Champoeg State Park for Heritage Trail and Camping
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Champoeg State Park for Heritage Trail and Camping

Champoeg State Park features a great combination of nature, recreation, and history. This site is the first place where a recorded vote set Oregon’s first provision in 1843.

It is on the southern bank of the beautiful Willamette River, with fields, champoeg’s acre of forest, and wetland that recreate the past’s landscape.

Visit the Newell house, pioneer mothers’ log cabin museums, and the park’s visitor center to discover the pioneer life and well-being at Champoeg.

Champoeg state park

If you want to go out with your family for a short adventurous trip, then Champoeg state park is perfect. It has many places to visit, and you can see a spark of history here. You can also visit the 1860s garden next to the visitor center.

You can also visit the Historical Butteville store and many other places; history claims it is the oldest operating store. Make sure that you don’t see this place in winter as it remains close, and you can visit it by five as it opens at that time and make a reservation for dinner and live music.

Visitors can’t take metal detectors and drones inside as the Champoeg state heritage lies on the part of the national register of historical and old places.

You can go for a bike ride or walk on the trails that leave historical landmark and hugs the river tight. Relax at the beautiful scenic picnic spot; you can also play 18 hole golf course under the tree or go fishing.

You can experience many new and exciting adventurous things in this place. This place won’t stop attracting you with its beauty.

This place is also the home of more than 140 bird species, including seasonal western bluebird and woodpecker.

Champoeg State Park
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Champoeg campground

We all know that Champoeg state is on the southern side of the Willamette River, Portland. This place includes a lot of fields, wetlands, and forests.

Visitors enjoy visiting the garden, historical sites, and hiking. Reports claim that it has in total 81 well-spaced campsites.

Full hook-ups are available at eight locations, whereas water and electric hook-ups are available at 67 sites.

Six other camps fall under tent and walk-in sites. Champoeg state park camping can be very adventurous for the one who wants to start a career in camping and hiking.

It usually takes a drive an hour from Portland and half an hr drive from Salem. The park recreation management further broke down the campsite into two loops.

Loop A is open from April to October, and loop B is always available. It has no particular time. Both coils have a washroom, flushing toilet, running water, shower, and firewood.

Camping at Champeog state park Oregon is one of the most popular things that almost every kind of person prefers doing in the summer months. You would love to see the yellow-leaf oak tree.

Champoeg campground full information

  • Location- 7 miles east of Newberg
  • Elevation- 200ft
  • Nearby cities- Salem 25 miles, Portland 28 miles
  • Season date- it is open all the season
  • Person visit per site- 8 people

Operated by Oregon state recreation and park

  • Reservation- You must reserve from the 1st day up to 10 months before your arrival date.
  • Vehicle size- It usually has no restriction
  • Fees- Full hook-up site $30-$35 per night, tent sites- $19, yurts- $45 to $59
  • Campsite- Campfire ring, partial and complete hook up available, picnic table
  • Campground- Piped water, program area, and flush toilet
  • Attractions- Tour a historical building, attends the evening campfire program, hike the trails, and many more.

Champoeg group tent campsite

In general, champoeg campground provides 3 group tent sites. Each place can accommodate up to 30 people and six vehicles. A small amount is payable for additional cars.

The group sites are available only from May to October. You can get permission for a maximum of 3 R.V.s. Each site has a large fire pit, electric outlet, and picnic table.

If you are thinking of taking a break from your work, then no other place can be as good as champoeg state park camping.

Image Credit: Flickr

Group R.V. loop

This site can accommodate up to 20 vehicles and 100 people. This place has 16 paved areas, 5 of which have electric hook-up.

There are altogether 14 picnic tables, and you can also go tent camping. You can also book the adjacent meeting hall. You need to pay $10 for every extra vehicle staying at night.

Champoeg campground cabin and yurts

This site offers six yurts with electric heating. You can’t smoke or cook in yurts, some of the yurts also allows a pet, and the rest don’t.

You will have to arrange your bedding. The state park yurts are standard in Oregon Park, and Yurts include two chairs, a table, a locking door, and a porch.

This place is the best for camping only when the weather is crummy. They also do have electricity so you can charge your phone, etc.

This campground has in total six cabins available. In addition, the cabin has electric lighting and heating in them to gain visitors’ attention.

The house also carries a bunk bed and futon. You will also have to bring your bedding. Cabins don’t offer any R.V. or camping trailers. These cabins are pet friendly, so you can carry them if you have a pet. You can’t smoke inside the premises. There are fire ring and a picnic table nearby.

Champeog disc golf

Hubs often visit this place to play disc golf. The pitch is flat, and it doesn’t have many obstacles. This site is popular among casual players, families, and severe disc golfers. Before you start playing, make sure you are very well aware of the rules and regulations.

  • Don’t move around holes
  • If you are a slow or big group, allow the faster, smaller group to play through.
  • Be cautious while you are playing so that your disc doesn’t hit anyone or you don’t get hit by someone else’s disc.

Famous river at champeog state park

The beauty Willamette River flows from south to north throughout the year in this part of the state. You can catch the river further in Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Champoeg Park. There is a small dock inside the park, primarily for those who visit this place for relaxation. For further information, you can search for a map of champeog state park.

Oregon historical sites

Everything has fallen apart, but you can still gather much information about early Oregon’s history at champeog state park Oregon.

The state park falls under the national register of unique and historical places. The visitor center will be the proper place to start the journey, and it shares information about the settlement and the land’s principal owner, the Kalapuya tribe.

You can visit the Newell pioneer village close to the park. This place shows the life of the 19th century. Visitors can tour this place only from March to October, which costs between $3 and $6. People associated with the army can visit this place for free.

Image Credit: Flickr

Fun things to do at Champoeg State Park

Hiking- this place is best for hiking. The 1-mile trail touches the riverbank and takes you to the historic townsite.

Fishing- you can only enjoy fishing at the dock if you have a license.

Things To Know About This Place

Before you visit this place, there are certain things that you need to know so that you don’t fall in trouble after reaching the place.

  • Pets are allowed inside but can only be kept on a leash
  • You can’t swim here. The bank is steep, and the river current is swift, so don’t jump into the water
  • Metal detectors and drones are not allowed
  • There are some places where you can’t click a picture
  • Ice and firewood are available for sale

Champoeg Campground Rules And Regulations

  • Visitors and campers can light the campfire only in the given fire ring
  • You will have to purchase the firewood inside the park, and you can’t collect it
  • People riding bicycles below the age of 16 must have a helmet for safety
  • It would help if you keep your pet within yourself
  • Keep your belongings within yourself, don’t throw stuff here and there

Champoeg State Part Oregon Attraction And Activities

  • Go for a tour to watch the wildlife and visit the place to see different species of birds
  • Visit the champoeg center with a museum store and historical exhibit
  • Go for a trip to the Manson barn and farmstead, the pioneer memorial pavilion monument, and the newell pioneer village
  • Go and play a golf match at Charbonneau golf club
  • Take them to the family fun center if you are with your family.

Things you need to carry for camping

We all know nothing is more soothing than leaving work and going into nature. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the forest or mountain, camping is a great way to explore and enjoy.

It can be challenging for many people. We have listed certain things you need to carry to make your camping journey easy:

  • Carry a map of champeog state park, so you don’t get lost
  • Keep fresh food and take cold water
  • First aid kit for emergency use

More places to camp in Portland

If you want to add more places to add to your camping itinerary, consider these:

1. Milo Mclver state park

It is at a distance of 45 minutes from Portland. This state park sits right below the Clackamas river. This site is also very famous because, in 1970, many hippies came to this place. It is an excellent place for kayaking, rafting, fishing, etc.

2. Ainsworth state park

The seasonal campground opens from March till October. You can visit this place after visiting the Champeog state park, and you need to keep a champeog state park map to save maximum time and utilize those timing in enjoying.

3. L. Stub Stewart state park

This place is now a playground for cyclists, hikers, horse riders, etc. You can get this place at Oregon’s coast range, and the government gave this park the name Loren Lasell’s after a person who used to serve on the state park and recreation.

Apart from all these, there are many other places where you can visit. Before planning a trip, make a short list of places to visit in Portland and Champeog state park.

Frequently asked questions (FAQSs)

1. Can We Swim In The River?

This river is mainly for riding boats, so this river is not for swimming.

2. What Is The Perfect Time To Visit This Place?

There is no specific time to visit this place, and you can go and relax there with your family or friends anytime you feel like it.

3. Is It A Good Place For Camping?

It is one of the best places for camping, and you can have so much fun there. There are many places to visit, games to play, and more. This site is perfect for relaxation.

4. Is There Any Scope Of An Accident?

This place is safe, and you can also take your kids to visit this place. Be careful while playing golf, as the ball can come and hit you anytime.

Final thoughts

If you are considering going to an excellent site to start your first camping journey, then champoeg state park is perfect for you. Professionals say that this place is easy to hike, and the possibility of an accident is negligible.

One can take his family along with him as this place is safe and is full of exciting places. You can be able to see a rare combination of nature’s beauty and a flowing river. Make sure you take a travel guide with you to know the sudden events that can occur during the camping.

Professionals suggest you take a copy of the champoeg state park map so that you don’t have difficulty finding the place and spot. If you visit this place for the first time, you will have a great experience.

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