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Underwater Hotel – Where To You Go for the Most Surreal Experience?

A vacation will always remain incomplete if the stay isn’t exciting. Compromising in the accommodation during your travel would make you disappointed. There are a lot of exciting stay options, but have you ever wondered about staying in a fantastic underwater hotel! Yes, you read it right! You can now try booking accommodation in one of the loveliest underwater hotels in the world for a surreal experience. This article focuses on giving you information about these hotels. It is good to know why you must try to reserve your accommodation during your next vacation.

A true vacation would be complete only when everything goes as per the plan. While visiting different places is one part of the travel experience, staying in different kinds of hotels is another part. The latter part is going to give you some unforgettable memories. Hence, when you are planning for a vacation to a particular destination, it is important to consider from all these aspects to make your trip a mesmerizing one.

Things that you would love doing in an underwater hotel

Most of the luxurious hotels would be able to satisfy your need of waking up to an awesome sunrise view. However, have you ever even thought of the views that you get in a fantastic underwater hotel offers? Who wouldn’t love to get an experience staying underwater? If people wouldn’t love the underwater experience, then no one would ever try their hands in snorkeling and scuba diving at all.

Sighting those colorful species of the aquatic kingdom can give you an enthralling experience. Waking up to the first rays of the sun deep inside an ocean penetrating through the windows of your room can make you jump out of joy.

Taking a sneak peek of colorful corals, school of fishes, and other wide ranges of aquatic creatures can give you a sense of happiness. Staying in these underwater hotels in the world would certainly help you have a colorful vacation for sure.

Sitting at the dining tables of the restaurant and binging on your favorite food amidst such an ambiance can probably never be compared to any other dining experiences. Don’t you think these things are unfathomable but, just imagine when you get to experience all of these in life?

Well, when aquariums at home can ignite a sense of unexplainable joy and happiness in people’s hearts, staying in an underwater hotel would make you explode with happiness every second. So, technically you would be living inside an aquarium, a colossal one filled with variety of fishes, sharks, dolphins, and other sea creatures. We are certain that you would certainly regret checking-out of these hotels once you are done with the vacation.

How to plan for your underwater hotel vacation?

Every other country has now evolved with this concept with the rising demands of tourists and travelers. To cater to the requirement and also to surprise the tourists with a wide range of memorable experiences, countries from Dubai till the Maldives have come launched themselves in the space of underwater hotels.

Choose the hotel depending on your preference and then proceed towards the booking. There are a lot of options available for making reservations at these underwater hotels, and you could again choose the ones that best suit your requirement.

Though a lot of people have the desire to swim, scuba dive, and go snorkeling inside the hearts of oceans, they would not be able to do any of these because of several factors. For such people, staying in an underwater hotel can be a dream come true opportunity. Watching the aquatic creatures coming closer to you as you take a dive into the crystal clear bluish-green waters of the ocean can be quite an exciting thing to do, isn’t it?

Every experience here is unimaginable, and you must also be prepared for the heavy charges that you would be charged for these exotic views. Along with the stunning views, the rates are way too higher as the hotel owners would have gone through several hurdles in coming with a concept as beautiful as this. The section below gives you complete information on the underwater hotels that are constructed in different parts of the world.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland in China

There has to be a lot of preventive measures to be taken while constructing hotels like these because it is going to disturb the aquatic ecosystem largely. Hence, the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland in China chose a quarry in Songjiang to come up with their wonderful concept. The quarry here has been abandoned for quite some time now, and thus, it became a suitable site to build the underwater hotel.

Approximately the overall cost of this hotel has been estimated at up to $300 million. One of the best things about this hotel is its distance from Shanghai. It is a close distance from Shanghai; hence, when you are here, you can plan your stay at this hotel. The hotel that was opened in the last part of 2018 has consumed an effort of ten years to get inaugurated finally.

Overall, the hotel has 370 spacious rooms, and there is also a man-made waterfall installation to create a perfect ambiance. The design of this hotel is the brainchild of the Atkins company. If you are running slightly tight on the budget, you could choose to stay in the ground floor rooms that are a little inexpensive.

If you do not want to compromise on the views, then it is recommended to pick the underwater level room, which is protected with durable quality see-through glasses. Enjoying an underwater swim in the pools of this hotel would give you heebie-jeebies for sure.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland in China

Lover’s Deep Submarine, St. Lucia

How about living in a submarine for a day or two with your BAE? Yes, the Lover’s Deep Submarine is one such hotel that would leave you speechless. Constructed by the British Travel Company, Oliver’s Travel, this hotel is made exclusively for couples. The hotel is making a huge buzz in the town, and several couples flock into it to experience the most stunning views.

You can simply enjoy the luxurious services offered by the chefs and butlers at this hotel. For the price that they charge, the management and the staff would go the extra mile to offer the high-class facility to its customers. There are several accommodation options that you could choose from when you are planning to book your accommodation here.

You can simply experience living in a submerged quarter when you are in a hotel. The best bit of the hotel that would leave you spellbound is its mobility. Yes, you read it right! The submarine would be taken to different spots in the ocean for spectacular views. The price of the room ranges from $2,00,000 – $2,30,000, and this is subjected to the kinds of rooms and the location where you choose to stay.

Resort World Sentosa, Singapore

Known for its brilliant skyscrapers and lavish malls, Singapore also has a fantastic resort that has the largest aquarium. There are about 40,000 species of fishes inside the aquarium, and watching them hover from one end to the other can be extremely delightful. The resort has 11 two-tier buildings, and one of them is completely inside the water while the other part isn’t. The bedrooms are situated on the lower level, and the upper part offers brilliant views of the sea.


underwater hotel

The Muraka, Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

Would you not be thrilled if you get a chance to stay in the first-ever underwater villa that goes 16 ft straight deep inside the ocean? Muraka in Maldivian colloquial terms means Coral. The design used in the construction of this villa is remarkable, and it offers a pleasant stay to all its customers.

One can get to stay in the rooms that are above and below underwater to experience the different views of the ocean. However, the underwater sea experience rooms offer you classic views of the aquatic creatures. On the upper portion, the villa has a fully-furnished living room where one can sit and spend their time enjoying the most beautiful scenes from the marine life. The butlers and also the chefs live in their quarters inside the villa. The food and wine would be served at the bar and the restaurant inside the villa. The price of the villa per day is $50,000.

Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Tanzania

The Manta Resort is located on one of the quaint and serene islands of Zanzibar. One can reach this private property within a couple of minutes from the beach. When you are here, you must certainly indulge in the star gazing activity from the rooftop. This resort is unlike the other hotels that are completely built inside underwater.

The Manta resort only has its lower portion submerged inside the water. Thus, you can experience both kinds of views in its most spectacular ways here. Catching glimpses of the sprawling seascapes formed by the mighty Indian Ocean along with the African coast is possible from this resort. You can spend time in the rooms that are situated ft under the sea, and that is part of the lower portion of the resort.

The underwater hotel price of the rooms can vary anywhere from $1,500 – $1,700, and the booking comes with a pre-condition of a minimum three nights stay.

Manta Resort

Utter Inn, Vasteras, Sweden

This is a lookalike of an underwater hotel but, it isn’t. Developed by one of the best local artists, this is a fantastic Swedish hotel. The best part is that it is more like a house. everything looks brilliant with its classic local Swedish architecture. This can be a perfect place for couples to hang out.

You can dine and dance together to your heart’s content. It is constructed 10 ft below the sea, and the hotel is secured by large windows that are extremely durable. You can bask in the sun in the wooden decks constructed above the water levels. You can also laze around filling your souls with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. The underwater hotel price of the room per night would is approximately $200.

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

If you have always wanted to experience world-class luxury, then, booking rooms in the Atlantis, The Palm is going to make you feel delightful. This is one of those places that redefines the architecture in a different level altogether. There is a glass window that covers the entire length of the wall. Plus, it is one of the best attractions when you are in this place.

Though it is not an underwater hotel, this resort boasts of housing an aquarium that has more than 50,000 sea creatures in it. The same aquarium is called Ambassador Lagoon, and it can create a perfect delusion of underwater stay.

There are two different kinds of suites that one can choose from Neptune and Poseidon. You can destress yourself while looking at the fishes wiggling happily inside the aquarium. The price of the room is $8,200 per night.

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

If you want to stay in an underwater hotel at a budget then, the Jules’ Undersea Lodge is perfect. The lodge is constructed 21 feet under the sea, and it can leave you awestruck. Also, the location of this place is one of the most appealing factors. Located in Florida, underwater hotel Miami is one of the ancient hotels constructed underwater.

You can also get to experience scuba diving, as this is the only means to reach the hotel. You can order anything you want to eat straight from the kitchen. A personal chef who would be at your service all the time. The stay here costs you only $700 per night.

Don’t miss doing these things.

You must not miss activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and boating. Apart from that you can also do sunbathing, spa therapies, and sighting the aquatic creatures. Also, what is a vacation in the sea without binging on yummy seafood delicacies?

Final Thoughts

We have listed everything that you must know about an underwater hotel. You will also find a list of the best ones around. Now, it is your turn to make reservations and enjoy your stay.

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