Most Haunted Places in America

Most Haunted Places in America That Will Leave You Startled

Are you someone who loves visiting spooky places? Do all haunted stories become the central topic for you to discuss with your buddies? Well then, America should definitely be on your bucket list. But before you plan your visit to the States, read our blog. We’ve jotted everything you need to know about the most haunted places in America and what you’re expected to find there.

America has gotten a diverse culture. From the lofty mountains to the serene beaches, to barren deserts and many more. Visiting these haunted places will not only give you many more spooky stories to talk about but you’ll even give your eyes some pleasing scenes to watch.

These fascinating places will give you a great idea about the culture, history, and architecture of America. Now that you’ve got to know what we are talking about.

We have lists of the scary asylums, to haunted hotels, to theaters, to haunted homes, and even abandoned prisons. Scroll down to know the most haunted places in America, before you can go visit them.

Most Haunted Places in America

Here is a list of scary places that you can visit in America:

The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park (Colorado)

If you love Georgian architecture, you must visit The Stanley Hotel based in Colorado. Visitors around the globe visit this hotel for the whiskey bar, which is very famous and stood in Estes Park since 1909. If you have read the fiction book The Shining by Stephen King, then you must know that this hotel was his inspiration. The hotel even came into light after the author’s book, and makes it must-visit for everyone. The hotel is more significant as a spooky place since people have heard piano mystically playing in the hall with sights of ghosts moving around. Add this place to your list to get some startling stories to boast about to your friends!

Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia (Pennsylvania)

The Eastern State Penitentiary was established in 1829 to give solitary imprisonment to convicts. Confinement was given a different definition in this prison.

Convicts were left alone and was made to do possibly everything like eating, sleeping, exercising all by themselves. Even when they left their cells, authorities put a hood over their head. This was done to make sure the convicts see anyone around or even have a sight of nature.

However, in the future, they dropped this kind of punishment and brought in a much crueler one. In this punishment, the prisoner’s wrists were fastened to their tongues, with the help of a chain.

But now this prison has become a place for visitors, and famous as one of the most haunted places in America. During Halloween, this place witnesses millions of visitors for the Terror Behind the Walls.

Many people speak about several clairvoyant activities like unusual laughter, vigorous steps, and shadows moving all over the prison walls. Paying a visit to this museum will also give you some spooky tales to remember for life!

Eastern State Penitentiary

Winchester Mystery House – San Jose (California)

Winchester Mansion walls have heard plenty of rifle killings. It was believed that the Victorian house bears numerous ghosts. Sarah Winchester who inherited this luxurious property believed that her husband and child were victims of the prevailing ghosts in the mansion.

The mysterious house is said to have numerous eerie features like staircases going right up the ceiling, doors opening to blank walls, and numerous windows leading to secret corridors. Now, this mystery house is a tourist attraction and if you’re one of those who wants to unfold some mysteries, go ahead and visit this place.

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Hotel Monte Vista – Flagstaff (Arizona)

Hotels have plenty of visitors and some of them just never want to leave. Another haunted place is the Hotel Monte Vista in Arizona.

Stories like raw meat hanging from a chandelier in room number 210, some women choking male guests while their asleep, cries of infants from terraces, you’ll get them all this haunted hotel. Even the famous actor John Wayne has shared the same experiences, while he was staying there.

Hotel Monte Vista

Augustine Lighthouse – Florida

The St. Augustine Lighthouse has over 225,000 visitors yearly for all the paranormal activities happening here. This lighthouse has seen plenty of history and sad deaths of many people.

A group of three adolescent girls got drowned in the vast ocean and even a lighthouse keeper fell off the tower just when he was painting. Visitors have spoken of hearing children playing all over the lighthouse, while there wasn’t anyone present there. So be ready was some adventure next time you’re in that lighthouse!

Pine Barrens – New Jersey

Since Colonial times, Pine Barrens cover more than a million acre and consists of 7 counties in New Jersey. It had sawmills, paper mills, and many more industries. Right now, you’ll find this place covered completely with dense forests.

Numerous villagers stopped residing here for the supernatural activities and the presence of numerous ghosts. Jersey Devil is said to be the most primitive ghost and is said to have a goat head with wings that are leathery. This devil came into existence in 1735 to Deborah Leeds. Rumors say Jersey Devil flew right from the chimney and fell amidst the Pine Barrens. It is said that since then, they are throttling livestock and terrifying residents staying in South Jersey.

Pine Barrens

House of the Seven Gables – Massachusetts

House of the Seven Gables was an inspiration to the classic novel. Plenty of paranormal activities in this place attracts numerous visitors.

Sights of some moving ghosts can also add to your reason to visit this place. Planning your trip around October would best to witness two of the most popular plays- The Legacy of The Hanging Judge and The Spirits of the Gables.

Gettysburg Battlefield – Pennsylvania

Before you visit one of the most haunted places in America, you must be aware of the historical background of the States. Gettysburg Battlefield saw one of the most brutal wars that went on for three days.

More than fifty-thousand soldiers were killed and some of them weren’t even buried well. Some ghosts are said to wander about in the battlefield searching for firearms and their allies. Aren’t you ready for some spooky things on the battlefield?

Gettysburg Battlefield

Pittock Mansion – Portland (Oregon)

Two love-birds Henry and Georgiana Pittock, built their dream home in 1909, on their golden anniversary. But the most piteous thing took place and death stole their lives from them on two consecutive years, 1918 and 1919.

Nevertheless, the mansion still leaves fragrances of rose which was a favorite to Georgiana, and a picture of young Henry, moving from one room of the house to another. Even though physically they couldn’t live in their house, the souls still move around the house. You must pay a visit to this haunted lover’s spot- The Pittock Mansion.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum- Weston (West Virginia)

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum homed more than 2400 patients, but the asylum had only provisions to accommodate two-fifty patients. Overcrowding the asylum led to many mishaps and further led to uncontrollable conditions. There had been fires, staff being hit and many more violent incidents.

Even patients had to be put into cages to control the multiple attacks and violence. Soon in 1994, the asylum was shut down but left behind numerous ghosts still prevailing within the premises. Visiting this asylum will definitely give your goose-bumps and make you extremely sad too. It’s also one of the most haunted places in America.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Poinsett Bridge – Greenville (South Carolina)

One of the oldest bridges is Poinsett Bridge. It was built in 1820 and is completely made out of stone. It is in South Carolina and is dreaded by people to visit this haunted place.

People complain of a man’s ghost strolling around the bridge. They believe a man lost his life in 1950. A few other ghost sightings are also seen in this bridge who probably lost their lives when the construction was taken place. Floating lights and voices are also some common activities that visitors have experienced.

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Cahawba – Alabama

Cahawba was the first capital of Alabama and was named after the river Cahaba. The capital is on the confluence meet of Alabama and Cahaba. Just as the brutal civil war ended the town was left by all the villagers.

The place homes plenty of dead bodies and is also a burial ground for all the dead slaves. It also has plenty of paranormal activities present in the cemetery. It is heard that an orb was floating in Colonel C. C Pegues house just after he was martyred. Visitors visit this place to experience the terrifying incident.


Faulkner House Books- New Orleans (Louisiana)

William Faulkner, an author of world-famous novels- The Sound and The Fury, As I Lay Dying and more, had rented rooms in the French Quarters. This incident took place in 1925, in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was turned into a bookstore and was paid visits by numerous book lovers.

But don’t you think an old bookstore is a home for ghostly activities? Yes! You will experience the smell of tobacco and even a figure of William Faulkner in that place. Now, quickly decide if you are planning to go on a book tour soon.

Whaley House – San Diego (California)

The Whaley House was owned by Thomas Whaley in 1857. It is in San Diego. Soon, after he moved into the house, he experienced numerous footsteps and activities, assuming it to be of Kim Robinson “Yankee”.

The family later came to know that Yankee was a thief and was hung till death in that place before the construction of the house. However, in the future, the entire Whaley family died of mysterious deaths like suicides and sudden deaths in the house itself. Some strong fragrances of perfume and tobacco smoke were all reported from the house. So, do you want to meet some of the Whaley ghosts in the house? Then go and visit the Whaley House in California.

Whaley House

Myrtles Plantation- St. Francisville

Myrtles Plantation is considered as one of the most haunted places in America. It was built on an Indian burial ground and bears numerous ghosts. One of the special ones is Chloe; her ears had been chopped off for eavesdropping by her bosses.

Later, revengeful Chloe, planned on poisoning the cake of the boss’s girls which eventually killed them. She was hung as a sentence for her deeds. Reports say, she still roams in Myrtles Plantation, with a turban covering a side of her lost ear.

Dock Street Theatre – Charleston (South Carolina)

Dock Street Theatre counts among the oldest theatres in the States. It is in Charleston, South Carolina. The Dock Theatre has a long history to tell.

It was changed into a hotel, known as The Planters Inn when the theatre was turned into ashes. But however, the hotel was abolished and gave birth to a theatre again.

Now people say, a woman called Nettie Dickerson is often seen moving around the corridors of the theatre who peeps through the balconies. This lady lost her life tragically when the hotel was existing and lost her life in the room, which is now the balcony in which she is seen.

She is also seen wearing a bright red gown and people say she is very beautiful. So, won’t you want to see the beautiful lady in red at the Dock Street Theatre?

Dock Street Theatre


Know the histories well and then visit these extraordinary places to experience the exotic creations and beautiful works of nature and humans. These are some of the places that have stories to tell. Stories that interest you, intrigue you, and probably also scare you.

If you are brave enough you’d be a part of this exciting experience when in the US. If you’re already from here, it is time to add these to your bucket list and indulge into unrealistic experiences.


1. What time is the light show at San Fernando Cathedral?

9pm, 9.30pm, and 10 pm are three slots available to experience light show at San Fernando Cathedral available only on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

2. What is the story behind the hauntings of Mizpah Hotel, Nevada?

The ghost referred to as the Lady in Red was presumably a prostitute who was physically abused and killed by her ex on the 5th floor of the hotel.

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