful island.

New York

If you love cities then, New York in the States is the most exciting. It has the world-class cuisine, mesmerizing upstate scenery, and outstanding culture. New York has five different boroughs that all have unique features. Visiting New York will be a visit you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Croatia, Dubrovnik

If you want to visit paradise on the Earth, you must go to Dubrovnik. Even the famous poet George Bernard Shaw seconds this thought. The place has beautiful cliffside beach bars and lovely winding streets. The Old Town is also considered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. What more do you need to add Dubrovnik to your travel bucket list?

Scotland, Edinburg

Edinburg in Scotland is famous for the historic castle that looms over the entire city. It is definitely a culture in spades and has locals that are very friendly. It’s one of the greatest cities, that you must go on a vacation to.

Italy, Rome

Rome is a place that you’ll never bore yourself with. Even if you’ve been there quite a few times the city will always have something new to show you with each stroll. The scenic beauty the city has is never-ending.

Bhutan, Paro Valley

You will find the Paro Valley in Bhutan to be extremely popular for the dramatic landscapes, fortresses also known as dzongs and even monasteries. Bhutan is a small country that is present between India and China. A famous Himalayan Buddhist sacred site is Paro Taktsang, which you must visit when you’re in Paro.

India, Jaipur

You can also call Jaipur, Pink City for the pale hue terracotta buildings it has. It was built by Maharaja Swami Ram Singh for Prince Albert’s visit to India during the 1876. Even today you aren’t allowed to paint the building in another color than the existing one.

New Zealand, Waikato

Waikato is a place in the North Island of New Zealand. The place homes lush green rainforests, the city of Hamilton, and huge underground caves. But do you what attracts tourists mostly? It’s the Hobbit holes present the famous movie Hobbiton and even it is set for the film Lord of the Rings.

Cuba, Havana

Havana, being the capital of Cuba is more than five hundred years old. The place attracts numerous tourists for the vintage cars and bright color buildings present there. Once you visit Havana you will never regret adding this photogenic place to your travel bucket list.

Japan, Tokyo

Tokyo is in Japan. You will find this city to be as rich in technology and even in history and culture. You’ll also notice some vibrant neon lights that you may not find anywhere else in the world.

Travel bucket list - Tokyo


If you don’t know you can visit the southernmost part of the Earth or not? Well, yes you can. But it’s quite difficult to visit the continent. However, you’ll never regret visiting this snowy remote place ever. It’ll be absolutely breathtaking and it’s also going to be a destination you’ll remember for a lifetime. Some of the sightings you’ll witness are the icy sea kayaking, whales, and definitely the white wilderness of Antarctica.

Canada, Vancouver

Vancouver has a unique feature of being enveloped by water bodies. It is quite close to the mountains too. Moreover, it has some lovely restaurants, world-famous artwork, and plenty of other attractions that you’ll never get bored of on your trip. Your entire trip will have adventures you’ll cherish all your life.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of the States that has bright sunshine all around the year. They even have vast beaches, glamourous bars, and experiences you’ll incredibly enjoy. Now you know why Los Angeles has over fifty million hashtags on Instagram.

South Africa, Kruger National Park

If you are a lover of wildlife, then South Africa’s Kruger National Park should definitely be on your travel bucket list. It’s a huge space present on the north-eastern side of South Africa. You can enjoy some lovely safari trips here and also get yourself some peace from the hustle-bustle of city life. You’ll keep yourself quite close to nature if you stay in this place of South Africa.

Greece, Santorini

Santorini is basically a group of islands. The islands that make up Santorini are Palea, Aspronissi, Thirassia, Nea Kameni, and Thira. You’ll find this exotic place to have volcanic red sand and sparkling blue waters. It’s the ideal destination for a relaxing dream holiday. The place is also very popular for its breathtaking sunset views. There is no reason why Santorini should not make it to your travel bucket list.


Russia, Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Moscow, and is considered as a cosmopolitan city. It is a very beautiful city that has visitors all the year round. They have bell chimes ringing in more than six hundred churches around the city. Also, they have some bright colorful domes with a history that can draw your attention. If you are an ardent lover of cultures then visiting these ballets and museums will definitely impress you.


You will find Singapore to be a small island in Malaysia. It has beautiful buildings in bright colors, forests, and futuristic bridges all in the city. It is a very modern city that everyone wants to visit.

England, London

London has some classic places to visit with some modern places as well. The classics like red phone boxes, world-famous galleries, museums, Big Ben, and more. Some other attractions of London are the pink pretty restaurants, skyline views of jungles and some space-age futuristic toilets.

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is in Brazil and is considered as the most iconic city in the entire world. It has huge landmarks and beautiful landscapes around the city.

Jordan, Petra

Petra is an ancient Nabatean city in southern part of Jordan. It has gorgeous red rocks and exorbitant gorges. There is no doubt that Jordan is considered as one of the greatest tourist places in the entire world.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known for the beautiful skylines it has. They even have some vibrant and delicious food which you will love. Moreover, it not known to most people that Hong Kong has a wide range of lush green parks and lofty mountains too. Even the sci-fi apartment blocks and bright coloring playgrounds add to Hong Kong’s beauty. So, aren’t you going to visit this beautiful place soon?


You will find Barbabos to be one of the most magical destinations and you must include this place to your travel bucket list. Most of us who have seen pictures of this wonderful place fantasizes to visit this place. Barbabos is in the southern part of the Caribbean. You can unwind yourself here with the stunning and peaceful scenic beauty. More so, the local culture is also something which can add to your reason to visit this place.


This city has everything you want for an exciting vacation. Amsterdam has a bohemian neighborhood and floating markets of flowers and veggies. Moreover, it also has some lovely bars and a wonderful nightlife. If you really want to have some thrilling yet peaceful trip, you just can’t miss out on Amsterdam.

Chile, Santiago

You will find Santiago to be a cosmopolitan city that has the best reflection of Chilean culture. They have a lovely Latin nightlife that you just can’t miss out on. Moreover, the design shops, handicrafts, and art galleries reflect the beautiful culture the city has. Just stroll around the city to unfold the mystery of this beautiful place.

Last Thoughts

The list of dream destinations just keeps going on. But you can definitely start off with the travel bucket list ideas we’ve given you here. The places this list has, are exciting and is definitely worth the visit. Haven’t you got some exotic, classic, and thrilling places too? You can visit each of these places to unwind yourself.

You’re definitely going to have a unique story to tell each time you visit these places. We assure you that none of the places in our travel bucket list ideas will disappoint you. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, get your tickets and visit these to memories for a lifetime. But when you’re back don’t forget to thank us!

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