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Awesome Free Games That You Can Enjoy While Travelling

Travelling can be fun, and a relaxing way to get away from the usual hustle and bustle of life. When you travel, you get to enjoy lots of exciting adventure, while enjoying a well-deserved rest. However, it can start off as a boring journey, especially when you have to sit in the airport lobby as you wait to board your flight.  Whether you are on a long road trip, or you are relaxing in a hotel room, you can have a little fun at no cost with Awesome Free Games .

Remember, most hotels, and airportS provide free Wi-Fi, and you can take advantage of this to enjoy some free online games. 

There is a huge collection of free mobile games that you can play online while you travel, and I will share a couple of them with you. Most of these games can be easily played on your smartphone, with no need to download any gaming software.

Let me introduce you to some of the best free games available online. 

Super Mario Rush

If you get excited by competition, then this is the ideal game for you. Super Mario Rush can keep you entertained for hours.

With it, you will enjoy running and jumping over obstacles. Along the way, you can collect as many coins as you can.  This is what will determine your score.

Other running games that are in the same league with Super Mario Rush include Angry Gran Run series, Skate Hooligans, and Temple Run Online among others.

Glow Hockey

This is the best game if you are a player who enjoys sports. Glow Hockey is an online game that requires the player to shoot and score.

Glow Hockey has a two-player mode, with such a feature; you can invite your family or a friend to join in the fun.

Other great sports-themed free online games that you can try include 8 Ball Pool, Basketball Online, and Goalkeeper Champ which are all worth trying.

Merge Plane

This is by far the most addictive free online game that I know of. Once you get in, the fun never seems to end, and you will stay entertained for hours.

Merge Plane is an online aircraft-themed game, where you are required to merge two aircrafts. This will in return create a better, modern version of a powerful aircraft. 

If you are travelling, and looking for a fun way to kill the extra free time, then Merge Plane will offer just that. 

Why not try this game, and fly faster while possibly earning money.

You can also find Voodoo Games very interesting, and some that you can try for free are Colour Road and Flappy Dunk Online.  Helix Jump is also fun, and you can try it to pass time.

Block the Pig

Puzzles are always interesting, and many people wouldn’t mind trying their hand on one. Well, Block the Pig is a free online puzzle that is not only creative but overly entertaining. You can enjoy this game for hours on end without getting bored.

It’s a mind engaging game, and at the beginning, you need to carefully evaluate the game. This will help you to be in a better position when handling the provided blocks, which are what you use to block any pig that tries to escape.

Block the Pig comes in different levels, and the more you advance, the more it becomes challenging.

If you do not mind some huge exercise to your brain, why not try this game. Other similar puzzle games include Cut the Rope. 

Additionally, you can try a Card game like Spider Solitaire which is also a good option for having some fun while travelling.

Moto X3M


Another free online game that is so much fun is the Moto X3M. This is a motorcycle-themed game that is all about racing and speed.

Moto X3M will brighten up those long road trips, and if you want additional fun, try Thug Racer as well.


Travelling should not be lonely or boring anymore. With a couple of free online games, you can catch some endless fun, while pushing the long nights in that hotel.

You can also play online casino games like slots. It’s free and easily accessible via smartphone. The best part is that all of the above games are free, and there is no worry of filling up your smartphone’s memory with too many downloads as these games can be played directly via the browser.

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