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8 Must-Bring Items to Take on Your Trekking Adventure

Going on your trekking adventure is always an exciting endeavor and has plenty of benefits for you. Aside from the obvious physical benefits, Your Trekking Adventure also has mental benefits like improving your mood and outlook in life.

Given all the advantages of being an avid trekker, it’s no wonder that a lot of people are into this activity.

If you’re one of the many people who have found trekking a worthwhile activity to try out, then you should know about which items are a must-have. After all, although trekking is a fun activity, it requires quite a bit of prep work for it to go smoothly.

Aside from your hiking boots and your trekking poles that help assist you during the trek, here are other must-have items that you should pack with you while on Your Trekking Adventure.

1. Whistle

There are certain items that you bring with you because it will help you during emergencies. One of the more unexpected things that you should have while trekking is a whistle.

Having a whistle strapped around your neck ensures that you don’t lose it and that you can use it during emergencies.

Whistles are a great way to help people find you should you end up lost during one of your trekking expeditions. Plus, it’s not as tiring as having to yell into the wilderness to find people who can help you.

Blowing three short whistles out will let people know that you’re in trouble somewhere or that you require assistance.

2. Map

Whether you know the hiking trail intimately or not, you should still ensure that you have all your navigational tools with you.

A map and a compass are critical essentials for your trekking equipment. In case you find yourself lost, you can use the map and compass as a guide to get yourself back on track.

Make sure that you get one of those maps that are waterproof in case you need to navigate when it’s raining. Don’t rely on the GPS technology on your phone because it might run out of batteries.

Even if you do rely on your phone’s GPS, you should still bring a physical map and compass with you to be safe for accuracy.

3. Water bottle

If there’s one thing you should have ample supply for your trek, it should be your drinking water. Therefore, you should have a considerable water bottle or multiple water bottles with you.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t bring those plastic water bottles and throw them along the hiking trail. Instead, get one of the refillable water bottles.

If you do end up taking plastic water bottles with you, have the courtesy and the presence of mind not to throw them in nature. When you’re hiking, you should learn the value of life and how to take care of it.

4. Snacks

You should also make sure that you bring some snacks with you during your trek. Ideally, you should have snacks that you don’t need to cook or has minimal-to-no prep time to consume.

A sandwich could work. However, taking out a sandwich when it is raining and you are walking from one site to the next probably will not.

Protein bars are a great snack to bring with you because they do not require preparation, and you can eat them while on the go. Although you can certainly bring food that you have to cook with you, you should still maintain an ample supply of fuss-free meal.

5. Medicines

If you are taking any medications, you should bring those with you. Aside from that, medicines for common illnesses are also vital when you are trekking.

That said, you should have your medicine stored inside the first aid kit that you should also bring with you.

6. Sun protection

When you’re trekking, there’s no guarantee that you will be under the shade at all times. Therefore, you should have find ways on how you can protect yourself from the harsh sunlight.

A baseball cap is good, as well as some sunglasses to protect from the glare.

Applying sunscreen is also essential to protect your skin from sun damage. Make sure that you also keep yourself hydrated while trekking.

7. Firestarters

If you have the survival skill to start a fire with only things readily available in nature, then that is a useful skill when you’re trekking.

However, you should have a little help to make starting a fire easier. Thus, you should have fire starters readily available.

8. Headlamp

Having a light source is crucial when you’re trekking.

There are things you need to take care of while camping during the evenings. So having a headlamp is great because it’s hands-free and gives enough light to light your way.

A high-quality headlamp will also last long and has brighter light.

When you’re packing for your next trekking adventure, make sure that you include these eight items in your list. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere wishing you had the forethought to bring them. So it’s important that you plan.

Being prepared and having everything that you need is what’s going to make your trek a more enjoyable time while still feeling like you’re having the adventure of your life.

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