Thirlmere Infinity Pool

How to Reach Thirlmere Infinity Pool and Things to Do Here

While infinity pools are part of luxury holidays, especially if you are traveling to Bali and Maldives, the UK’s Thirlmere Infinity Pool caused a stir online, not just for its beautiful pool but also for being entirely free for travelers.

The hidden pool is located in the Lake District, with plenty of swimming spots and a home to stunning viewers.

The place came to light after a TikTok account shared a video, calling it a ‘real hidden gem.’

The 20-second clip caught the attention of thousands of viewers, sharing their interest in visiting the infinity pool.

Well, if you are one of those, here is all the information you should know before your visit.

What to know before visiting Thilmere Infinity Pool?

The Thirlmere infinity pool location is just a 10-minute drive south of Keswick town, off the Main A591 in Lake District.

The trail is pretty simple to cover, depending on how much experience you have.

But if in doubt, travelers can use Thirlmere infinity pool map coordinates: 54.5546344, -3.0489448.

Before you visit this hidden gem, here are a few things you should know that will keep the experience smooth:

Safety warnings

For new travelers or those visiting Infinity Pool Thirlmere for the first time, it’s important to know some safety precautions.

The Thilmere Infinity is situated on top of a huge waterfall. Also, it has an edge, and travelers should be careful while walking to avoid any potential slip or accident.

The rocky surroundings get slippery, so avoiding this trip after rain or during high water flow is advisable.

Travelers should visit during low flow to have the pool any risk and relax. But during high flow, the pool is unsafe as you might get swept over the top.

Thirlmere Infinity Pool

What to pack for the trip?

It’s wise to keep your backpack light as the paths here require a lot of trekking, including jumps over gates and a lot of walking.

Remember to pack a few long pants and insect repellent to protect yourself during the pool walk.

While you want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, make sure you have essential covers like:

  • Day bag
  • Dry bag
  • Power bank
  • Tripod
  • GoPro
  • Photography camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Reusable water bottle ( avoid plastics)
  • Rain jacket ( keep it lightweight)
  • Quick dry towel
  • Hiking boots
  • Long pants
  • Insect repellent
  • Water or LifeProof phone case


The pool is free of charge, so travelers can visit this place at any time and in any season.

Opening times

The pool is accessible all day with no limitation on when you can visit. But travelers advise people not to visit after dark.

The best time to visit

Although, there is no specific ‘best’ time to visit the Thirlmere Infinity pool.

If you plan to visit this natural pool in summer,  the number of visitors might be more than usual.

Even during peak times like warm weekends or school holidays, this place bustles with people.

The ideal time would be in the early morning, or you can visit here late in the evening. The place is more vacant during these hours, and travelers can enjoy this infinity pool.

Make sure you reach there before night falls to enjoy the view.

Also, it is safer to avoid any mishaps during the climb. However, it will be fine if you are used to night hiking.

The time is perfect to enjoy the sunset in the pool, facing the setting sun. But since the Thirlmere infinity pool is no longer a secret, you might find more people at these hours.

Thirlmere Infinity Pool

What to expect when visiting Thilmere Infinity Pool?

While it takes around 25 to 30 minutes to reach the Infinity Pool, the trail is relatively easy to follow. However, steep inclines make the path rough and quite challenging to walk.

But the effort is rewarding, as the surroundings are filled with stunning panoramic views stretching across the Lake District.

Farmlands surround the trails, so you might also encounter cattle and sheep. When you reach the waterfall, you witness cascades down in multiple tires.

Some are taller than the rest. Amid these, a natural infinity pool forms, making it a beautiful view to experience.

The pool is tiny and deep enough to go for a few strokes. But if you are planning to go for an actual swim, this pool is not ideal for that.

There are rocks on which you can sit in the water toward the edge. Also, has a chest height towards its cascade.

The water temperature is not cold on regular days but is not hot either.

So, if you want to swim in warm water to relax or stay for a long time, it’s better to visit during hot days.

Since it’s situated between natural and green bushes, the top can get windy.

If it gets too windy, you need to leave the place.


If you have vehicles, you can park at United Utilities public car park at Ledburthwait (the postcode is CA12 4TQ).  Previously, Thirlmere Village Hall was an option, but they have closed the parking area.

You can reach here by foot. It takes around 10 minutes from the trailhead.

Coming from Ambleside will take 25 minutes.

If you are from Keswik, it will take 10 minutes.

The parking space is quite large, and there are toilets available.

While parking your vehicle, do not block the road or driveways.

Where you can stay

For accommodation, travelers can find hotels and houses to stay around this place. There are luxurious hotels and mid-budget options too.

While the services might differ per the prices, the essential facilities are provided to ensure a comfortable stay, including food services, Wi-fi, and basic amenities.

Make sure you don’t leave waste

While you enjoy the hidden gem, it is important to keep it clean.

Remember to use bins or carry the disposable items with you when you leave.

Since more and more travelers discover the place, the chances of litter increases.

How To Get To The Infinity Pool?

The distance is around 2.1 miles or 3.5 km, with moderate difficulty while walking.

The first part of the walk has a relatively good track and is short and steep.

But as you go further, the path gets rustic.

While you walk, you find a short, narrow section and muddy areas even during the dry seasons.

Even if you have a couple of routes, each depends on your experience in trekking.

Some routes are relatively straightforward, but some might get more challenging, especially in higher spaces.

You also find stickers in your way, helping to make sure you are in the right direction.

Starting your trail

After parking your car, immediately walk right up to Stanah Lane, keep walking on this lane, and come straight here.

You will find a sign to direct you to the path that goes as 200m.

Take the trail, go through the gate, and find yourself on a narrow bracket path.

After passing a couple of gates, you will see a cascade (400m from where you have parked your car).

From here, the route starts to get uphill.

Walking from the cascade, there will be a grassy path with a public footpath sign (beyond 50m from the cascade).

Take the right path and follow the dry stone wall.

Dry stone wall & danger

The dry stone wall is curvy, but the tracks are flat to walk. The trails might get narrower and more rocky as you keep walking.

Here, you need to protect where you are walking as it’s prime territory to get your ankle twisted.

This is also where water runs down, even if it’s not the rainy season. So, the trails are muddy.

At the 750 mark, you cross a tiny stream and keep walking to a densely lined path with ferns. It would take 400 m to notice a wooden bridge along another cascade.

Cross the bridge and take a left to another trail that would take 50m. From here, the path will become more steeper and rustic.

After covering 100 into the path, you have to take another left. This trail will take you to your unity pool, but be careful, as the soil is pretty loose.

If you want to choose another direction, you can continue to walk straight. This one might take longer, but the path is more accessible and safer.

After climbing up to the rocky path, take the left. Within a few hundred meters, you will see a narrow section of trail that drops to the left.

Go carefully because the hillside rea is sheer, even though you have to walk a few steps.

And here you arrive at your pool.

Another side

You can also consider another route instead of this one.

On the southern side of the pool or the side where you arrive, a sling is tied to the rock.

Use that to get in, but be careful as the footholds can get slippery.

This route will take you behind the pool. However, it requires you to hop on a few rocks, and after a few meters down to the stream, you arrive at more exposure to the poolside.

Getting out of the pool is relatively easy; once you get hold of these rocky and slippery rocks, you can get out of it.

Final thoughts

Thirlmere infinity pool is indeed gorgeous. The water is clear and lovely, combined with incredible views; this place is ideal for anyone who loves exploring and relaxing.

However, you have to be lucky with your timing, and the path is challenging. But it all seems worth it after you arrive and witness the beauty of this hidden gem.


1. Where is the Thirmlere infinity pool situated?

It takes 10 minutes of drive from Keswick town in the south, off to the main A591 in Lake districts,

2. When should you visit the infinity pool of Thirlmere?

While summers are best, it can be crowded. Avoid wind and during high water flow.

3. Is it safe to swim in the Thirlmere pool?

The infinity pool is not for swimming; however, you can go for a few strokes.

4. How deep is Thirlmere?

Thirlmere is around 158ft deep and 3.5 miles long. And now owned by North West Water.

5. Is it safe to walk around Thirlmere Lake?

The lake has a 10-mile walk, and travelers can take the trails to explore the falls and forest.

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