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Importance of Transportation for Economy, Politics, and Tourism

As the world has gone into a standstill due to COVID-19 we are reflecting on the things we never knew was so essential. No, we’re not just talking about hand sanitizers and face masks, we’re talking about things as basic as commuting and food. Have you ever realized the importance of transportation until you couldn’t find a single public transport to go around? Did you ever think they’re be a time when you wouldn’t be allowed to use your own commute? Well, such is life! Here, we are going to discuss about how transportation is importance for our life and how the current scenario is affecting the world economy.

How is transportation important?

Our economic, political and social life revolves around the efficiency of transport. Without having vehicles carrying us from one place to another, we wouldn’t know what travel feels like. Check out some of the reasons that remind us the importance of transportation.

Importance of transportation in economy

Find out how important transportation is to the economy. These will give you an idea on how the it is affecting the current world economic condition:

Extensive market

Transportation helps in assembling raw material and distribute finished products. It makes moving of products possible from one destination to another. Earlier, we only have local markets du to the absence of safe transportation. Nowadays, there are no trade restrictions within or outside countries. So, raw materials like food is transported all through the globe.

Developing efficient transport facilities knit together every nation across the globe. Even perishable products like dairy, meat, and fish are transported from one part of the world to another in a jiffy. Good transport facilities like development in trade and commerce will not have been possible without proper transportation.

Capital and Labor mobility

Transportation reduces rigors of immobility of specific factors of production. The mobility of capital and labor increase with development of transportation. A proper network of transport services encourages moving people from one place to other.

Labor can move to places where they get more job opportunities and that reduces work exploitation. Development in countries like the US and Australia would not have possible without having immigrations from European countries. As transport developed, the investment of capital got channelized into newer places across the world.

Division of labor

The importance of transportation in evident in every region and country to make efficient use of the national resources. Every region can focus on the production of goods that best suits them. So, the movement of goods and labor from one destination to other leads to proper specialization and division of labor. The process reduced wastage of resources and cost of production.

Economies of large scale

The importance of transportation has been seen best through the growth of large-scale industries. The industries would not be able to get raw materials, gather labor, and sell finished products without proper transportation. Transportation reduces the overall cost of products, helps the economy, and makes large scale industries flourish.

Price stability

The transportation facilities cut down on wild price fluctuations. We can transport goods to places where there is scarcity of products from the places that have surplus. This way, both the places get equal amounts of products and at the right price. Such movement of products helps maintain uniform prices all through the country and tends to equalize prices of goods throughout the world.

Importance of transportation to consumers

When the means of transport improves, it helps consumes in several ways. Consumers can use several goods that aren’t produced in the place they live. Transportation of goods to distant places helps people grab everything they want. It also reduces the cost that consumers have to pay and increases purchasing power. Let’s take a look at some of the other ways that benefits consumers due to transportation:

Employment opportunities

Transportation increases national income as it provides employments to plenty of people all through the world. The economic development of any country depends on improved transportation facilities. It contributes to national growth and it is same for every country.

Discourages monopoly

The scope of total income extends due to the development of transportation. Since products are quickly transported from one place to another, the local producers cannot charge any price they feel like. Thus, transportation discourages monopoly and encourages competition.

Growth of agriculture

Transportation helps developing agriculture as well. Businesses of agricultural products grow to a huge extent due to efficient transport systems. It is not possible to bring better agricultural facilities without having the accessibility of good seeds, fertilizers, and more. These are brought to the agricultural areas by transport systems.

Industrial growth

The importance of transportation reflects through the industrial development in the country. It grows through production and distribution. Without transportation, we wouldn’t have grown this much over the past century.

In overall, transportation increases national wealth by facilitating industries, agriculture, trade, and commerce.

Importance of transportation in our life

The importance of transportation influences lives of people. Check out the advantages it has given us over the years:

Discovering new lands

Transportation helped mankind discover new lands, grow cities, and creates better lives. Due to an option of long-distance cheap transport, people used land at its maximum. Even wastelands today are utilized with the help of transportation.

Population diffusion

Transports help reduce concentration on people in a particular area. People can now go from one place to another with proper transporting systems.

High living standards

With the help of transport, people can increase production and raise standard of living. Only with the help of transport, people can take the five M rules – men, money, material, management, and machinery. All these are assembled to create production only due to transportation. This is why industries depend highly on the efficient system of transports and creates new industries.


Since transportation removes the problem of being distant, it bridges the gap between people and their relationships. People from different parts of the world can physically come in contact with each other. It helps people exchange ideas and diversify cultures. It also makes people cooperate and understand.

Face natural disasters

Transportation helps people face natural disasters upfront. Conditions like earthquake, famine, flood, or drought can lead to sudden emergencies of products. Transport helps people during such mishaps.

Broadens outlook

Transports help you understand people better. It changes the outlook we have and brings people closer to each other. When there are less barriers in cultures, people don’t become ignorant. They spread knowledge and get to learn more than what they know.

Importance of transportation in politics

There is a great political significance aided through transportation. They are:

National unity

People are at peace because of national unity within a country and transport bridges the gap between once place to another. In a vast country like the US, people cannot do without the means of transports to go from one place to another. Transportation helps people have political interdependence and promote specialization and division of labor. The process strengthens the need of national integration and unity.

Nation defense

Every country needs national defense and transport helps in such cases. During wars, people need transportation to improve the condition of their defense strategies. They need to move people, material, and other things rapidly to protect themselves. The defense of a country is much supported by improved transport facilities.

Political Awakening

When there is efficient transportation systems, it can give rise to political awakening in people. We tend to become more civil and concentrate on overall growth.


Since transport increases national wealth of an economy, it is an essential contribution to the government.

Importance of transportation in tourism

The world transportation has gained an important place globally. It is one of the most essential bases for the tourism sector. It makes traveling mor easy for people all across the globe and there are many modes of transportation accessible in today’s time.

The oldest forms of transportation used to be animals on lands and sails on the seas. Thankfully, transportation developed and people understood their need to survive, expand and improve in terms of trade and commerce. Transportation also rose the hunger of people to capture other lands apart from their own. Slowly, the steams and electric uses brought in an overall revolution.

Aircrafts with jet engines came into being during the 50s. As technology developed, travel became quicker and more convenient to people across the globe. Since tourism needs a lot of traveling, it curated places of attraction by the people, for the people. Transport has been playing an important role and it one of the major components of the tourism world.

To develop a place as a tourist’s attraction, you need to have safe mode of transportations. It is vital to tourists and to the tourism sector. According to studies, around 30-40 percent of total holiday expenses are spent on traveling. The rest of the amount adjusts activities, accommodation, and other things.

Tourists can travel by different means of transportation. What is available in and around the place you wish to visit will determine your budget and experience. Transportation in possible through air, land or water. You travel experience will depend on where you go and what is accessible there.

Benefits of several modes of transport

Due to rapid development of transportation, tourism has become much more convenient than what it was before. There are many benefits and drawbacks of choosing modes of transportation. Some of them are listed below:

Air transport

Flights is the easiest option to go to a distant place. You get direct roots that are as fast as possible. Air transport has great political and social significance. Moreover, people who can afford luxurious travels find flights advantageous.

The main drawback of air transport is that it costs really high. There are possibilities of jet lag, fata; accidents, and more. Flights cannot carry heavy goods so they’re either sent through water or land transport. Also, the international rules on air transport can be pretty strict to abide by at times.

Road transport

Road transport is reliable, flexible, economical, and supplements many other transportation modes. It gives a possibility of door to door service and also offers quick transit for short distances.

Road transport also has some drawbacks like slower speed, limited carrying capacity, and accident possibilities. The AC coaches might not be comfortable and the conditions of the roads matter a lot in this case.


Railways are cheap for long distance travel. They can carry a large capacity, offer dependable services, and more. However, railways are unfit for hilly areas, might not have reached many rural areas, and doesn’t have proper dining facilities like airplanes.

Water transport

Water transport is also economical and has a huge carrying capacity. It helps develop coastal and international trade. However, water transport can be very time consuming and risky due natural circumstances.

How is transport an attraction?

Transportation is an attraction as it interests customers who wants to go around. For example, someone who hasn’t been to Bangkok would find their Tuk Tuk interesting to go around. Transportation modes can often be tourist’s attraction and help crowds moves at a reliable pace.

Transportation helps us avoid overcrowding for preventing untoward incidents and maintain beauty of a place. Tourists can cover an entire park in a short duration with different modes of transport

Transportation is the most significant key of tourism. We need it not only to go from one place to another, but also visit sites on the way. When people avail different modes of transports, it adds more colors to their tourism experience.

Interesting transport options like cable cars in hilly areas, funicular railway, jet boating, or camel rides, can add interesting in people. There are several ways to travel and that also depends a lot on your budget. You can also choose scheduled or non-scheduled transport like hiring boats, cycles, or book train coaches to travel in groups.

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