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Barcelona Beaches and How to Stay Safe During Water Sports

If you love plunging yourself into the waves or lying on the sands to soak under the sun, Barcelona is your ideal choice. It does not boast of one but several beaches that you are bound to enjoy. So, don’t you want to know what are the beaches like in Barcelona? Worry no more! Scroll down, and we will tell you about the exotic Barcelona beaches. We have also come up with six quick tips that will help you stay safe when at the beach!

Best Barcelona Beaches

Barcelona presents in the heart of Spain; its place does not only home to one but several beaches. So, if you wish to plan your trip to Barcelona soon and want some sun kissing your skin, read below! Here is a list of 15 Barcelona beaches that you can visit when in Spain:


Sitges is among the Barcelona beaches that are present 24 miles towards the south. It consists of 17 beaches. The local’s favorite is the Sant Sebastia that is well-serviced, small, and compact. The Sitges is present all over, but the Bassa Rodona is present in the center and consists of features you would expect a beach to have. It has beautiful colorful umbrellas and towels.

Fragata is the favorite for people who loves spending time at the beach playing volleyball and pedal boats. Sitges is a town that has some amazing villas with white walls, flowers blossoming, and cobbled streets.


Nova Icària and Bogatell

Bogatell and Nova Icaria are the neighboring beaches. But they do share the same boundary, hence considered among the Barcelona beaches. If you wish to leave the Barceloneta’s sangria-sellers and sarong, then you can visit these sand stretches. The areas of sands are spacious, and you will see several sports courts. More so, you can enjoy some massages at the Bogatell and Nova Icaria.

Nova Icària and Bogatell

Zona de Banys del Fòrum

Do you hate the sands and yet love the beach? Well, then Zona de Banys del Forum is your go-to! You can experience the perfect amalgamation of outdoor sports, sunshine, and water right here on this beach. You will find a fenced-off area that leads the way into the wakeboarding zone and vast pool. The Zona de Banys del Forum is to visit the Barcelona beaches in May and other summer months. The beach only opens from May till September last week.

barcelona beaches


Barceloneta counts among the Barcelona beaches that are boisterous, loud, and popular. One edge of the beach has a silhouette of W Hotel, and the other end has the starchitect Frank Gehry that is a golden fish sculpture. The beaches compose of exotic waters and white sands. It is not only a beautiful exotic beach, but it is also full of life and when in Barcelona, it is a must to visit.

Barceloneta barcelona beaches

Playa de Les Roques

Catella is present in the north of Barcelona. It possesses two attractions – one is the wide sand beach and the second is the palm-line promenade. If you want some skin tanning and love to take sunbathe, the beach clubs are the best in this place. Once you finish that, move towards the south, where there is a hill with one lighthouse. You can go up the steps and see some extraordinary line of cacti, yellow wildflowers, and pines. The scenic beauty is magical from this place.

Playa de Les Roques

Ocata Playa

To reach Ocata Playa, all you need to do is take a train for about 30 minutes to experience the urban beach. It got a mark of towel territory, and the beach is as flat as ever. It is a favorite for volleyball and rugby players. More so, the fishing line at the Ocata is outstanding.

Ocata Playa


Once you see Castelldefels- one of the Barcelona beaches images, you are bound to want to stay your entire life there. The vast sand stretches are broad and dreamy. Going for a stroll during sunset is mesmerizing and calming. You will find the beach wrapping up a stroke of pale-yellow paint that does fill up even if it’s the peak season. Kite-surfers love this beach and are filled during April. People after their work and on weekends, crowd the Castelldefels beach in Barcelona.


Canet de Mar

Canet de Mar is among the Barcelona beaches that are present 40 km in the northeast. You will find the sands to have clusters of rocks that have been sheltered by fishermen most of the time. The lines have planks like the spike American aloe, sea fennel, and yellow horned-poppy present. As you get closer to the Canet center, you will notice that gritty beach to open to the vast seafront. Here you will see the volleyball nets, basketball hoops, and soccer goalposts replacing the fishing rods. And the backdrop of all these elements is the vast sands.

barcelona beaches

Playa el Morer

Once you look at Playa el Morer – one of the Barcelona beaches images, you are sure to fall in love with this beach. On one side, you will witness the dark blue sea, and on the other, you see a sophisticated curve of beach-side houses. During the summers, you will see the entire beach filled with pastel-bottomed boats and striped beach towels. You will experience a different feeling when in Playa el Morer. That is because even though you will be so close to civilization, you can create your own world. Later, you can go around the town a little more and visit the three Michelin starred restaurant. It has some lively fun and delicious food.

Playa el Morer

Les Casetes del Garraf

Les Casetes del Garraf is placed right below the rail track and at the foot of one national park. You will find Garraf to be a 380 meter long stretch of sand. It has got the picturesque look that has a line of all white huts that go all across the beach. Primitively, fishermen would store their tools in these huts. But now, they are cabanas that have green shutters and roofs with white fences. You can take them on rent right now as well. Several fashion shoots use this beach with the line of huts as their backdrop. You will see the entire space to have a photogenic feel that has drawn the attention of Soho House. They had turned the old hut stay into Little Beach House Barcelona in 2018.

barcelona beaches


To visit the Montgat beach, you need to board a train and go to the Montgat Nord station. Once you reach, you need to take a walk out of the station, and within 30 meters, you will reach the beach. It is a beautiful place if you wish to indulge in activities such as surf-boating, sailing, and paddling on boats – all these things you can do on the Montgat beach.


Gavà Mar

Gava Mar is among the Barcelona beaches that have a wild terrain that is pleasant. It is situated around nine miles from Barcelona towards its south. The sand has a border of grass dunes that are bump size. It is bumpier than the dune-buggy terrain. More so, the line pine trees are placed at a distance. If you love to enjoy some splash in the water, then the Gava Mar is apt. It is wavy and if you wish to boost up your skills, then try visiting the Magic Wave school. It will teach you how to do kitesurfing, catamaran, and windsurfing. Plus, you will get paddleboards and kayaks for rent at reasonable prices.

Gavà Mar
Image Credit: Lucas Fox

Caldes d’Estrac

You can call the Caldes d’Estrac the Caldetes as well. You will notice this beach to be flat, dimpled, and sandy. When you go along the Passeig dels Anglesos, that is elegant. And there are Modernist villas that are beautiful and surround the boughs with pink flowers.

If you wish to visit the Maçanet-Massanes, Blanes, or Calella, you need to board the R1 from Barcelona’s Plaça Catalunya station. And once you reach there visiting the xiringuito bar will be relaxing and enjoyable.

Caldes d'Estrac

Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar is among the Barcelona beaches that are the epicenter of the fishing industry. The boatsheds have a white and blue color, and sailing vessels are present not for show but hard graft.

So, if you want to visit the best beach to relax and enjoy it, then if you are facing the sea, your place is on the right. You will see the sand sweeping around, and then you can walk towards the La Musclera. Some of the bars present that this beach is outstanding.

barcelona beaches

Travel Tips while visiting beaches

Now that you know all the Barcelona beaches let us check out some tips you should keep in mind while visiting the beaches. Here are the following:

Look for warning flags

In different states, you will see several beaches with various colored flags. It is always best to have a word with the beach authorities and lifeguards to be sure what the flag colors imply.

In general, the red flags imply that you need to be careful. It may indicate strong currents and surfs. Many times, it might also mean that the beach is closed.

If you see the yellow flags, it might indicate medium currents and surfs. So, it means that the water might be rough but not extremely dangerous. The green color usually implies everything is calm, and you can proceed. So, it might mean the same in these beaches as well.

Keep yourself informed about the weather

Apart from checking the Barcelona beach maps, you must keep yourself updated with the weather. If you see there is any warning of rain or lightning, then stay away from the beach.

Learn swimming

When you are going to dive into any water body, it is always best to learn the art of swimming. It gives you confidence and reduces the chances of drowning by 88%.

Remember that when you swim in a lake or pool, it is way different from swimming in an ocean. However, if you do not know how to swim, keep your life jacket handy before going to the beach.

Be careful of waves

Waves can be much more dangerous than you might imagine. Studies show that strong waves can lead to broken collarbones, dislocated shoulders, and simple sprains. It might even cause major spinal injuries and organ trauma. So, you should watch out for the waves and keep close to the lifeguards.

Remain sober

It is natural to indulge in drinking while enjoying yourself on the beach. But getting drunk may affect your judgment, increase the chances of heat-linked illnesses, and also dehydrate you. So, it may be tempting to drink and enjoy a few drinks by the beach-side. But always try to stay sober when you are planning to go diving into the sea.

Take skin-protection

When planning to visit the Barcelona beaches or any other beach, always protect your skin. Use a sunscreen lotion to avoid blisters and also reduce the chances of excess melanoma production. Apart from sunscreen, use tents, umbrellas, and hats to keep your skin safe. Most importantly, do not forget to carry your shades along.

Final Thoughts

Always keep the Barcelona beaches maps handy to reach the location quickly and not wander around the city.

It is best to keep in mind that not all beaches are ideal for swimming. So, always see what the instructions suggest and only then plunge yourself into the waves!

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