Things to Do in Vegas During Day for Unforgettable Experiences
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Things to Do in Vegas During Day for Unforgettable Experiences

Las Vegas, a lively place with clubs, casinos, and wild parties, is famous worldwide for its amazing nightlife. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the daytime sleeping in your hotel room. There are plenty of things to do in Vegas during the day to have unlimited fun. In fact, Vegas has so much to offer its visitors that one trip won’t suffice.

Exciting things to do in Vegas during the day

Not sure if a day tour in Vegas will be worthwhile? From incredible restaurants to outdoor adventures – there are innumerable things to do in Vegas during the day.

You can start your day by grabbing something satiating at one of the unique restaurants in the city. If you are a history buff, you can explore some museums.

Here are some other enjoyable experiences for you to make the most out of your short Vegas trip.

Fuel yourself with a sumptuous breakfast at Old Vegas

Irrespective of where you are staying, starting the day with a hearty breakfast is mandatory. It should top your list of things to do during the day in Vegas before planning the sightseeing ventures. Moreover, you will need sufficient energy to conquer the day. What better place to have yummy food than at a café in Old Vegas?

There are many areas north of the Strip where you will get a glimpse of the other side of Vegas. Fremont Street has many good eateries serving refreshing coffee, and wholesome breakfast/ brunch to keep you satiated. If you drank like a fish the night before, your body will crave caffeine.

Go hiking in the spectacular Red Rocks Canyon

There’s more to Las Vegas than its booze parties and strip clubs. If you love outdoor activities, a hike in the Red Rocks Canyon must be on your itinerary. It is one of the favorite outdoor sports for locals, and you will know why. The natural beauty of the place will leave you mesmerized.

Wondering how to reach Red Rocks Canyon? You’ll need a car and finding a rental car in Vegas won’t be a hassle. The place is a brief drive from the center of the city.

It shows how nature is not far away if one requires a break from the Neon glow. Don’t forget to take your hiking shoes for the arduous hike.

Red Rocks Canyon

Roam around the famed Fremont Street

One can never runout of new things to do in Vegas during the day. Fremont Street is a happening place with a plethora of attractions for all types of travelers.

The Downtown Container Park is at the starting point of the street. It contains art galleries, eateries, and boutiques. It also features a spacious courtyard and a children’s park. You can relax there and give some respite to your tired feet.

If you seek some adrenaline rush, the Slotzilla Zipline is an ideal venue for adventure enthusiasts. And whizzing through the air at an indoor ziplining spot must have been on your bucket list.

Street performers and live music shows take place throughout the day at Fremont Street. Wondering how to reach Fremont Street? Public transportation is available every 15 minutes. Go to the Cashman shop and take bus 113 to reach Fremont Street conveniently.

Walk down the vibrant Strip

What is so magical about the Las Vegas Strip that you can’t leave the city without being there? You will observe a lot of things and you must not let go of the opportunity. There’s no denying that the Strip looks ethereal at night with its flashing lights. But remember that the place gets overly crowded post-sunset.

The Strip begins at Las Vegas Boulevard and is 2.5 miles long. So, if you aren’t a night owl, don’t skip walking down the world-famous Strip during the day. Make sure you wear comfy shoes to prevent your feet from getting sore. You can also opt for the Las Vegas Monorail as the day pass is cheap.

Things to Do in Vegas During Day

Explore the exhibits at an ancient museum

Did you know Vegas has several museums where you can spend hours checking out rare exhibits?

The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is one such marvelous place. Full of interesting artefacts, the museum also offers educational classes to tell people about the rich history of Vegas. There’s a kids’ area, making it an ideal place to take your children and nurture their young minds.

If Egyptian history interests you, you won’t feel like leaving this museum. There are many extraordinary displays like a replica of Tutankhamun’s tomb’s grand entrance. You can see King Tut’s sarcophagus and the Golden Shrine. You can even watch how historians rely on the latest technologies to scan mummies.

Check out the art at an outdoor museum

Are you not a fan of the traditional vibe offered by indoor museums? Then visiting the Neon Museum must be on your list of exhilarating things to do in Vegas during the day.

A sprawling courtyard with antiques and artwork is what defines the Neon Museum. It takes only 6 minutes to walk to the museum from the Mormon Fort.

Why should you visit the Neon Museum? You can learn how Las Vegas emerged as a top tourist destination. The “Welcome to Las Vegas” neon sight present here has existed since the 1930s. So, make sure you pose in front of it to get some cool pics for your Instagram wall.

Revive yourself with a relaxing spa

What’s a vacation without a revitalizing spa session? And what better location to enjoy a spa day than at Las Vegas.

The spas here offer an outrageous number of facilities and amenities that you’ll hardly find anywhere else. Booking a spa will also give you access to the hotel’s snow room, gym, sauna, pool, and steam room.

Most of the reputed hotels have beautifully designed spas to match their unique themes. So, get rid of a stubborn hangover by relaxing in warm and bubbly water in a huge tub?

Why is it among the top things to do in las Vegas during the day? That’s because spa treatment is much needed after a night of partying.

Connect with nature at Bellagio

Bellagio has a botanical garden and a conservatory, a place of eye-soothing greenery. The conservatory has so many varieties of plants and flowers that your jaws will drop.

Every season, the Engineering and Horticulture teams transform the garden into a heaven of enchanting scents, colors, sights, and sounds.

The Bellagio Fountain is again among the most touristy places in Vegas. You can order some appetizers and cocktails and watch the Fountain Show. It is a perfect activity for people going to Vegas with their families.

Ride the iconic High Roller

Imagine yourself soaring 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip and enjoying panoramic views of the city. The High Roller is North America’s most popular observation wheel and the world’s second largest. You will be awestruck to witness the most stunning sights from this giant wheel.

High Roller has 28 luxurious and safe pods to accommodate tourists and completes one spin in 30 minutes. You can walk around, get 360-degree views, and seize the opportunity to make new friends. You are going to remember this one-of-a-kind ride for a lifetime.

Take an intimate gondola ride with bae

Venetian Resort offers outdoor and indoor boat rides on pretty gondolas. Taking this romantic ride is among the best things to do in Vegas during the day with your paramour. An expert gondolier will take you on a joyous ride down the canals.

While most couples prefer a moonlit gondola ride, you can do it during the day. The opening time is 10 am and you are also free to explore the hotel’s extravagant shops.

gondola ride

Click photos in front of the Eiffel Tower

Did you know that Las Vegas has its version of the Eiffel Tower? A prominent landmark of Sin City, the Eiffel Tower is a fine specimen of architectural excellence. You will get the most stunning views of the bustling city. So, visiting Vegas’s Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck is one of the stimulating things to do in vegas during the day.

You can buy a ticket in advance to avoid standing in a queue. Your ticket will include access to the viewing deck in the daytime, an elevator ride to the top of the tower, and photo opportunities.

End your day with a night show

You will look forward to some rest after having such an eventful day in the world’s entertainment capital. But it’s just the evening and therefore, too early to return to your hotel room. So, seeing a thought-provoking night show is the best way to culminate a fabulous day.

Looking for kid-friendly shows to keep your children occupied? The resorts and hotels host all kinds of performances for people of different age groups. If you are with friends or your partner, hitting up a nightclub is a great idea. The drinking, dancing, and the young crowd will make you feel the most alive.

How many days should you spend in Vegas?

If you are a party animal, you can’t have enough of Vegas on one visit. You will crave more even if you stay there for a week. There is no dearth of things for guys to do in Vegas during the day and after sunset.

So, it depends on what you want to do when in Vegas and if you’d like to take things slow. A 4/5-day trip offers ample time to do some partying and gambling and see the major tourist sites.

Which is a favorable season to plan a Vegas trip?

Summers in Vegas are crowded, expensive, and unbearably hot. To have a wonderful trip, you should avoid the summer months. To explore the city comfortably, book your tickets to Vegas during the Fall or Spring. The weather will be pleasant, and Vegas won’t be insanely crowded.

Picturesque places around Vegas you cannot afford to miss

If you’ve got more time, spending at least a day outside the city makes sense. The casino-ridden area is surrounded by beautiful places you’ll fall in love with. Curious to know more about the best day trips to take from Vegas?

Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon are known for their breathtaking beauty. Valley of Fire State Park attractive place for families. The Emerald Cave provides kayaking opportunities to globetrotters.

Only 150 miles from Vegas is the Zion National Park in Utah. It has hanging gardens, waterfalls, and springs. The Virgin River with its tributaries increases Zion’s heavenly charm. People from around the globe visit this park to see the famous Navajo sandstone cliff, 2,000 feet tall. The best conditions to climb the cliff are between March and September, and you should plan your trip accordingly.

Final thoughts

So, there is no place like Las Vegas, and it has something special for every traveler. It has kitschy casinos, high-end games, opulent hotels, stunning women, and rejuvenating spa treatments. Save this list for the next time you are in Sin City. With so many fun things to do in Vegas during the day, you wouldn’t feel like returning home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it worth going to Vegas for a day?

There are a lot of things to do in vegas during the day if you feel like escaping the glamor and glitz. You can walk around, have a delectable brunch at a well-known restaurant, and book a gondola ride.

2. Is Vegas better at night or day?

Las Vegas can be breathtakingly beautiful when the dazzling night lights illuminate the whole city. But you will find abundant things to do in Sin City during the day as well.

3. Are there any afternoon shows in Las Vegas

Spending your afternoon in Vegas won’t be difficult whether you are alone or with someone. You can watch engrossing comedy shows, concerts, music events, and magic shows.

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