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Stay stylish forever: 7 men’s accessories that will never go out of style

Butter to toast, sauce to steak, and fuel to a car, this is what accessories are to men’s style.
Fashion accessories are essential even for men because they add value to their personality.
In simple words, a fashion makeover is incomplete without accessories like a wallet or a belt. These items develop the tones of your personality and make your mark on other people you meet. Read on to find seven accessories that will help you stay stylish forever.

Sometimes it can be challenging to take a leap of faith and make the first accessory part of your wardrobe. There is a world of possibilities waiting at your fingertips and so many options in each store. Before you pick the right accessory, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I want to stand out with my accessories or look laid-back and cool?
  2. How much can I spend on an accessory? (most of them are a one-time purchase, so you can stretch that budget)
  3. What is my lifestyle like, and how can an accessory complement it?

When you answer these questions, you will have a clear idea of the kind of accessory that suits you. To keep you in a safe domain, we will mention items here that are timeless. Most accessory items are already lying in your wardrobe and need a freshening. Check out this list of men’s accessory items that will stay stylish forever:


Belts are like a wardrobe staple for men and almost a necessity in an outfit. However, most men take this accessory for granted and make do with a worn-out belt for years.

Signs of a worn-out belt include chipping, discoloration, and wrinkles on the belt. Since the belt ‘puts together’ your outfit, it must be an accessory that works well yet looks classy.

We suggest that you invest in a leather belt, and pick a color that goes with most outfits. You can also invest in two belts to go with casual and formal outfits. There are reversible belts available in the market as well, which will solve your problems with one purchase. Black or brown belts with tones of golden or copper on the buckle complement any clothing items.

A Leather Wallet

A billfold wallet accessory will stay stylish forever after all these years. Billfold wallets have become ingrained in most of our lives because they are everywhere.

How you can turn your wallet accessory to stay stylish forever is the real catch. A leather wallet is a perfect accomplice that will remain by your side even on days when you are running low on cash- because it looks like a million bucks!

Some men take their wallets seriously and get their initials embossed on the front, which is another power move. This move also means that once bought, the wallet is bound to be with you for a lifetime, despite change in its contents. The key here is to pay attention to the basics.


Believe it or not, sunglasses can make or break your personality in a second. Just like a pair of whiteboxer briefs keep you feeling comfortable on a long day, sunnies protect your eyes and look any given day. If we mention some brilliant uses of sunglasses as a go-to accessory, here is what it will be:

  • Sunglasses are flattering
  • Sunglasses hide dark circles and tired eyes
  • Make you look like a movie star or fashion icon

The market’s popular styles keep changing over the years, but a good pair of sunglasses never go out of trend. They would become vintage, but never old-fashioned. Aviators, Wayfarers, or Clubmasters, choose a pair that suits your face the most and enjoy the multitude of benefits offered by this powerful accessory that will stay stylish forever.


A cap is not everyone’s preferred accessory, but it does not change the fact that caps look really impressive. Caps have the ability to transform you from a regular office-goer to a sports player who just got off the field. Baseball caps have become more ingrained in men’s fashion because of their subtle messaging and style points. For many men, a cap is also convenient because it saves time doing your hair. Having a bad hair day? Take out your NY Yankees cap and hit the town!


If you think that ties are only for formal occasions, your world is about to change. Ties can easily make it to a casual setting without looking too severe. Set aside the silk ties for business meetings, and let’s talk about the rest.

We suggest that you experiment with textures and patterns for a casual outfit. Then there are wool knit ties that are an exciting accessory that sparks up a conversation and lets you have fun with your look and stay stylish forever.

Classy Watch

Out of all other accessories, a watch truly never goes out of fashion. Some people inherit the watches of their great-grandfathers and cherish the pieces for generations. Watchmakers also understand the significance of their products; that’s why a watch is a one-time purchase accessory. There are gold watches, which scream: I am important! Then there are stainless steel watches that look like they mean business.

Stainless steel watches are good to wear with a formal outfit as well as a pair of chinos and a Tee. Carefully purchased watches seldom go out of order. When you are wearing something as fashionable as a steel watch, you would always want to tell the time.

Another competitor has entered the watch world, and for the past few years, we are dealing with the issue of smartwatches. Yes, smartwatches are the best bet for someone who wants to look trendy. But will a smartwatch be passed down for generations? Probably not. Smartwatches will not look fashionable year after year because companies upgrade their tech every few months. These watches have many features and feasibilities to offer, so the choice is yours as per your style requirement.


Just like a woman’s wardrobe is empty without heels, men’s wardrobe needs a pair of good cufflinks. Cufflinks can make an otherwise gorgeous look cheap and immature. Therefore, your choice of cufflinks must reside somewhere in silver or other important metals.

Silver is a good choice because it suits all outfits and never ruins a look. It is the most minor detail on your clothes, but people with taste will recognize it at once.

People like to outdo their look with bejeweled cufflinks, but that should be something for every individual to decide.

Smooth tones do not take your eyes away from the outfit like sparkly jewels. Yet, both pieces will label you as someone who knows their fashion. You can pass on your beloved cufflinks to the next generation if you haven’t inherited a nice piece from your father already.

Last word

If you were among the group of men who think fashion accessories are a waste of money, we hope we changed your mind. Now is the time to think again and consider making that purchase. With so many sales and discounts offered nowadays, we guarantee that you can own a classy accessory without breaking your bank. Try these key accessories and wait for them to transform your image.

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