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Kandy Sri Lanka Places to Visit and Things to Do

Kandy, the erstwhile capital of Sri Lanka, is one of the biggest cities in the country after Colombo. Kandy Sri Lanka is a plateau surrounded by hills and evergreen tree plantations and is the capital of the Central Province.

It has many attractions, including the Sri Dalada Maligawa or the relic of Temple of Tooth. The shrine is one of the sacred places of Buddhists and finds its place in the list of heritage sites of UNESCO.

As per the 2011 census, Kandy Sri Lanka has a population of 1 25,400 staying in an area of 28.53 square kilometers. Apart from tea, the place is also famous for furniture, jewelry, and textiles. Visitors worldwide visit this place for religious, business, and vacation purposes throughout the year. So make your vacation or business trip memorable by visiting the place.

Reaching the best hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka

If you want to visit Kandy Sri Lanka, then the nearest airport is in Colombo, the present-day capital city.

Flights from all over the world touch the airport and are some 150 kilometers from the beautiful place Kandy. Flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and many South Indian cities have regular flights to Colombo.

After reaching the Bandaranaike International Airport, one must travel by road to Kandy Sri Lanka. The road conditions of Sri Lanka are pretty good, and taking a cab from the airport and traveling to the hill town takes around four hours.

If one wants to explore the country more while visiting Kandy Sri Lanka, then catch the Inter-City Express. One can travel by three trains; two from Colombo and one from Badulla.

kandy sri lanka

While wanting to ravel in style, enjoying the beautiful scenario along the path, it is best to book a seat in the observational salons.

The view outside is magnificent, and one can feel the adrenalin gush wiping the fatigue of daily chores of city life. If you are a budget-friendly traveler, reserve a second-class seat or unreserved compartments for the backpackers.

One of the potions of traveling by road is to book a cab from the airport or any place in the country. One can travel availing the air-conditioned buses run by the government or the private owners.

There are frequent bus services from Colombo, and many of them touch the airport to ferry passenger’s en-route to Kandy. Taxi or can service charges are much more expensive than bus or train fares. For travelers in a group, it is best to hire minivans.

Once reaching Kandy by rail or bus, one can take a tuk-tuk (three-wheeler) or hire a scooter. The best way to explore Kandy is to walk across the length and breadth of the city and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Best time to visit and Kandy Sri Lanka weather

Although one can visit Kandy any time of the year to experience the changing scenario of nature, it is best to visit the place during the first week of December and mid-week of April, when the weather in Kandy Sri Lanka is most soothing.

The maximum and the minimum temperatures hover around 18 to 30 degrees centigrade. As the place is almost cloudy throughout the year, it is a bit humid place and the month of March experiences the least humidity. It is breathtaking to watch how the sun and the clouds play hide and seek, painting the sky and flora and fauna in various colors.

Weather Kandy Sri Lanka

Kandy, Sri Lanka weather is wet from May to August. Then, again in September and October, the entire country, including Kandy, experiences the Maha Monsoon, and weather in Kandy Sri Lanka can be extremely wet. However, many people prefer to avoid the place during the monsoon as the weather; Kandy Sri Lanka is quite unpredictable. However, if one wants to enjoy the place to the brim, then the monsoon can be fantastic to visit and enjoy the serenity dancing in the rains.

Staying in the best hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka

There is no shortage of accommodation in Kandy Sri Lanka, and one can stay in any of the best hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka.

One can unfurl their tensions of life; enjoy the food and other amenities staying in these hotels. The Theva Residency in the arms of the Hantana Hills gives a perfect view of the entire city. The night view of the town twinkling with the lights below shows a breathtaking sight.

Again there is the Fox Kandy; a resort above the hills is for experiencing luxury with elegance. Boarders say that the food from the east meets the west in this luxury hotel, and one can enjoy their culinary delights with family, friends, and loved ones by their side.

If one wants to stay in the Aniwatta residential area to experience the life of the local people, then the King’s pavilion should be their accommodation in Kandy Sri Lanka.

With friendly in-house staff, the mouth-watering cuisines, the pool and the garden restaurant overlooking the entire town, the beautiful teak furniture, the colonial-style architecture, and fulfilling the personal requests of the boarders makes it one of the best hotels in the city.

Again the W15 Hantana Estate Kandy is a hidden gem. They have the facilities for jeep, hike, or bike trips accompanied by some of the area’s outstanding naturalists to explain flora and fauna. So one can make their holidays rather exciting and spend the leisure times in complete relaxation and peace of mind.

There are some of the best budget hotels too in the place to accommodate budget-friendly tourists and backpackers.

The Sevana City Hotel is nestled in a stone-throwing distance of the famous heritage and tourist spots. Though it is a budget hotel, it can accommodate guests wanting to experience a luxurious stay in the town.

The owners take special care of their guests, and one can say it is a home away from home. One can feel the warmth of hospitality staying in this hotel.

Kandy has many best hotels to stay in, big or small. One can select the hotels as per their budget and choice and enjoy their vacation in this town surrounded by beautiful hills, the enchanting natural beauty, and visiting the tourist spots in and around the city.

Things to do in Kandy Sri Lanka

Kandy is a happening place with lots of tourist attractions. It may be visiting the ancient Buddhist temple, the nature parks, the elephant rehab center, sipping a hot cup of seating amidst the lush green plantation, and many others. It is time to discuss spending time in this beautiful scenic town.

Visiting Sri Dalada Maligawa

It is also known as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic; it is one of Kandy’s most popular tourist attractions.

Located inside the Royal Place, this holy shrine for people believing in Buddhism has the relic tooth of Gautama Buddha.

People think that the person who can hold the relic can rule the country. UNESCO recognizes the shrine as a world heritage site. So cleanse your inner soul visiting and paying homage to the shrine inside the palace.

The Buddha Statue at Bahiravokanda Vihara

Also known as the Big Buddha amongst the locals, it is a giant Buddha statue height of 88 feet. The statue is atop Bahirawa Kanda hill, and it opened for public viewing in 1992.

One can hire a tuk-tuk and go to the base of the mountain, then have to walk for about 20 minutes. The distance of this place from Kandy Railway station is only 2 kilometers. The view from the top of the hill is breathtaking and mesmerizing.

Udawattekele Sanctuary

It is one of the biggest bio-reserve of Sri Lanka, sprawling over 257 acres of land, and the location is on the hilly terrains of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

It is also known as the Royal Park Palace and became a sanctuary in 1938. If you are a bird watcher, you can view around 80 species of different birds in this sanctuary. In addition, one can see other wild animals like porcupines, wild boars, and troops of monkeys in this forest. The serenity of the sanctuary will refresh the mind and make one energetic like never before.

Kandy View Point

If you are willing to take a breathtaking view of the plateau, visiting the Kandy Viewpoint is necessary. See the entire city from this viewpoint, particularly during dusk, and see how the town glitters.

It is the fifth most visited tourist attraction in Sri Lanka and gives pleasure to the eyes watching the panoramic view of the town from the top. In addition, one can hike to reach the viewpoint and make the journey more exciting.

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

It is a captive breeding ground for elephants and a nursery and an orphanage for the elephants. Visit the place to see how the country cares for the elephant population. See the baby elephants playing with each other or ride on the back of an adult elephant and enjoy some of the most loving moments with your family and kids.

Ceylon Tea Museum

Your visit to Kandy will be incomplete if you do not visit the Ceylon Tea Museum. It is in Hantane at a distance of 3 kilometers from the main city of Kandy.

Know about the history of tea plantations in Kandy, the old methods and machinery adopted for the same, or buying the best quality Sri Lankan tea from the place.

One can view the Knuckles range or the Matale range through a huge telescope installed on the fourth floor. In addition, one can visit the nearby spots like the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens or the Loolecondera tea estate en-route and enjoy the day.

Kandy Lake

The Sea of milk or the Kandy Lake is in the heart of the town and around 6500 square meters in area. Though fishing is not allowed in the lake, a stroll along the banks of the lake with loved ones by the side can make your day romantic.

One can enjoy the flora and fauna, some wild animals, and the giant monitor lizards apart from the big fishes in the lake. It is a perfect place to unfurl the tensions of life, spending some time by the lakeside.

kandy sri lanka

Ashburham Estate

If you are looking for complete serenity with your loved ones by our side, then visit or stay in this estate and taste some of the finest teas produced. The journey to this estate takes about an hour from the main market in Kandy. The natural view of the area is superb and attracts travelers from all over.

 Main Market

If you want to mingle with the locals and know their cultures and habits, come to Main Market. It is a shopper paradise in Kandy.

Sri Lanka is famous for its spices. Buy the tastiest spices or the local handicrafts while mingling with the locals visiting the Main Market.

Many stores and shops sell local handicrafts, spices, gems and jewelry, antique items, and souvenirs to remember the place. Taste the local food while you are roaming in the main market area and feel elated.

Final thoughts

Kandy in Sri Lanka is one of the beautiful places to visit and enjoy your vacation. There are multiple tourist and leisure spots to spend a few days on this plateau and make your holiday memorable. Some of the best hotels in Sri Lanka are in Kandy. You enjoy staying in them while you are in this picturesque city.

The place connects to all parts of the country and many international destinations. Thus, it is worth visiting the town during your Sri Lanka vacation. Kandy should be on your list of priorities while touring Sri Lanka. So pack your bag and be ready to visit Kandy.

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