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Tips for First-Time Flyers to Bengaluru

Are you one of those who has never travelled by air? Well, this post might help you significantly. You can easily get the idea of flying and it won’t be a fear to you anymore. Whether any destination or with anyone; you surely would get a lot of information from this post.

You can easily get Cheap airline tickets to bengaluru or any other destination. But the question here is what should you know as a first-time flyer. Have a quick peep into the steps below:

Book the tickets 

Booking flight tickets is easy and a breeze, but only if you know how. Getting your hands on the finest, cheapest, tickets could be a task, given the massive number of options you have for ticketing. Everyone from travel agents to that of online websites and airlines are there to lure you, leaving you completely muddled. The point is you have to check out the most reliable, reputed and easy online platform that has proper facilities for ticket booking. These are the platforms that have proper agents and information stored for your air tickets. You can always take referrals  from your friends or loved ones too if you needed. 


Do your packing in the right manner 

You need to do the packing in the right manner.  And once you are done figuring out what all you might require at your destination – no mater wise – it would do well to check how much weight the airline permits you to carry without charging additionally. All airlines have diverse and dissimilar rules for domestic and international routes, so it would be wise if you check your ticket for the maximum allowance and stay inside it. Check the airline website for articles not permitted on a flight. There is a list and even category of things that can be packed in your check-in baggage but not in the hand baggage. The point is you have to make sure that you follow that list.

Visit the airport 

You should reach the airport an hour in advance for a domestic flight and three hours earlier in case of that of an international flight. Thinking of cabbing it to the zone of airport? Make sure you ask for the taxi or cab a little ahead of time – no point risking it with that of messy and stuck traffic jams or a car breakdown. Check on your ticket to know about which terminal your flight is scheduled to depart from, and tell the driver accordingly. 

There are always times when  a confusion at this stage might end up being the difference between catching your flight and that of missing it. In any instance, reach ahead of time and explore the airport – airports today are somewhat interesting and engaging places, with multiple shopping and different browsing opportunities. Many offer lounges where you can easily relax and tank up before your departure or flight. In this way you can be there in time, stay relaxed and do not miss out on anything important.


What to do in an airport?

Airports might get confusing, especially for a first timer. Huger airports – in big cities – might actually be a labyrinth if you don’t know what to do. Following is a step wise guide to finding the way around the airport, checking in, and then leading to your terminal. 

  • Keep the ticket handy  and it will help you get to terminal.
  • Put the luggage onto a trolley. Trolleys are loaded near the departures entrance.
  • Keep the I-card along with ticket, you might need it at entrance to get in.
  • Once you are inside, head to the airline section having your ticket and identification.
  • Get the check-in baggage scanned, hold on to whatever you might need for the flight and on landing.
  • You can then go to your airline’s check-in counter and gather your boarding pass. You can also get your boarding pass at an electronic booth nearby. 
  • In case you haven’t already e-checked in and embraced the seat of your choice, try your luck at counter at this stage. 
  • Weigh the checked-in baggage at the counter, get it tagged and sent off to airplane. Get your hand baggage weighed and the proceed to the terminal mentioned on the boarding passyou have.
  • To reach to your terminal, you have to cross security. To cross security, you might have to place everything except the boarding pass in the X-ray tray and pass via a metal detector.
  • Once you are through, gather your items from the tray and off you go! You might spend your additional time, in case you have any, browsing the retail section or embracing a bite. 
  • Lead to your departure gate and stay vigilant about announcements related to your flight. In case you are at a silent airport, announcements shall be messaged to your phone or email – or you might just keep an eye out on the display board.

Next on the flight 

Once you have boarded, head to the seat number that has been allotted to you and place your hand baggage in overhead bin near to your seat. Place your hand bag under your seat in front of you. Settle in, place on your seat belt, switch off your cell phone, listen attentively and carefully to the instructions given by flight attendant, and relish the flight.


What on your destination?

Once you have reached the destination! Unless you relishing bumbling about in a new city, there is a volume of apps that you can download that will make your life easier. From currency conversion to that of foreign language translations and directions around that specific city, it can all show up on the smartphone. You might know which clothes to get off the plane in – shorts and even that of a t-shirt may prove grossly inadequate in case you show up on a freezing winter night in a fresh land!



So, these were a few tips that you should keep handy if you are a first-time flyer. Whether you look for cheap flights deals to bengaluru, or any other platform; these tips would help you journey.

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