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How Taxi Via Text Can Make Taxi Services More Convenient Than Uber?

Online taxi booking service or Taxi Via Text is witnessing a snowball effect. There are so many online taxi booking service providers in the market, which leads to whopping competition. In such a situation, starting a new taxi booking service has a greater risk. With already established companies in the market, it is not an easy task to open a new company and dominate the market. However, there are a few ways through which you can engulf other reputed companies. One such way is to use SMS marketing. With the help of precisely designed and drafted SMS marketing, you can become the top taxi booking service provider.

Why you should use text marketing for your taxi service?

A recent study discovered that 79% of people keep their mobile phones with them 22 hours a day. Can you remember when was the last time you did not have your mobile for a long time? You can’t. Right? In the digital age, mobile phones are not just used to make calls. It is used to perform all sorts of activities like chatting, shopping, surfing, and more. 

A report stated that at least 92% of the people own a mobile phone. Irrespective of the type of mobile phone, every phone has the capability to receive a text message or SMS. This makes SMS marketing one of the best ways to reach out to people. Online text messages are delivered instantly and it can also be sent in bulk.

Statistically, around 95% of the text messages are said to be read within the first 3 minutes of their delivery. This time interval is even less when it comes to taxi booking or arrival notifications. Other studies prove that even if the text message is not read immediately, it gets saved in their mobile phone and 99% of such messages are read at a later time.  

All these traits of Text marketing prove that there is no better medium suited for taxi services than text messaging. You will be able to fill your taxis swiftly and with more convenience.

How does SMS marketing work for your taxi services?

Before you dive in, think about how you will use Text marketing to support your taxi via text service. Listed here are a few ideas on how you can use the online text messages.


Firstly, you can use SMS marketing to advertise special rates to your existing customers, send discount codes during special occasions or holiday season. You can use SMS marketing to run customer loyalty programs and incentives.

Driver Communication

Secondly, text marketing helps the driver in getting the pickup details along with the customer’s name, location, time, and fare. The driver can, in turn, send a confirmation text through a keyword. The driver can also know the number of trips completed by him, the working hours, and the availability of other drivers.

Customer Communication

Thirdly, the customer can send a text message with a keyword to request a ride. Once the ride is requested, a confirmation message will be sent along with an estimated arrival time, the driver’s name, fares, and other details. They will also receive a text on the car details including car color, model, and number. After the customers are dropped at the location, a quick request for feedback is sent through SMS. 

Why Taxi Via Text Services is a better option than Uber?

When you compare Uber with Taxi via Text service, the advantages of a taxi via text services start to pull ahead. Let’s see the top four things that lure customers towards the taxi via text service.

  1. Cost-effective

You need to keep calling the driver to know your ride confirmation or estimated arrival time. This can reduce your call costs.

  1. Safety

The taxi via text service doesn’t require you to download any app and doesn’t require any registration. The service is instantaneous and you can be assured that your location or any other detail is not tracked or traced by anyone. You can also get all the required details over text which ensures that you’re stepping into the right car.

  1. Convenience

You can book a taxi even from the noisiest location and from anywhere, anytime. You need not wait on the phone for confirmation and are free to do your chores while waiting for your text message confirmation.

  1. Improved customer service and satisfaction

Your customers need not stand on the street waiting for their ride. Once the driver arrives at the customer’s location a text message will be sent to them. Sending time-sensitive online text messages allow for transparency and smooth transition from the customer’s home to your taxi. You can also send a quick survey or feedback text message to know the satisfaction level of customer and they can respond with just a simple text. 

Thus, using Taxi-Via-Text is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to book your ride.

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