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Budget Travel: Cheapest Countries to Visit

Are you a fan of budget travel? You were browsing the internet when you came across a beguiling image of the Eiffel Tower. You made up your mind to plan a vacation right away. But when you checked your bank account, your plans melted down. Your hopes shattered, as you figured out you don’t have the money to travel.

This sucks, doesn’t it? But fortunately, there are a few countries where you can budget travel even if you’re a student surviving on the pocket money. Ready to board a flight? Let’s take off.

Budget travel in Nicaragua

Don’t be alarmed if you’ve never heard of Nicaragua. You’re not the first. Nicaragua is a country in Central America set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Bordered by Costa Rica and Honduras, Nicaragua is known for its dramatic terrain of volcanoes, beaches, and lakes. Granada, a city located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, famous for its Spanish colonial architecture, city plaza, and the Cathedral of Granada.

The real paradise, however, is present on Nicaragua’s 550-mile coastline, filled with exquisite beaches and beachside bars and clubs. Whether you’re a beach dweller or a surfer, Nicaragua’s delightfully light yet seductively happening coastline is worth experiencing.

Nicaragua is also one of the cheapest countries to travel, with excellent hotels available at $40 only.

Budget travel in Laos

Another recondite name on the list, Laos, is a Southeast Asian country renowned for its French colonial architecture, Buddhist monasteries, and hill tribe settlements. Laos is surprisingly untouched by mass tourism, so you can have the remote villages and brooding jungles all by yourself.

The country is also known for its hospitality. If you’re appreciative of the culture and are willing to delve deeper into it, the locals may also invite you into their homes to share meals and activities. Besides, Laos has an abundance of natural beauty and activities. If you get high on adrenaline, the Namsong River offers activities like river rafting, zip line, etc. And if you’re in search of tranquility, you can tap into spiritual life with spots for spa and yoga treatment.

Hotels in Laos are exceedingly inexpensive, with hotels in some cities priced for less than $5.

Budget travel: Turkey

Surprised? One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, notably for the city of Istanbul, Turkey is a transcontinental country in Western Asia and Southeastern Europe. In spite of being crowded with tourists almost all year long, Turkey maintains to offer inexpensive accommodation and travel options, especially if you manage to get your hands on one of the cheap vacation packages to Turkey.

Start your journey with Istanbul, the tourism hub of Turkey famous for its history, culture, and vigorous lifestyle. Don’t forget to visit Hagia Sophia, a 1500-year-old complex with a history of being used as both a church as well as a mosque.

The street food stalls in the old city are worth a visit, too, especially if you’re in awe of delicious kebabs and fish sandwiches. And of course, the beaches of Istanbul … the golden beaches along the Aegean and Mediterranean are a utopia for thalassophiles and beach lovers.

You can get a room in a three-star hotel for as low as $40, albeit you can delve into expensive options, too.

Belarus as a budget travel

Amazing nature, beautiful landscapes, variety of sweets, and Soviet-era architecture, followed by recent lift on costly tourist visas, Belarus is a country to have on your visit list. A former member of the Soviet Union, Belarus, gives you cost-effective European travel experience.

Minsk, the country’s capital, is famous for its striking and imposing architecture. The city has dynamic markets with streets lined with galleries, and sushi bars. Besides the city of Minsk, Belarus also offers picture-postcard villages, national parks, and 16th-century castles.

A stay in a three-star hotel with a pool in Belarus will cost you around $40 a night.


One of the most enchanting places to visit in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is famous for its rivers, beaches, bustling cities, and Buddhist pagodas. Despite significant industrial and economic development, Vietnam remains to be one of the cheapest countries to visit, with three-star hotels available for $20 only.

Hanoi, the capital of the country, is famous for its centuries-old architecture and wealthy culture, with French, Chinese, and Southeast Asian influences. If you want to experience the bustling urban life of Vietnam, spend some time in Ho Chi Minh City. If you’re more of a solitude-loving creature, sample the Vietnamese rural life in Da Lat and enjoy iconic views of mountains and rice terraces.


With the backdrop of the snow-capped Himalayas, along with hilltop villages, jungle plains, and ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites, it’s hard to digest that Nepal is one the least-visited countries in Asia.

If you’re an independent traveler looking for cheap travel packages with organized hikes, ready your backpack for Nepal. The famous Annapurna Circuit offers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Besides, you have traditional tea houses, hot meals, and national parks.

The capital Kathmandu could be a shocking transition after the tranquility of the mountains and tea gardens. But it won’t take you long to readjust when you come across the historical centers, unique nightlife, and delicious street food.

And like Laos, hotels in Nepal are available for less than $5, and even the best hotels in Kathmandu are priced under $50.

Budget travel:Cambodia

Another Southeast country on the list, Cambodia, is globally renowned for its ancient temples, notably the Angkor Wat. The landscape of the country spans the Gulf of Thailand coastline, Mekong Delta, mountains, and low-lying plants.

The best experience in Cambodia comes from its mesmerizing sunrises, serene countryside, and ancient temples with enormous campuses. In fact, the country has more than 70 temples to get around, and they’re all worth your time.

Cambodia has a long coastline as well, with some stunning beaches, island bays, clubs, and casinos. You can get hostels and one-bed hotel rooms for less than $5, and full-fledged hotels with a pool and AC for twenty bucks.


Let’s end the list with the seventh-largest country on the planet, India. From the Taj Mahal in Agra to soaring skyscrapers in Mumbai to teeming bazaars in Delhi, India is certainly an electrifying place to visit. Not to forget the mighty forts in Rajasthan and endless tea plantations in Assam, a trip to India gets more vivid as you decide to delve in.

Also known as the land of spices, India is renowned globally for its distinct and delicious cuisine. In India, you’ll find hotels priced as low at $10 a night and as high as $250 a night. But India remains to be one of the cheapest countries to travel, with excellent three-star hotels available easily for $20-50.


Hope this article has helped revive your broken spirit, your dreams that shattered because you didn’t have enough funds to travel. Traveling is important, so don’t let money be the barrier. Plan a trip to one of these cheapest countries to visit, and start making memories now.

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