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Wahclella Falls Trail Details All You Need to Know Before Going

If you love trekking and discovering scenic beauty, then you are welcome to Wahclella Falls. If you want to spend magical moments with your partner, this is the most off-beat yet romantic place to come.

Wahclella Falls trail is located near the Columbia River Gorge, is considered one of the most accessible hikes in the Gorge River Columbia. Earlier, this trail was closed because of the eagle creek fire. But in 2019, this trail reopened for visitors.

COVID struck hard, but the place is gradually going back to normalcy. So, now is the best time to come over.

You will explore the long, lush trees with the most challenging adventurous routes on the way to this waterfall. The frequent slides turned the hike into the most magical part of your life. If you visit this place in spring, you will get to explore the most pleasant waterfall. Even in summer, it makes the atmosphere relaxed and relaxing, which keeps the hikers calm for a long time.

In this trail guide, today, we will talk about Wahclella falls trail. Here we talk about everything which makes your Wahclella falls trip more exciting.

All you want to know about Wahclella Falls

The Wahclella Falls trail is the shortest, 2 to 3 miles from the back of Columbia River Gorge. This waterfall is situated in Oregon, which recently created hype among the people because of the beauty it holds.

It is one of the quickest and easiest waterfall hikes. If you have the desire for the best day trip from Portland, then nothing would be an ideal option than this.

The distance of this trailhead from Portland is just 40 minutes away. It is worth investing the shortest amount in exploring this beautiful place.

The place is stunning, with mountains and a peaceful environment. In summer, there are certain places where you can swim for hours and battle the sun. Make your summer trails refreshing and cool. At the same time, in spring and winter, this majestic waterfall beauty is at its peak.

This waterfall is not famous worldwide, but slowly it takes place in the heart of people. People love visiting this place after seeing the pictures on the internet. The place is known for bird watching, trail running, and hiking. You can encounter a massive amount of people coming from different countries while hiking.

wahclella falls

Things to keep in mind

The place is open for all-year-round, and anyone can visit anytime. The best thing about this trail is that pets are allowed. But wait! They should come with a leash. So, are you all set for the trail?

During the initial step to the trail, the surface is flat, and you can quickly move up. The initial way to this waterfall is surrounded by the closed access road shaded by the Douglas-firs, cottonwoods and alders.

You will get a small dam and fish ladders on the other side of the road. When you cross that dam, you will find the blind curve. Now you can spot Munra Falls. From there, you must go east side of the canyon.

During the trail, you can spot the scratches or signs of the eagle creek fire. It would help if you crossed the most challenging slide areas as you move further. In some places, the crew reinforces the area with extensive rockwork. Now move a little downward and go through the creek to the footbridge, and you will be there at Wahclclla falls.

You have to pay for parking a vehicle; the pass is only $5. Before reaching there, you should check the complete guidelines and restrictions. Based on their guidelines, motor vehicles and bikes are not allowed. You must park the vehicle at the designated place. Any chemicals or elements that catch fire are also not allowed within 200 feet of the trail. During the trek, you can find some portable toilets or restrooms.

Why is Wahclella Falls trail famous?

Wahclella falls hike, the best waterfall in Gorge River has recently attracted people’s attention. Most of the hikers visited this place and made videos about this. After watching those, more and more people want to come and visit this place.

The most impressive thing about this waterfall is the lower drop water pours from the hidden 65 feet narrow gorge. Above the lower fall, you can spot the semi-hidden waterfall. From the lower level trail, you can spot this waterfall. But wait, this second waterfall is visible in certain months. This seasonal waterfall is also known as East Fork Falls.

Eagle creek fire

People from all over the world are excited to explore this spectacular waterfall. The scenic beauty and majestic atmosphere influence people to view this breathtaking place. After the eagle creek fire incident in 2017, many slopes were burned away, which caused landslides and rockfalls. You can also find some damaged bridges while you walk the trail.

Worth the view

When you reach your destination, you feel overwhelmed and completely worth spending your time and effort. Watching the water ouzels bobbing and diving side of the stream will hold you to spend some more time there.

People are friendly

The local people of this area are super friendly and welcome each guest wholeheartedly. From them, you can learn more about the atmosphere, local culture, tradition, and food. With their help, you can explore some more places nearby. You can also ask for tour guides if there are any.

Tourist’s favorite

Based on the statistics, almost more than 10,000 tourists visit each month to take a look at this spectacular waterfall. The scenic hike and the easiest route make the place more spectacular. Capture some best breathtaking views throughout the hike. The huge boulders, highest waterfall, and narrow slot canyon make it different from other waterfalls.’

Very photogenic

If you are in Oregon, make sure to visit this spectacular place. It would be best if you stepped out of your place early to get space in the parking lots. You will surely enjoy the dramatic cliff lines and much more, which will last long in your memories. This is the most photogenic place you have ever gone through.

The stunning waterfall and the breathtaking views are all you want on your vacation. This is the perfect place for summer vacation. Dip your toes off into the cool water and gem-toned pool.

wahclella falls


Apart from all this stuff, this waterfall is lovable to visitors who love wildlife views. Here you can spot hundreds of bird species like water ouzels and salmon. It only takes an hour or half an hour to get there. Whether you have planned with your friends or families, it will be equally suitable for all kinds of trips.

Places to see Wahclella falls

Along with Wahclella falls hike, you can explore more waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, Upper McCord Creek Falls, and Elowah Falls. In the nearby area, you will spot Starvation Creek State Park too. So, there is the highest chance of visiting these places on the same day. So, why are you still thinking about making any other changes?

Choose this deep blue waterfall surrounded by the misty gorge basalt with the cascade slides beauty. Include this place in your to-do list adventure list. The favorite parts of this trail are seasonal falls dropping down the edges of the canyon, winter storms, and the edges of canyons.

Wahclella Falls hike features

  • If you move there on the weekdays, you can easily find parking lots
  • If you plan to visit this place on the weekends, step out of your space earlier
  • There you can spot the two combined waterfalls with majestic and beautiful views
  • In some areas, they also allow people to get together for picnics
  • You can easily find out portable toilets or restrooms along the way
  • The place is entirely family-friendly and pet-friendly
  • As discussed in the above section, this is the shortest trail so that you can bring kids
  • Before going there, you should be aware of their guidelines
  • Remember to follow the alerts provided by them
  • Avoid visiting this area on rainy days or after heavy rainfall because of the chances of landslides
  • It would be best if you also went through the recommendations list provided by their management team
  • You can talk with the management team or guides if you find any issues
  • For the day-use passes, you have to only spend $5 for each vehicle and the particular day.

Things to know before you go

Here are some things you should note before taking this hike:

Safety before going

If you are going to hike for the first time, you should go with someone else. Stay with someone, or you can hire a tour guide for safety.

Before going hiking, you should be aware of the natural calamities that can happen there. You should be fully prepared as per the season to deal with any challenging scenarios.

Keep a map

Always keep a map with you; it will be easy to reach your destination. In these kinds of places, mostly, the network connection is weak. So, download the critical information and keep your GPS on all the time.

Ask the local people or guides where you can find the water mid-way through the hike. You can mark those places. If there is no source of water, then keep extra water bottles with you.

While trailing, your safety and security are in your hand. Don’t take any shortcuts in the excitement.

Weather details

You should collect all the altitude, heat, and climbing distance information. You are the one who knows your capability. So, if you have any medical condition issues, drop this idea of hiking.

People with heart conditions, knee pain, asthma, diabetes, and all should avoid these places.

Keep your backpack as light as you can. Only pick the essential items that you need.

Safety during trail

As per people’s experience, the whole trail to Gorge River and Wahclella falls caves is blocked with a high metal fence. The riverside is filled with sharp objects and debris that can trouble you.

You can explore the two most popular sights in a single day so try to move out from the space early. The trail is open at six o clock morning. This time is ideal if you want to hike in a soothing and peaceful environment.

wahclella falls

Packing details

Remember to pack the essentials. We mentioned a few important things you should have before going to this place. Trekking shoes, walking pole, head torch, backpack with few food items, water bottle, and chocolates. Apart from this, bring the medical kit with you.

Parking deatils

For easy parking, try to reach before 8 Am. After this, a massive crowd of people visits.

Wahclella Falls hike is famous for its beautiful scenic views and is surrounded by caves and rock, and it is the fall that creates hype among the hikers. The distance is small, and the views are just breathtaking. You can find caves near the bridge, and exploring animals and birds throughout the hike will excite you with real excitement.

You can explore the rocks, Wahclella Falls caves, and the reason still water to paddle in. This is a good spot for a picnic but reach their time to enjoy the waterfall. If you find the parking lot is whole, you can move forward to the tooth rock there; you can get the parking lot for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long is the hike to Wahclella falls?

You can complete this trek in 1 hour 45 minutes.

2. Is it challenging to complete this trek?

This is considered one of the most accessible and moderate levels of trek that can be completed in the least hours.

3. How many people visit this place yearly?

Statistics show that more than 300k to 500k people visit this place yearly.

Final Thoughts

Are you dreaming of visiting a place surrounded by mountains and snow-covered landscapes? The Wahclella waterfall gives mesmerizing views. If you are going for the first trek, Wahclella falls would be your ideal destination. So, pack all your essentials and get ready to explore this hidden, unexplored waterfall.

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