Things to Do in Payson Az This Weekend

Things to Do in Payson Az This Weekend

Planning your next weekend trip to spend quality time with your near and dear ones? There are tons of thrilling things to do in Payson AZ this weekend.

Check these out before making power-packed itinerary. Located in the northern part of Gila County, Payson Arizona offers breathtaking views, amazing sunsets, and much more. This hill town is situated around 1,500 meters above the sea-level.

Apart from its picturesque views, Payson is famous for hosting exciting and fun events. So, there are tons of things to do in Payson, AZ to plan a weekend getaway.

List of things to do in Payson AZ this weekend

Go to Payson to escape the crowd and spend time amid greenery. From exploring the Mogollon Rim to hiking to fishing; you name the thing, and you can do it in Payson.

Tourists can also explore the local history and participate in fun activities like mud running, bull riding, etc. Here is a list to keep handy so you don’t miss out on anything.

Spend a Day Exploring Mogollon Rim

Nature lovers should definitely consider giving the Mogollon Rim a try. It is a part of the Colorado Plateau, and the core section features rock formations made of limestone and sandstone.

You can experience breathtaking views ranging from the deserts to the pine forest. You can also have a picnic with your family to spend quality bonding time.

There are tons of outdoor activities as well for adventure lovers. From hiking to hunting and rock climbing to a long drive, you are spoilt for options in Payson.

Learn about local history

Are you a history enthusiast trying to figure out the things to do in Payson AZ this weekend? You can plan visiting the Rim Country Museum and Zane Grey Cabin.

The museum can serve an educational purpose. It offers a glimpse of the early days of Arizona and tells the history of its white settlers.

There is a separate section dedicated to renowned author Zane Grey. Mr. Grey is famous for his novels and stories filled with adventures.

Go on a Fishing Trip

If you love fishing, consider going on a fishing-spree during your visit. It should be on your list as is one of the thrilling experiences to have in Payson AZ.

Payson is perfect to get fresh catch. The area is filled with lakes, streams, and rivers filled with numerous fish species. From native trout to an abundance of non-native game fishes, the variety is endless.

Catching a large fish and making fresh BBQ while watching the sun set will definitely create memories to cherish forever.

Enjoy the Hot Springs

Winter is just around the corner. You should definitely consider visiting Verde Hot Springs to spend some rejuvenating time. The route can indeed be challenging. However, it will be worth every bit when you reach the destination.

Don’t forget to carry towels, a pair of flip-flops, and definitely some snacks and water. It is essential to carry these things as you might not find services providing such facilities.

Spend a Day at Green Valley Park

Looking for a place inside the town for fun things to do in Payson AZ? You should definitely spend a day at the Green Valley Park.

The location is easily accessible, and entry here is free. The park was set up in 1996 and it covers around 43 acres of area. There are three lakes and a huge open space including a playground.

Tourists can spend a leisurely day here. You can go on long walks, experience beautiful sunsets, or try fishing, kayaking, etc.

During summer, the park hosts concerts and live musical events. So, the visitors have access to endless entertainment. Since entry is free, this is the perfect place to be during that time.

Consider a trip to Payson Farmers Market

Ever since this Payson Farmers Market was set up in 2009, this place has been identified as a spot for community gatherings.

Here, you can meet the local inhabitants and have access to fresh veggies, fruits, dairy products, honey, jam, etc. Bakery products such as pastries are available to introduce your tastebuds to local desserts.

Local artists artists often perform here to lighten the mood and enjoy within the community. So, visitors coming to Payson should definitely give this place a try for shopping, fun, and cultural exploration. The market remains open every Saturday during the warmer months starting from May to September.

Learn History at Deming Pioneer Park

History lovers should consider visiting Deming Pioneer Park to learn about the pioneers’ history. For around 15 years, this place has been preserving the rich heritage of Payson AZ.

There are multiple displays throughout the park offering a peek into different aspects of Payson’s history. So, this park is the perfect spot for those who want to connect with the forefathers of this region.

The visitors can also have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the park. History lovers must consider a trip to this park as one of the things to do in Payson AZ this weekend.

Visit Willow Springs Lake

Located at Mogollon Rim, Willow Springs Lake is known for its picturesque view.  Because of its location, the temperature is always low at the lake even during the summer months.

The distance is perfect for a day trip from Payson. From hiking to having a picnic by the beautiful lake, there are numerous ways to spend the day.

Apart from these, adventures like boating, kayaking, or relaxing activities like fishing are all available here.

Things to Do in Payson Az This Weekend

Fossil Hunting at Naco Paleo Site

Every science lover would want to explore Naco Formation that preserves fossils from Pennsylvanian subperiod, which was roughly 23.2 million to 298.9 million years ago.

The site is of geological interest, like many other places in Arizona and homes fossils of extinct lifeform. Limestones dating back to millions of year make way for your full day adventure at this spot.

Explore Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery to learn Fishing

Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery is the perfect destination to learn everything about fishing if you haven’t pick up this skill yet.

The place is ideal for a group of friends or family who want to learning fishing. Children will be thrilled to have the opportunity to feed fishes and catch some too.

Explore Candles at Payson Candle Factory

Shopping lovers must include exploring Payson Candle Factory as one of the things to do in Payson AZ this weekend.

The place offers a variety of candles, from handmade to traditional ones. This is the ideal destination if you want to collect candles as gifts on your way back.

The visitors can also have their candles customized as per their choice.

Shop Antiqiues

Shopping enthusiasts can consider spending some time looking for antiques. There are shops in the town offering a huge collection of the relics of bygone times.

Rare pieces like photographs, furniture, books, and jewelry from the days of the past can be found in the town. You can spend some quality time picking out some of these unique antiques.

Mazatzal Mountains

Mountain lovers should not miss the chance to explore the vast wilderness of the majestic Mazatzal Mountains.

The highest peak of these mountains is around 8,000 feet above sea level. Apart from the breathtaking views, these mountains are also known to host diverse wildlife.

Birds of numerous species, deer, mountain lions, bears, coyotes etc. can be located in this area.

In fact, to preserve the varied wildlife, Mazatzal Wilderness Area was set up back in 1940.

So, mountain lovers and those who have a knack for adventure can consider this under the things to do in Payson AZ this weekend.

Take up hiking through Railroad Tunnel Trail

The incomplete making of the proposed rail line in Payson has now become a part of history.

Back in the 1880s, this railroad was planned to ensure access across the area throughout the year.

The aim was to link Globe, Arizona with Flagstaff. Unfortunately, the project could never be completed because of multiple complications.

However, it is still open and it is keeping the past alive. So, if you are looking for something different to do in Payson, this is your pick. Hiking through this silent witness of history should definitely make your list.

Battle of Big Dry Wash and its Monument

This monument recalls the battle between the U.S. Army troops and White Mountain Apache Warriors.

This battle is especially famous for the surprise element. Even though the Warriors planned for a surprise attack, the soldiers came to know about this. They immediately initiated a counter-attack.

Due to this, the Apache Warriors had no option but to fight conventionally. As a tragic outcome of this battle, the Apache Warrior died.

So, if you are interested in the local history of Payson, you should consider visiting this monument. Experiencing this place should be one of the things to do in Payson AZ this weekend.

Horseback Riding at Kohls Ranch Stable

If you are looking for fun things to do in Payson AZ this weekend, then horseback riding at Kohls Ranch Stable.

This place can help you learn the basics of horseback riding. If you already have an expertise, you can visit for some fun time riding horses.

Trail rides at the Stable remain open between May and October. However, weekends can be a little busy and a little crowded.

Apart from the simple fun of riding a horse, you can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You can spot various types of birds, or deer during your ride. So, this is surely one of the top 20 things to do in Payson, AZ.

Play Golf

Among the numerous fun things that you can explore in Payson, playing a round of Golf is definitely one.

Explore the Payson Golf Course to spend some quality time with your friends and family members.

Final thoughts

Payson never disappoints its visitors. This beautiful hill town is known for its breathtaking views and its mesmerizing hiking trails.

There are lots of options for adventure and recreational activities. The town is also famous for its year-long fun activities.

Visitors will never go out of things to explore in Payson. While there are lots of options for adventure, these are definitely the top picks.

If you have decided on this hill town as your next destination, you should consider these things to do in Payson AZ this weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Payson Arizona known for?

Payson is known for lively festival events throughout the year. It includes the World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo and Old Tom Fiddlers Contest

2. How cold does Payson get?

During December every year, the temperature falls to the lowest in Payson. It continues till the end of January.

Winter nights in Payson can be pretty cold with the temperature dropping to the 20°s. It can be lower than that also. Rain and snowfall can accompany the cold months.

3. Is Payson in an Indian reservation?

The Reservation in Payson is Arizona’s most small-scale land-based Reservation. It is adjoining the town and the Tonto Apache Tribe lives there.

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