Takhlakh Lake Campground, Overview, Activities, and When to Visit

Takhlakh Lake Campground, Overview, Activities, and When to Visit

Looking for a beautiful place where you can spend some outdoor time with your favorite people? Takhlakh Lake Campground is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and hikers from all over the world.

Where is it situated, how to visit, and what kind of activities can you enjoy here? When is the weather most favorable to have a memorable day-outing at this place? Here’s your guide to camping by the Takhlakh Lake and having an unforgettable experience.

An overview of the campground

Situated in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Takhlakh Lake Campground is along the shoreline of the mesmerizing Takhlakh Lake. Surrounded by huckleberry bushes and towering coniferous trees, the campground loop looks ethereal. The presence of Mount Adams with its awe-inspiring height of 12,000 feet adds to the charm of the place.

The word Takhlakh has been derived from the American term ‘takh’, which stands for ‘meadows’ according to the indigenous population. Flowers grow in plenty in this area and thus Takh Takh Meadows has got its name.

The elevation of the campground is 4,430 feet and it remains most crowded between July and September. It has 44 sites that visitors can reserve and the number of walk-in tent sites is 10. There are several facilities for guests like garbage service, pit toilets, etc.

Another additional facility is that the whole area is wheelchair-accessible. They also provide picnic tables where you can savor the delectable food you make.

Note: You will not find potable water anywhere in the campground. So, make sure you bring sufficient drinking water for your entire group. Some people carry potable water purifiers to purify the water of the lake and make it drinkable.

Takhlakh Lake Campground

Recreational activities at Takhlakh Lake Campground

Takhlakh Lake Campground is primarily a picnic spot that attracts people from near and far. Other than having food while inhaling pollution-free air, there are many thrilling things you can do here.


The picturesque location surrounding the campground gives wanderers ample opportunities to discover hidden trails. So, irrespective of who you are vacationing with, reach there early so that you can hike for a few hours.

The trail circles Mount Adams and the longer you hike, the more rewarding views you’ll get. You will also meet fellow hikers on the way and end up making some new friends.


There is a plethora of exciting activities for the visitors at the campground and swimming is one of them. Moreover, how can you bid adieu to such a dreamy place without admiring the beauty of the lake to the fullest?

The undisturbed water of the lake and the pleasant ambience makes it a fabulous venue for leisurely boating. So, spend the afternoon paddling around as the sun kisses your face and the wind plays with your hair. Note that boating is not permitted after the sun goes down.


There are many lakes and streams here and trout fishing is one of the most fulfilling activities. If you are good at fishing, you can catch brown trout, cutthroat trout, and eastern brook trout.

When it comes to fishing, there is no restriction in any season. Although the lake is open for fishing throughout the year, the lake becomes inaccessible in summer.


Wild swimming is increasingly becoming popular as a sport as it isn’t just fun but also improves overall well-being. And if you are looking for a safe place to take a dip, Takhlakh Lake should be your destination. The captivating views of the place will make swimming a more pleasurable experience.

Swimming in the cold water of Takhlakh Lake with the warm sun caressing your back will be great for your body. The water is always pretty cold and therefore, wait for the sun to come out.

You should also keep in mind that the crystal-clear water of this stunning lake is deep. Hence, avoid venturing away from the shoreline if you aren’t an experienced swimmer. If your swimming skills aren’t that great, stick to boating.

Wildlife watching

Many visitors have spotted black bears that reside in the dense forests surrounding the lake. If you are lucky, you may spot one during your visit.

There is no reason to be scared as they have never caused any trouble to the people exploring the campground. However, you should not try exploring the wilderness in the dark.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing is an adrenaline-boosting activity but climbing Mt. Adams will be no easy feat. So, if that’s your plan, carry hiking shoes with a good grip. For the experience to be enjoyable and safe, don’t climb when there’s snow. Another thing that you must remember is that walking down the mountain will be more difficult than going uphill.


Who doesn’t dream of chilling by a blue lake against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains? The glittering water, the cool breeze, and the picture-perfect landscapes of the area will tempt you to click pictures. And if photography is your thing, Takhlakh Lake Campground WA has to be on your bucket list.

So, now you know why this place is so ideal for people of all age groups. It can be a romantic getaway for couples who want to take a break from their monotonous life. A solo traveler can spend some relaxing time here and connect with nature.

You can even take your kids to the campground and they won’t stop thanking you. While you watch a glorious sunset, they can take pictures of rare plants and flowers for their biology project.

Is the campground pet-friendly?

Need more reasons to spend the next weekend with your pals at Takhlakh Lake? If you are a pet owner, you won’t have to leave your beloved dog or cat alone at home. Your four-legged friend can accompany you and be your hiking companion.

How to reach Takhlakh Lake?

Takhakh Lake is a majestic lake located 11.7 km/ 7.3 miles northwest of the iconic Mt. Adams in Washington. It is in Shamania County, a place known for its profound natural beauty. You can access this summer destination via Road 5601 if you travel from Trout Lake.

If you wish to drive to the campground from White Salmon, it will take less than 2 hours. From Portland, you need to start early as the drive will be of nearly 3 hours.

The best time to visit

The campground is present at a high altitude and so, summer is the peak season to be there. As the area is vast, whenever you visit, you will get the quietude you seek. In winter, the cold can be unbearable in the remote location where you won’t get proper accommodation.

Moreover, the roads leading to the site are not that well-maintained in the winter season. December and January are the two months that experience heavy snowfall. So, other than harsh weather conditions, you also won’t be able to reach the lake or participate in activities if there’s snowfall.

Therefore, it will be wise to avoid planning your day trip between November and February. The temperature drops quickly after sunset, making the nights blistery cold. So, even if you are visiting in summer, take some warm clothes.

Is advance booking necessary?

Are you going to Takhlakh Lake Campground with your family or a group of friends? Then it will be disappointing if you don’t get a good spot with great views. So, reserve your preferred campsite beforehand to avoid inconveniences.

You can reserve online but make sure you check if it’s refundable or non-refundable. Not sure which site will offer the most eye-soothing views of Mt. Adams? You can have a look at the Takhlakh Lake campground map to get some idea.

Parting Thoughts

Panoramic views, a wide diversity of wildlife and wildflowers, fun-filled activities, and solitude are only a few of the many things that attract people to Takhlakh Lake Campground.

If you have enough time, you can also explore some nearby lakes like Horseshoe Lake and Olallie Lake. You will also find the sparkling Langfield Falls on this route.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the elevation of Takhlakh Lake Campground?

4,430 feet is the elevation of Takhlakh Lake Campground, a well-shaded picnic spot. It is present beside its namesake lake and at the base of the famous Mt. Adams. So, the views in every direction are equally bewitching.

2. Where is Takhlakh Lake?

Takhlakh Lake is a natural lake located 7.3 miles northwest of the grand Mouth Adams. Numerous unnamed creeks that originate in the Takh Takh meadows supply water to the lake.

3. How do you pronounce Takhlakh Lake?

Before visiting Takhlakh Lake, the first thing every tourist should know is how to pronounce it correctly. The pronunciation of the word Takhlakh is quite interesting. The locals call it TOCK-lock.

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