Beaches on east coast

Destinations with the best beaches on east coast of India

India is home to versatile tropical, temperate, and hilly climate zones. Apart from lush greenery, the country has a scenic coastline. Typically tourists think of Goa as the best holiday destination. But the beaches on east coast offer no less recreation. They run from Tamil Nadu to West Bengal and include the stunning Andaman& Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal.

These beautiful locations are not just quiet and idyllic. They also ensure a well-deserved world-class vacation break for the city dwellers. A large variety of fascinating and historically rich places are close to the coastal areas. Both foreign and native visitors will enjoy the velvety sands and pristine, azure waters.

Mandarmani, West Bengal: secluded beaches on the east coast

Bengal is a historical state that is famous for its food, arts, culture, and intellectuals. Its colonial past still arouses a great deal of global interest. But the region is also home to exquisite beaches with beautiful sands. Mandarmani is one such upcoming resort that is quickly becoming popular.

The top-rated beach has a lot of potential due to its attractive quality. It is an ideal destination for picnickers and honeymooners. The 13 km long beach is also home to stunningly spectacular red crabs. The private beach is at a distance of 180 km from Kolkata Airport.

Beaches on east coast

The safe sea-side resorts guarantee tourist-friendly facilities. You can enjoy delicious coastal recipes along with a stunning climate. Take long walks in silence or relax back and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets. The paradisiacal spot has many small, local shops that sell handicrafts, shells, and local jewelry. You can also have an adventurous time on the ropeway and ride beach bikes.

The sea-side village is along the Kolkata-Digha highway. You can book a cab or bus service or catch a train to Contai or Digha to proceed ahead. Also, there is another beach destination across the Hooghly Delta called the Bakkhali. It is famous for crystalline waters and shallow, gentle waves.

Andhra’s Rushikonda for plentiful fun

Rushikonda in coastal AP offers spectacular views of the blue waters. It is a fast-developing area located on the Visakhapatnam-Bheemili road. The delightful tourist destination is famous for its golden and black sand. These virgin beaches on east coast are also clean and very well maintained.

The majestic Kailasagiri hills provide an excellent backdrop for the tourists. You will have to travel about 10 km (30 minutes) along the V.I.P. road from the city. Hop into a cab and enjoy the fresh breeze as you move along. The journey is worthwhile as you will reach a quiet and pleasant location.

You can travel along with friends, family, and bring the children too. The surrounding hills and the vast expanses present a beautiful picture. The soothing beach can have a mesmerizing effect on first-time visitors. And you can take beautiful photos and selfies during the morning hours.

The sea waters here are shallow, and you can take long, quiet walks. You can spend a serene evening, enjoy water sports, and savor the local dishes. The vast stretches of water are ideal for swimming, surfing, and water skiing. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best beaches that offer a lot of warmth and tranquility. There are budget and luxury hotels as well as cottages nearby. And you can visit the Borra caves, Araku valley, and Simhachalam hill temple.

Puri, Orissa: pristine beaches on east coast

The pilgrim site is one of the most famous towns in India. The sacred Jagannath temple attracts many visitors every year, and beyond that, the renowned town has many shrines, architectural and natural wonders. And this region arguably has some of the best beaches on the Indian east coast.

Summer is the best time to enjoy the spectacular sea-side views. The region is well-connected by road and train services. The vast shoreline offers a memorable vacation experience for the young and old alike. And there are a total of 6 attractive beaches with sprawling, white sands.

The Golden Beach with crystal clear waters is 20 km from Puri. It is a peaceful destination that offers picture-perfect sunrises and sunsets. Spend quality time with your loved ones as the waves splash in majestic glory. The Baliharachandi and Swargadwar beaches are also very quiet.

Chandrabagha is the largest and finest beach with natural beauty. You can stay at the budget or lavish resorts with the whole family, and it is an ideal place for photography, swimming, boating, para-sailing, and surfing. The Balighai beach has a heavenly quality, while the Puri beach has wild waves.

Relaxing luxury on Tamil Nadu’s coastline

The smooth, white sands of the Tamil Nadu coast are a sight to behold. You can have a frolicking time at Paradise in Puducherry. The isolated sea-side location is picturesque, serene, and very clean. On the other hand, the Tharangambadi beach in Tranquebar is a honeymooner’s dream come true.

These beaches on east coast stand apart for their heavenly ambiance. They are dreamy places with French and Dutch trading history. You can also travel south-east to the Coromandel Coast to have a look at Mamallapuram. Along with the natural wonders, enjoy the rock-cut art and shore temple. The ancient, historic town is an ideal spot for sunbathing. There are a variety of low-cost rentals and luxury resorts along the way. Also, visit the UNESCO heritage site and have a relaxing time.

Andaman & Nicobar: serene beaches on east coast

The Indian archipelago has more than 300 islands with mangroves and beaches. The palm-lines coast and tropical rainforests here are a wonderful sight, and the coral reefs are ideal for spotting beautiful sharks and stingrays. The water sport enthusiasts can dive or go snorkeling for a great time.

Beaches on east coast

Enjoy the picturesque and silky, white sands of the Ross and Smith Islands. The Lalaji beach of Long Island is a scenic, sandy, and expensive location, while the Bharatpur on Neil Islands is famous for its diverse corals and emerald waters. However, many find Havelock Island a smart tourist choice for its heavenly resort stay. There are five private beaches here that present spectacular views of the ocean. The secluded beach atmosphere with tropical greenery is prevalent for its clear waters and sunsets.

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