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Guide to Hike to the Beautiful Blue Pool Oregon and Tamolitch Falls

Blue Pool Oregon instantly transports us to the thought of witnessing crystal clear blue waters. Here, we will tell you all you need to know about this pool so you add this to your list when coming to Oregon.

The Tamolitch Falls, also popularly known as the blue pool, lies comfortably in Oregon’s Mckenzie river valley and is a sight to see. Having deep blue water and a pretty easy walk to visit, this fantastic place in Oregon is popular among hikers and photographers.

Before you visit Oregon Blue Pool, follow everything given by us over here to have a hassle-free traveling experience.

The beauty of the blue pool (also known as Tamolitch spot) has made it a popular site. This basin was renamed Tamolitch by William Parke in 1933 (an engineer for the Willamette National Forest).

However, people can only enjoy the beauty of the flow of the fall during the spring. The blue pool fall remains dry most of the time, but during winter, the pool can flood over the lava bed, and as a result, the Tamolitch Falls will flow.

The fall of the blue reservoir is stunning, and nothing can compare to the tranquil beauty. The gold and orange leaves from the trees look mesmerizing against the blue of the water. The roads may be slippery in winter, but you will enjoy it as you can see snow during the autumn.

Best time to visit Blue Pool Oregon

Reports say there is no specific time to visit the Tamolitch blue pool. This natural beauty draws the attention of almost everyone, and this place is one of the top-rated hikes in Oregon.

Every season has its magnificence so it’s totally up to you to decide the time you would visit this place. Experts say that people usually see this place in the summer. So, if you are also visiting the site in summer, make sure you go early in the morning to avoid the crowd.

On the other hand, the beauty of blue pools in Oregon is unrealistic in winter, and the whole place is covered in snow. If you are planning to visit Oregon blue pool in winter, you need to be very careful as you would get fewer people to navigate.

Things to know about the Blue Pool in Oregon

An interesting thing about the blue pool Oregon is that people can enjoy the beauty of this place only when the water flows.

The forest department diverted the water from Mckenzie’s river for hydraulic use. This diversion has dried up the Tamolitch blue pool, and now it only flows during heavy runoff.

We have listed certain things you must remember before visiting the Blue Pool Oregon:

  • The place has no network so getting a call here is next to impossible
  • You may find the place crowded if you visit it during summer
  • You must see the site as early as possible to avoid the crowd during spring and summer
  • It might look as if the Oregon blue pool is not very deep, but in reality, it is 30 feet deep
  • Visitors say that the water is so cold that even microorganisms can’t survive there.

Safety at the Blue Pool Oregon

Keeping everything in mind, we had thought of adding a specific paragraph about the safety so that people planning to visit can have an idea about every small thing. The report claims that the increase in the crowd has brought many injuries, accidents, and death.

Try and be cautious when you are going for a visit to Oregon blue pool. This place is two miles into the wilderness with no signal and hospital available nearby.

The water is freezing in the blue pool, so be careful, or it can result in a cold shock. Lack of safety can put you in danger. You might get hurt after diving into the ocean, so local people recommend you not diving here as it can cause severe damage.

If you want to enjoy the ocean water, we suggest you get down to the water’s edge, where the chances of getting hurt are comparatively less.

The McKenzie river may leave you stunned as you explore Oregon’s cascade mountain. If you are looking for an unrealistic place where you can go with your family, this place is perfect.

How to reach Tamolitch Blue Pool

The way to blue pools, Oregon, can be accessed from the Mckenzie River or the Carmen Smith reservoir. You can hike the McKenzie River to Oregon as it is a more manageable and shorter hike.

If you want to enjoy the walk, you can also go through the Carmen Reservoir. It is a comparatively short hike, but the rocky terrain and rugged nature can be very challenging. Professional suggests you wear closed-toed footwear.

You must visit the blue pool Oregon hike if you are exploring the river and the area surrounding it. The short walk will take you on a visit to the collections with shades of blue. The most exciting fact is the most famous spot of all time.

You might not know, but surprisingly a volcanic activity took place in this place 1500 years ago. The blue pool is tough to describe as the beauty of this place can’t be explained in words.

Blue Pool Oregon

Blue pool Oregon hike (through river McKenzie)

  • Elevation- 285ft
  • Length- from Trailbridge Reservoir (2.1 miles) and Carmen smith reservoir (3.3 miles)
  • Difficulty- easy to moderate
  • Distance- 3.6 miles
  • Pets allowed- visitors can take dogs along with you
  • Location- it is near Willamette National Forest

Experts claim this hike is straightforward, and everyone can reach their destination without casualties as the surface is relatively flat.

The journey begins through an old Douglass forest and follows the river McKenzie. Once you get the spot, you can go for a swim. The blue pool Oregon hike is one of the most adventurous and accessible hikes.

Things to carry

We have listed some items you need to carry to enjoy your trip to the fullest:

  • Hiking backpack
  • Layered dresses are important as temperature may vary depending on the season you choose to hike to blue pool Oregon
  • You should carry rain gear, as this side of Oregon gets a lot of precipitation
  • Microfiber towel and swimsuit if you are planning to jump into the sea
  • Hydration bladder and first aid kit
  • Weapons like knives and matchboxes for safety

Mistakes to avoid at the Blue pool hike

Here are some things you wouldn’t want to do if you want to have a happy and satisfied hike to the Oregon blue pool:

Arriving late

The crowd can increase with time, and as a result, it can delay your hike timing. Avoid visiting the place in the daytime as it is too hot. The temperature lies between 70 degrees to 98 degrees.

Prefer wearing hiking shoes

The first few minutes of the hiking is on the soft ground, and later it is a mixture of lava rock, dirt, tree root, etc., so to have a good hiking experience, you should wear hiking shoes.

Avoid cliff diving

The view of the blue pool of Oregon is fantastic, and it might attract you. But prefer not to jump as many people have died hitting the rocks and stones.

Know where to go

Make sure you carry a map with you because you might not get a network connection there.

Places to visit nearby

If you plan a trip to the blue pool Oregon, there are a few more places that will leave no chance of attracting you with their beauty. Make sure you add them to your list:

Koosah and Sahalie Falls

These are the two largest waterfalls located at a distance of 10 minutes from each other, and you can easily experience them on the way to the Blue Pool, Oregon.

You will be mesmerized by nature’s beauty. There are many waterfalls in this region, but these two are different from others, you won’t regret visiting them.

Cougar Hot springs

It is also known as Terwilliger Hot Springs. This incredible spot comprises a few cascading rock-walled pools and can fit almost 7-8 people.

Places to have food


This place features American fare, like burgers and pizza. The 2-story dining room is the main attraction, and it is what makes people take a break. If you are stopping there, you must try their potato nachos, one of their unique dishes.

McKenzie general store

This place serves the best organic meal for dinner and lunch. This place is perfect for you if you want a spot to take a break before the hike. They also have an outdoor sitting area, and you can enjoy having a glass of beer by feeling the beauty of nature.

Interesting facts about the blue pool

Water is clean, cold, and pure as the blue pool Oregon is mainly free from bacteria and microorganisms. You may also think water like blue pool Oregon doesn’t even exist anywhere else, and that could be true.

One amazing hidden fact about this place is that the water remains cold most of the time; even on summer days, the temperature of the Blue pool is 38 degrees.

So if you are traveling to the blue pool during winter, you should not jump into the water. There is a huge possibility of you getting hypothermia.

Many people have even lost their lives while swimming. As soon as they get in touch with the water, the body develops hypothermia, which causes you to be unconscious and drown.

In addition, expecting help from the emergency crew is not always possible. The rescue team will take a few hours to reach the destination as the site is very remote.

Professionals suggest you not come close to the water. Moreover, they tell you not to stand close to the water’s edge.

The water flowing into the blue pool comes directly from the underground, and the sediments and rock there purify the water and help the blue pool have such pure and cold water.

No organism survives in this water due to its challenging nature.

Most people who see the blue pool of Oregon for the first time think that the ocean’s depth is around 5-10ft.

Still, in reality, it is 30ft. this is why experts suggest not jumping as it becomes tough to rescue them from 30ft deep freezing water.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Can You Swim In The Blue Pool?

Yes, you can, but not for an extended period as the water is freezing. Experts recommend not jumping into the water.

2. Did Anyone Die In The Blue Pools, Oregon?

Sadly, many people have passed away after jumping into the water. It is a 50 ft drop, and many people have died after hitting a massive rock.

3. How Long Is The Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike?

The hike is about 4.3 miles, and it takes approximately 90 minutes to complete the trek. The time will increase if you take a break and depending on the weather.

4. Is It Essential To Hike The Blue Pool Oregon In Summer?

No, it is not essential, but make sure you carry all the equipment needed when you hike in winter.

Final thoughts

We have almost mentioned everything related to blue pool Oregon. If you plan a trip, you must visit this place and ensure you don’t see it in summer.

Experts suggest you carry a first-aid box, weapon for safety, and other essential elements for the blue pool Oregon hike.

Make sure you don’t jump off into the ocean as history says that many people have died because of it, and be careful as there is no hospital nearby.

Experts also suggest you take a personal tour guide so that you don’t face any difficulty during the tour.

To know more about this place, browse the internet, and you can also go through the personal experience shared by many travelers!

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