Best places to see sunset in Sedona
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Best Places to See Sunset in Sedona

Sedona homes gigantic red stone structures of Arizona luring tourists from all over the world. The orangish hues of the sunset falling on the red stones create the most breathtaking sunset views leaving unforgettable memories. Here is a list of the best places to see sunset in Sedona to know the ones most accessible to you.

Sedona sunset timing

The desert terrain of Sedona serves as an ideal backdrop for mesmerizing sunsets. Sedona sunset and sunrises make the ultimate hiking expedition for experiencing a dreamy color palate across the natural formation.

But what if you miss because you’re weren’t on time? To keep disappointment at bay, here is a time schedule you will want to maintain depending on the time of the year you visit.

Month Sunrise Time Sunset Time
January 7:35 am 5:25 pm
February 7:25 am 5:55 pm
March 6:55 am 6:20 pm
April 6:14 am 6:50 pm
May 5:35 am 7:15 pm
June 5:15 am 7:35 pm
July 5:15 am 7:45 pm
August 5:35 am 7:30 pm
September 6:00 am 6:50 pm
October 6:20 am 5:50 pm
November 6:45 am 5:30 pm
December 7:15 am 5:15 pm

Anticipating the sun to shine while hiking to capture sunset Sedona is an activity in itself. There are multiple Sedona view trail options that lead you to different experiences.

I would recommend you to keep one hour ahead in time so you can click the best time-lapses or keep your gear ready for the right moment.

Best time to come to Sedona

March, April, and May are the best months to experience sunrises in Sedona, while September, October, November, are the best months for sunset.

July and August are off-season but if you like discounted hotel prices, this is your time to be here.

December, January and February are the coldest months and not favorable to embrace the slanting rays of the sun.

Best places to see sunset in Sedona

Sunset Sedona AZ is for everyone because there are options for both athletic and non-athletic people. If you have kids or your body doesn’t permit you to hike for hours, you can choose easier walks to experience sunset in Sedona.

Here is a list of the best places and how you can go about them:

Airport Mesa sunset

Will you be surprised to know that the Phoenix–Mesa Gateway Airport offers fantastic sunset and sunrise views? Few people are aware of this and it is among the most underrated destinations in Sedona.

But there are people who plan their travel itinerary to land here and soak up the sun. Interestingly, you might also notice ticket prices higher during these hours than at other times during the day. Despite the expensive flight tickets, you should include this place in your list of sunset destinations in Sedona.

To get the most memorable views, visit the vortex which is a site of remarkable magnetic and electrical energy. Spiritualists believe that Sedona’s vortexes emit positive vibes that can smoothen your path to spiritual enlightenment.

Reasons to visit

In addition to the sunset views, a hike along the road will offer you panoramic views of stunning red rock formations. You will be able to spot famous rock formations like Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Courthouse Rock, and Elephant Rock along this picturesque trail.

Cathedral Rock

Feel like going somewhere far from the chaos and the city? Cathedral Rock is a nice place to refuel yourself by uniting with nature. It is among the most-visited tourist spots in Arizona that you can explore with your four-legged companion.

As the difficulty level of the Cathedral Rock hiking trail is moderate, many tourists skip this spot. But the eye-soothing views you get from the top will surpass your expectations.

So, this natural sandstone structure is situated close to Yavapai County and is a must-see place in Sedona for sunset lovers.

How to make the most of your trip?

On your way back, take the Chavez crossing road to check out the Crescent Moon Picnic Site. Park your car and walk down to the famed Oak Creek. If the water level is low, you can take a relaxing stroll and cross the creek. The best time to be there is just before sunset as you can capture lovely shots of Cathedral Rock bathed in the golden rays of the receding sun.

Schnebly Hill Trail

This handpicked list of the best places to see sunset in Sedona will be incomplete without including Schnebly Hill Trail.

Its diverse topography comprises all the best things about Sedona. The desert vista, the sandstone mesas, and the shady trails amidst pine and juniper trees add to the charm of this place.

Since you are a fan of breathtaking sunsets, this place will not disappoint you. The orange sun will play hide and seek behind the towering pine trees.

As you bask in the magical shades of Arizona dusk, you will consider yourself fortunate to be there.

Word of advice

As fun as it sounds, hiking this trail will be hectic as it is 26 km long. The scorching Arizona sun will make walking more challenging for you.

So, if you don’t hike regularly, opting for a guided jeep tour makes more sense. If you still choose to hike, the route is safe you will find many groups of fellow hikers.

The best time to visit

Schnebly Hill Trail is a fantastic place to jog and refuel yourself before you commence your day. Joggers throng this place early morning and you will enjoy the vibe if you manage to wake up early. The journey ends in pine canopies and it is a pet-friendly area.

Bell Rock

The peaceful Village of Oak Creek is on the southern side of Yavapai County. Here you will find spectacular orange canyons.

What makes it a suitable place to watch the best sunset in Sedona is its celestial beauty during the golden hour. When the sun’s rays adorn the gorgeous canyons, they appear unimaginably beautiful.

The rock formations and canyons of the area have formed for millions of years from ocean waters. Doesn’t it blow your mind to learn that Sedona, known for its arid landscape, was once a living, breathing ocean? So, if you are a student of Geography, a visit to this unique place will enrich you immensely.

Best places to see sunset in Sedona

Other reasons to explore Bell Rock

The indigenous people believe that Bell Rock is a spiritual sunset site in Sedona. There are multiple meditation centers and healing shops here. So, you will get to meet yoga and meditation enthusiasts from different parts of the world.

The desert views are so impeccable from Bell Rock that you will fall in love with this place. Bell Rock is worth visiting also because it embodies the geological history of Sedona. If you are visiting with kids, the place provides interesting activities to keep children engaged.

Devil’s Bridge

Looking for a sunset spot in Sedona to spend some quiet time with your bae? We can suggest the most romantic place where you can watch the setting sun with your partner. Devil’s Bridge is a vantage point in Sedona that needs no introduction. This sandstone arch is present in Coconino National Forest, one of North America’s most biodiverse forests.

What’s special about sunsets at Devil’s Bridge?

At an impressive elevation of 4600 feet, the views from the bridge are heavenly. To walk the entire trail, you will require two hours. The Dry Creek Road is only one mile away and the uphill climb is perfect for adventure enthusiasts. But you must be careful and wear good hiking shoes as the surfaces can be slippery.

If photography is one of your areas of interest, then you have another strong reason to visit Devil’s Bridge. Just don’t forget to carry your camera if you wish to click some unforgettable pictures. So, it is undoubtedly among the best places to see sunset in Sedona for nature lovers.


Being an iconic landmark in Sedona, Devil’s Bridge remains crowded throughout the year. Hence, you must start early to avoid the traffic and spend some uninterrupted time in this natural setting.

Red Rock Crossing

A serene swimming spot in the heart of Sedona is Oak Creek, a natural water body. Red Rock Crossing is the place where the creek runs parallel the Cathedral Rock. So, imagine the dramatic sunset views overlooking the river gorge.

To access this crossing, you have to reach Red Rock State Park as that’s where the train starts. The park features numerous lush meadows where you can have a picnic with your family. You can gaze for hours at the way the river water glistens when the sun rays fall upon it.

Vultee Arch

Tired of scrolling through your Instagram and looking at cool travel photos shared by your friends? Then drop all work and head to Vultee Arch, one of the best places to see sunset in Sedona.

The trail runs through 5 miles of uninhabited desert wilderness. It culminates in a place that has a huge rock bridge passing over a picturesque canyon. It is a 50-foot-high natural bridge and is, therefore, a sight to behold. So, reaching the zenith will be time-taking and adventurous. But the moment you are at the top, nature will reward you with soul-satisfying views.

As this place has sparse vegetation, you won’t see any greenery during the hike. But the acacias and desert willows set against the rust-stained limestones are a majestic sight. And if you are in Arizona for the first time, this place has to be on your bucket list.

Advice for first-timers

It’s important to research well before visiting an unknown, especially when you are traveling with children. It helps you plan the trip like a pro and avoid inconveniences. So, here is some advice for you to consider:

If your quest for the perfect sunset takes you to Cathedral Rock or Oak Creek, you must go prepared. Keep in mind that it quickly gets dark soon after the sun sets on the western horizon. So, if the sunset destination you’ve chosen involves hiking to it, you’ll have to return in the dark.

Having a torch in your bag is mandatory to keep accidents at bay. Also, it can be quite chilly after the sun goes down. Hence, carry some warm clothes to feel comfortable.

The sunsets are picture-perfect in Sedona and hiring a local guide is an option. There are several jeep companies that organize sunset tours that include the top sunset spots.

Lastly, most of these sunset spits are in secluded places located on the outskirts of the city. And the arduous hike might make you hungry, dehydrated, and thirsty. So, pack some snacks and sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated and satiate sudden hunger pangs.

Best places to see sunset in Sedona

Final thoughts

Now you know why you cannot wrap up your Arizona trip without watching at least one sunset in Sedona. From canyon hikes to park trails, there are plenty of destinations to bask in the evening sun.

With so many touristy places, it can be confusing for outsiders to pick the best ones. So, we have already narrowed down the names of the places to watch the most enchanting sunsets in and around Sedona.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best view in Sedona?

For the best view of Sedona’s varied landscape, visit its famous sunset spots. Scroll up to have a look at the most attractive Sedona sunset points popular among locals and tourists.

2. What is the most scenic place in Sedona?

Sedona is a place of ethereal beauty and there is no scarcity of charming places. Che Ah Chi, Cathedral Rock, and the Chapel of the Holy Cross are some great places to explore.

3. Which place has the best sunsets?

There are so many amazing places to watch glorious sunsets in Sedona that it’s hard to pick just one. Crescent Moon Ranch, Cathedral Rock, Sedona Airport, and Cultural Park Trailhead are some of the best places to see sunset in Sedona.

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