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Top 6 Best Places to Live in North Carolina 2021

A couple of factors play an essential role when one decides to relocate and settle in a new place. From the climate to the population to the job opportunities to the hospitality and warmth of the residents – all play a significant role on their own. Here, we will highlight such consideration if you plan to look for places to live in North Carolina.

The 9th largest US state North Carolina has a population which is a little more than 10 million. The fantastic weather of this place offers four distinct seasons for its residents to enjoy. The job opportunities that this place provides are many.

People residing in North Carolina enjoy a higher quality of life at a relatively cheaper rate when compared to other popular places in the US.

Considered one of the best places to call home, let us look in detail at the top six best places to live in North Carolina and the pros and cons of residing in the state.

Best places to live in North Carolina

Filled with lots of Southern charm, North Carolina offers everything that one would want in the place that they call home. Whether you are thinking of settling after retirement, or starting your career, or just looking for a change, the state of North Carolina of the United States fits all moods and needs.

Let us have a look at our six best picks of the best places to live in North Carolina.

1. Morrisville

One of the best places to live in North Carolina is Morrisville. The city is ranked as the fifth-best city to live in and call home in the United States. It is also ranked as the best place to reside in at the Tar Heel State. For youngsters and for people looking forward to raising a family, this place is your go-to.

Now you might be thinking about what could be the reasons. The first and foremost reason to consider this city if you have children is its education system and the young population. Hands down, this city has one of the best public schools to offer education to children.

Along with that, this town is quiet with tons of family gatherings and events taking place all year long – excellent for any family, isn’t it? The standard of living, job availability, and economic diversity of this city is also higher compared to the other North Carolina cities. Hence, Morrisville is easily one of the best places to live in NC for families.

2. Chapel Hill

Located near Raleigh in Orange Country, the town of Chapel Hill is your go-to place to reside in if education is your utmost priority. The oldest Carolina university, The University of North Carolina, locates in this city. Hence, it is needless to mention that this is essentially a college town that mostly remains quiet, especially during the summers.

Along with that, the health care of this place is top-notch, with multiple hospitals right in front of your door. To add to that, there are numerous recreational and outdoor activities to keep yourself entertained at the weekends.

Both the cities Durham and Raleigh are short drives from this place, where you can find multiple theatres, bars, and restaurants. The beach views of this city are also excellent, making it one of the best places to live in North Carolina near beach.

However, the cost of living in Chapel Hill is relatively higher than in other cities of the state. Hence, you might also want to consider that while making a list of all the best places to live in North Carolina.

3. Raleigh

If you want to enjoy the life of a big city, Raleigh is your go-to city in the state of NC.

Raleigh is one of the best places to live in North Carolina. This city makes a part of the Research Triangle that also includes Durham and Chapel Hill.

Needless to say, this place has dozens of good universities and high schools and a vast health care system. Referred to as the City of Oak, the city of Raleigh is termed as the best cities to live in NC 2021.

The state capital is undoubtedly one of the best choices to call home. For the fun part, you are sure to be spoilt with a vast choice of entertainment options.

Starting from a huge list of outdoor activities and attractions to a crazy good nightlife, this place is sure to pump your entertainment hormones up.

In case you are wondering, the cost of living is comparatively low here.

best places to live in North Carolina

4. Wake Forest

Are you a fan of the great outdoors and have a reasonable budget? Then you might want to consider making wake Forest your home.

Located just at the north of the state capital, Raleigh, Wake Forest is a quaint suburban town. The good part is that Wake Forest promises to keep its residents entertained.

Considered the most beautiful places to live in North Carolina, there are tons of beautiful locations in the city that give options for boating, camping, cycling, and many more.

Along with that, the schooling and health care facilities of the place are also above average. To add to that, the neighbors are incredibly welcoming and warm.

The bad part is that the cost of living in this place is high. Higher than the state capital itself.

5. Cary

Cary is one of the best places to live in North Carolina for retirees. This city is located just beside the Research Triangle and the state capital.

If you want to live in a lovely small town and get the feeling of a big town nonetheless, then Cary is the city in North Carolina that you might want to consider.

The schooling and university facilities, hospital and health care facilities, job opportunities, etc., are all above average.

Along with the entertainment and recreation part is also excellent with great nightlife and outdoor activities and sites.

6. Mills River

Located in Henderson County, Mills River is a rural community that has about 70k residents.

It is one of the best places to live in the North Carolina mountains. This is due to the fact that this city is located near Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Resided for about a 20 minutes drive from Asheville, Mills river flaunts a beautiful established community.

Mills River is one of the safest cities in the state, making it one of the best places for families to settle. It also boasts excellent affordability with rather a perfect lifestyle and standard of living.

Hence, if you are looking forward to making Mills River your home, sign the deal.

Pros and cons of living in North Carolina

Undoubtedly, North Carolina is not just a beautiful place for tourists to visit and soak the natural beauty in but is also one of the best places to settle in permanently and call home.

There are numerous places to live in North Carolina (which we have discussed in detail at the head of the article).

North Carolina offers a variety of advantages that blue ticks the list of what a person would look forward to while shifting places.

From beautiful weather, breathtaking beach and mountain views,  ample job opportunities, and culture and history with deep roots, North Carolina is undoubtedly the place people consider first for shifting, especially in the United States.

However, like any other place, this place too has its list of pros and cons. Let us have a read at the section below that lists the main of those.

Pros of living in North Carolina

Lots of job opportunities

Without any debate, the chances of getting a job are one of the most important things people look for when they switch cities or states. The excellent part is apart from being a natural wonder, North Carolina also has very high opportunities.

Although it is a little challenging to hope that you would get the job of your preference initially, you can surely know that you wouldn’t have to go days without bread and butter. Isn’t that great?

The cost of living is less

The cost of living in North Carolina is comparatively lesser than in other parts of the United States. Starting from the housing rent to hospitality, the price of food to the hospital fares, transport fares, and even the luxury items are much lesser than the national average.

Great job opportunities, low cost of living, and crazy sceneries – seems like a good deal, isn’t it?

Good healthcare

Another primary concern of people shifting to another state or city is the health care connections and availability. North Carolina ranks among the top places in the United States of America with considerable medicine and healthcare options.

This place resides four of the renowned and acclaimed medical schools. They are Duke University, Wake Forest University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and East Carolina University. With more than 100 hospitals, this state is a wonder for health care.

Lots of outdoor activities

Who would not want to settle in a place with lots of hiking trails, crazy sunsets, beautiful mountains, coastline views, and delicious mouth-watering barbeques everywhere?

The Appalachian Mountains offer the residents a huge hiking trial. Hence, if you are a hiker or a mountain biker, then book your tickets and fly off there right away.

Apart from that, one does not have to explain the scenic beauty that North Carolina has in store for everyone. Specifically, the sunsets of this palace are extremely popular.

Imagine looking at the sky after a day of work and witnessing beautifully pinks, purple artistically painting the sky as the sun goes to rest – an icing to the cake, we believe.

best places to live in North Carolina

Cons of living in North Carolina


Even the places with the best weather can be deadly at times. North Carolina offers beautiful weather all year round except for July to November. This is the period of hurricanes striking the place and creating a lot of chaos and damage.

It might take the people recently shifting to the place some time to adjust to these hurricanes. To be a little on the safer side, you can choose to stay inland near the mountains. Apart from that, it is advised to remain alert and follow the government instructions and warnings.

Comparatively higher crime rate

If you plan to shift to Lumberton or Oxford, you definitely would want to reconsider the decision. The crime rate in North Carolina, specifically in these two cities, is higher than the national average rate in the United States.

There are higher chances of you getting murdered or molested if you have good money with you (hence beware!). The reason is apparent – the higher poverty level compared to the other cities and states.

Higher tax burdens

The tax rates of North Carolina are higher than the national average rate. The government puts higher taxation on its citizens, which is significantly more than the other states.

Taxes on personal income, properties, and sales, etc., are higher than in other countries. However, even then, many people find North Carolina a better place to stay when compared to South Carolina.

best places to live in North Carolina

Final thoughts

Deciding on the dream destination to settle in and call home in North Carolina could be a stressful task considering every city comes with its own set of pros and cons.

The above article lists the top six best places to live in North Carolina. Needless, to mention there also are many more that could be put on the list.

No matter whichever city you decide to settle in, North Carolina is one of the best states in the United States despite all its cons.

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