best places to visit in italy

Best Places to Visit in Italy to Explore the Absolute Beauty of Europe

Italy is a bundle of most exquisite works of art, architecture, and gastronomic delights. It makes you fall in love with the country in the shortest period and lets you learn so much. Italy is the epicenter of the Roman Empire and the origin of the Renaissance. It represents the traditions of Europe amidst the artworks of Michelangelo. You can not have enough of the best places to visit in Italy as in every corner there is something to move you. Still, we had to handpick the best of the best to give a thrilling package to plan your itinerary.

Best Places to Visit in Italy

Here are the most magical places in Italy that you must visit for your next trip:


You can easily count Rome (well, isn’t that obvious?) among the top 3 places to visit in Italy. This place is known famously for being the capital of Europe and tops the bucket list for all travelers visiting Italy. You will find Rome to be a hub of all the remnants of ancient galore. Some of the must-visit places in Rome are – the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Appian Way, the Palatine Hill, and the Forum. Also, you will find the Vatican riches to be amongst the main places of interest in Italy. Another fantastic site you must visit is the Michelangelo’s Pieta and Sistine Chapel.

Rome is considered the best places to visit in Italy not only for its ancient glories but also for the scenic beauty this place possesses. The Borghese garden is a place you can enjoy and relax. You can enjoy some gelato while sitting on the Spanish Steps too. Do you love exploring old narrow lanes? Then it would be best if you went through the streets of Trastevere. You can even toss some coins in Trevi Fountain and do some window shopping in Via Veneto. This city has so much to offer that you have to pay your visit here over and over again to explore it entirely and never get bored of it.

best places to visit in italy


If you want to see the Italian Renaissance, then it is the best places to visit in Italy. You can call this a vast museum that represents the culture of Italy. If you are a lover of architecture, then you must have read that The Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, is a world-famous landmark of architecture. It has a vast dome that is gravity-defying. You will witness some bronze doors made by Ghiberti, an octagonal Baptistery, and a marbled bell tower by Giotto. With all these extraordinary works in this landmark, The Duomo is the best example of the Italian Renaissance.

When you visit Florence, churches, and museums are a must-visit. You will find all the churches and museums filled up with sculptures and beautiful paintings. Do visit the beautiful Boboli Garden, have a stroll to the artisans’ workshop and studios in Oltrarno, and buy great leather in Santa Croce. But for the final overdosing of art, you cannot miss visiting the Pitti Palace and Uffizi Gallery. Don’t all these places make Florence one of the best places to visit in Italy?


With all the pictures of a water city in your storybook, haven’t you already counted Venice among the top 3 places to visit in Italy? Who doesn’t like some adventurous water tour? You can sing on the boats and travel around the city in boats rather than cars or buses. Isn’t that thrilling? Venice is such a magical place that the place doesn’t need specific attractions. The city is so pleasing to the traveler’s eyes that the name itself gives you butterflies in your stomach. But this city also has a lot of iconic places that you must pay a visit. Places like the St. Mark’s Square, Piazza San Marco, Basilica of St. Mark, Doge’s Palace, and The Campanile are spots you must add to your visit-list to Venice.

More so, if you think of getting lost in Venice, you will surely capture some spectacular pictures there. When you are going to visit the Rialto Bridge, be sure to lose your way in the winding streets and narrow passageways. This is just on the other side of the Grand Canal plaza that has Gondolas congregate at the end of it. So, doesn’t this mysterious city have a lot to offer?

best places to visit in italy venice

Tuscan Hill Town

The Tuscan Hill Towns are wavy stone towns that have their origin back to the Etruscans. You will find each of these towns to be on each of a hilltop. More so, you will find most of these towns having towers and castles till today that is predominantly present. You cannot compare each of these towns to one another. That is because each of these has a character, art, architecture is different, and each one of them has something new to tell you.

If you have an overview of these towns, you will notice them having towers that there are intact walls. You will find the San Gimignano to look as if it was done in the Middle Ages to stop any pilgrim entrance into Rome. Moreover, you will notice the Volterra as an intricate Etruscan place where even today, traces of both civilizations remain. Arezzo is a place that has a legacy of numerous architects, poets, and artists residing there.

You will find the Cortona to be just like the Volterra having a Roman and Etruscan background. However, the Cortona also have traits of the Florentine influence too. You must know that Cortona is one of the oldest and best places to visit in Italy. Having Siena, Pisa, Luca, and Florence makes Tuscany one of the top places to visit when you are in Italy.

Lake Como

Don’t you love sitting by the lake and to peacefully read a book? Then you must visit Lake Como in Italy. It is a beautiful and exotic location and can be a treat during the summer days. You will find this to have a history of Romans fleeing away from Milan during summer. The shores are steep and have villas that allowed all the fled Romans to relax and cool off. Now, you will find these villas clustered, and one of the prettiest places is Bellagio. It is considered the prettiest as you will find this place to be right in the point where three narrow lake arms are meeting.

You will experience a lovely microclimate at the Como Lake even during the winter season. Moreover, you can easily view the snow-peaked Alp mountains just between the camellias and palm trees. But you must not leave the southern part of the Como, as a ride in a steamer is a great way to explore this majestic lake.

More so, the western part of the Lake Como is the Lake Maggiore, and to eastern side is Lake Garda. You can enjoy your stay here with some thrilling and exciting water sport and so much more. So, isn’t that enough for Lake Como to make it to the list of best places to visit in Italy?

best places to visit in italy

Capri and Amalfi Coast

Before you consider this beautiful place for its scenic beauty, you must know why everyone thinks the Amalfi Coast so beautiful. It is because of the precipitousness of the Amalfi Peninsula that gets right into the Mediterranean at the southern part of Naples, which foams a rim in the south part of the Naples Bay. You will rarely see such a beautiful sight of a town setting right down the steeping slopes. Moreover, these slopes are so steep that the roadway is through staircases, and you will notice the houses stuck to the cliff. The water you see below is emerald, and slopes covered with multicolored flowers.

You will be amazed by seeing the most excellent scenic roads that go right across the southern coast and is called the Amalfi Drive. As you reach the end of this peninsula, you will find a beautiful island called Capri. You can easily reach this place using ferries. Capri has a sea cave called the Blue Grotto, with huge luxurious villas and bushy lush green gardens. You can also consider visiting Sorrento, which is present on the north side of the Amalfi Peninsula. It is a region where you can have numerous things to do, just making a day trip to this place.

Lucca and Pisa

When you have already listed Tuscany as one of the best places to visit in Italy, you must visit the towns that are closely situated too. You will find the Campo Dei Miracoli as exceptionally beautiful yet complex. The other site here is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is a cathedral that is adjacent to Campo. Both these destinations belong to the Italian heritage and are iconic places you must visit. Moreover, it is the center of attraction by the UNESCO World Heritage site. Pisa, together with a baptistery, Campo Santo, and the Cathedral, is an iconic heritage site by UNESCO.

The baptistery has an impressive highlight, which is the Nicola Pisano; it is carved in detail on a standing-free pulpit. This is considered as the Romanesque sculpture’s masterpiece. Lucca is another town in Tuscany that is exceptionally charming, and you are going to enjoy exploring this beautiful place. This place has enormous walls and is covered with a linear line of trees in the park. You will find inside extraordinary Tuscan and Romanesque-Gothic churches, a Roman arena which is fossilized and turned into an oval-shaped piazza and some tower houses too.


You already know that the beautiful water and canals are the life and character of Venice. But do you know what characterizes Naples? It is the Italian Renaissance that is key and essence of this place. The exuberating remains will leave you spellbound. It has a thin narrow roadway that is brimming with noise, color, and exciting life. You will experience the lavish remains of European royalty present in the mansions and huge palaces. Even the churches are full of treasures. Moreover, the archeological museums have findings of the Pompeii displaying there. You will have an experience that you are living in that era when you visit these places in Naples.

You can even enjoy the views of the majestic Mount Vesuvius that can be viewed right across the bay area. Why not go on a ferry ride to the Beautiful Sorrento and Capri from this place? Moreover, you can do some shopping in a glass-domed Galleria Umberto I. But don’t miss out on the food! This is one of the best places to visit in Italy for food, as they make the authentic Neapolitan pizzas. They even say that they are the ones that invented them.

best places to visit in italy


Do you know that Sicily has seven places present in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list of visits? It has three ancient places, two that are famous for there scenic beauty and the last for having the presence of architectural treasures. Sicily has some exotic best and massive Greek temples that are the most significant presence in Agrigento. The Valley of Temples has the finest and apt Greek temples that you won’t find anywhere else. You will find more than 3500 square meters of mosaics in the Villa Romana del Casale. It is present in Enna and is conserved quite well among all the villas in the whole of the Roman Empire. Even the exotic scenic beauty of Sicily is breathtaking. The whole world looks up to this place for the beauty this place holds.

Final Thoughts

So, this brings us to the end of the list of best places to visit in Italy. You may look for many more places that Italy has, but you can always start with these. We have shortlisted the best for you so that you can plan your trip easily. Moreover, we have made the visit list as such you know precisely what you should expect from each of these places. Do visit all these destinations and let how you liked them!

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