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Best Time to Visit Andaman for the Most Pleasant Experience

Whenever you plan a long vacation, it is always a smart decision to consult with online guides and travel calendars. As a result, you are most unlikely to face the weather Gods’ unpleasant greetings in a foreign land. Moreover, your traveling experience becomes so much more enjoyable and refreshing. Similarly, in this article, we will discuss the travel calendar of an amazing island destination. So, you are now going to learn about the best time to visit Andaman.

The best time to visit Andaman is during the Annual Festivities

the annual festivities or the native Tourism Festival of Andaman takes place in January every year. Therefore, many people find it the best time to visit Andaman amidst the vibrancy of cultural events. Plus, you will witness the local talent’s excellent showcase because so many perform come to entertain the tourists. They are people who come down from every part of the island, so there is a wide variety of shows you can witness.

Usually, the peak season in Andaman is during the winter months, and the same begins in October every year. The pleasant weather and the maximum crowd stays till May, after which things become a bit more peaceful. However, if you think whether the other months are not ideal, then you must know Andaman receives guests all round the year.

Although the waters of Andaman are quite cold during the winter months, that surely does not restrict the popularity of beach activities. In fact, swimming and snorkeling are two of the most popular adventure sports you can participate in here. The water becomes relatively warmer throughout the entire peak season from October to November and again from March to May. Therefore, swimming in the beautiful sea waters feels more rejuvenating.

best time to visit andaman

Travel time to Andaman during the bright, sunny summer

The best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving and snorkeling is during the bright summer months. We are talking about the early months of summer when the sun is delightful and the weather is not sultry. Besides, the waters are warm and refreshing during this time of the year. Therefore, indulging in some fun activities is going to keep you busy during the vacation.

On the other hand, the sea waters are comparatively flatter during the early summer months. Therefore, sports like scuba diving and snorkeling are much safer during this time. Moreover, the waters are absolutely crystal clear now, and so monitoring tourists becomes easier. It means that while the tourists are snorkeling, experts can keep an eye on any emergency. Plus, the bright sun has a beautiful sparkling effect on the seawater, making the scenery very beautiful.

Climatic conditions of Andaman in general

The best part about the weather scene of Andaman is that the temperature is never extreme. Anyway, being a beach location, the climate is mostly moderate. The temperature mostly ranges from 23C to 30C. However, the weather is a bit warmer from April to June when the temperature ranges from 24C to 37C. Again, the temperature starts dropping from May to September. During this time, the average is 22C to 35C. Then, of course, winter witnesses temperature anything between 20C and 30C, which means that there are no extremities at all.

One thing that is a must mention is that if you are not a sun person, then It is also the best time to visit Andaman for you is not the summer. However, for sea lovers, the sunny weather is the most attractive. Therefore, undoubtedly, tourists love to visit Andaman between March and May. During this span, the sun shines brightly, and the main destinations feel pleasant. For example, Port Blair, Smith and Ross Island, Long island, Clinique Island, Havelock, and Neil Island are some of the most crowded tourist locations.

On the other hand, destinations such as Little Andaman, Diglipur, and Baratang also receive so much crowd during summer. The tourists who choose to visit Andaman love to lie down on the golden beach with the bright sunshine during the summers. They are here to enjoy the beauty of the location, and of course, that of the eco-marine life here.

best time to visit andaman

You should avoid visiting Andaman during the monsoon

The tourism department and several online guides recommend people not to visit Andaman during the monsoons. While the Andaman weather is delightful throughout the rest of the year, Monsoons are an exception. During this time, Andaman experiences high tides, severe winds, and incessant rainfall. Therefore, it may become highly inconvenient for you to manage on a foreign land during such weather extremities.

Since the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are situated in the Bay of Bengal, the tropical monsoon is usually ruthless. Plus, there are cyclone warnings often during this season, and sometimes such calamities cause severe harm to the property and life of the natives here.

The lash of the Monsoons generally begins in May and stretches till the middle of September. Another common phenomenon during this time are disruptions and lack of underwater visibility. That is also the reason why tourists should stay away from beaches during such uncertain climatic conditions.

The majority of the ferries do not want to function during the Monsoons or are very irregular. All of the major water activities, including sea-plane rides, parasailing, paragliding, and more, are canceled. You can only experience water sports again when the weather conditions are stable again.

So, you will miss out on all the fun if you plan to visit the islands during the Monsoons. Moreover, everyone is scared after the latest cyclones that caused quite an amount of destruction in Andaman. Besides, it is always better to research first before making such big holiday plans. It will only save you the inconvenience later.

best time to visit andaman

Plan your accessories and attire according to the best time to visit Andaman

You must always pack dresses and accessories depending on the weather of the place where you are going. Therefore, that requires so much research and knowledge about the place. In this case, also, if you are planning to visit Andaman, then there are particular must-have items in your luggage.

For example, beachwear, sunscreen, swimming costumes, flip-flops, and goggles are some of the mandatory items. Moreover, you can pack some bright colored hats that will enhance the beach vibe. Plus, when it comes to clothes, the light cotton ones are what you must carry. Also, never forget to apply lots of sunscreen on your neck and face before stepping out to the beaches.

Best time to visit Andaman – monthly travel guide

Here is a monthly guide that will help you decide the best time to visit Andaman.

Visiting the islands in January

As mentioned earlier, winters are the peak season in Andaman, and January is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant months. Since January is the door to a new year, Andaman receives hundreds of International tourists searching for paradise beauty. Plus, what can be a better way to enter a new year more than the gentle waves and the blue sea in front of you.

While the weather of Andaman is moderate almost all year round, January is excellent. Moreover, there is absolutely no chance of rainfall this month, making it a better time to indulge in beach activities. It means that you can participate in water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, and more. Besides, the evenings are enjoyable, and the average temperature in January ranges between 23C and 32C.

Andaman vacation in February

Although online guides suggest that you visit Andaman during any time of the year, the winter months from October to February are the best. While January is pretty cool, February is a bit warmer but still very pleasant. In fact, it is the perfect time for you to take a tour of all the remote locations on the island.

The mild climatic condition gives you green signaling to do as much island hopping as you want to. The temperature during February ranges between 23C and 33C generally. However, the least can fall to around 22C, while the maximum can go up to 34C. Therefore, some of you may also find the days a bit too warm, but the nights are cool enough.

Pleasant March on the beaches

You can plan a trip to Andaman in March without thinking much because the climate is pretty much the same as in February. In fact, the sun becomes a bit brighter during March, making the waters totally crystal clear. This is the best time to visit Andaman because it is the most suitable for water sports lovers. Besides, soaking in the blue sea water feels so much more refreshing during March.

Sunny April

You will be surprised to know that although April means strong summer, the Andaman’s climate is quite mild and pleasant. Therefore, you can surely enjoy the sun without complaining much during April. Besides, monsoons in Andaman begin by the end of May, so many people prefer visiting the islands in April. Bird watching is a common activity in Andaman during April because of several migratory bird species’ arrival during this time. Moreover, the sunsets in April are worth an entire vacation here.

Sultry May

Well, as you already know, May is not really the best time to visit Andaman because of two main reasons. Firstly, May is the peak of monsoons with temperatures ranging between 24C and 37C. Another reason is, of course, the possibility of rainfall during this month. As a result, there are restrictions on touring and activities already, and so you will miss all the fun.

Maritime June

While the temperatures are not constant during this month, rainfall is for sure. As you know, the monsoons in Andaman start in May only with small summer showers. June is real. On the one hand, the temperature can reach an extreme of 36C. The monsoon rains can cause so much destruction too. Visitors are not allowed in most of the destinations during this time.

Rainy July

Monsoons start with full force in Andaman from June and last till September. So, it is pretty clear that July is not a convenient month to travel to Andaman. Moreover, it is only wasting money planning a beach vacation in July. Due to heavy rainfall, almost everything is closed, plus there are cyclone warnings at times too.

Andaman in August

With the monsoons increasing on the islands, the best tourist attractions are partially shut. For example, places like Havelock Island, Neil Island, Ross Island, Baratang, and more all experience high tides during August. Visiting the island in August is not recommended at all because there are high chances of risk.

Tropical September

Nothing changes in September with the lash of Tropical rains on the island. Everything starting from ferry communication to water activities is closed. So, there is practically no reason why you should plan a trip to Andaman in September.

October is recovery

It is once again the beginning of the tourist season that will last till May. Monsoons are gone now, and the island is brimming with people once again. Moreover, the end of monsoons enhances the beauty of the surroundings with so much greenery. The locals are all cheerful because it is time for the annual harvest, and the corals come back to life, it seems. Plus, it is also the beginning of the scuba diving season, which brings in more tourists.

Crowded November

With the shimmering waters, golden beaches, exotic locations, and the brimming crowd, Andaman is the merriest now. Moreover, the locals are already gearing up for the upcoming Annual festivities, and it is a happy atmosphere in Andaman.

Finally, December

It is the best time to visit Andaman in December because you will experience the best of everything now. As mentioned earlier, it is the peak season with preparations for Christmas and the most amazing weather.

Final thoughts

The Andaman Islands is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Asia, and the crowd is massive every year. So, now that you know all about the place, it will help you make a perfect plan to enjoy the beaches.

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