Late Night Dessert Singapore

Where to Eat Late Night Dessert Singapore

Are you looking for late night dessert Singapore but need help figuring out where to go? I have you covered! Singapore is a pot of melting cultures that has a variety of Malay, Peranakan, Chinese, and Indian food. This beautiful small city has a tapestry of delicious food choices with unique flavors.

The culinary diversity is vast, and if you love to eat and live to eat, this is definitely where you should be. Singapore is also known as Merlion city because of its famous Merlion figurine. If you want to taste the culture, you should try their traditional desserts.

If you are a sweet tooth and live in Singapore, this article has a list of desserts and cafes you should definitely plan to go to this weekend. Again, if you are a tourist, experience the culture by hopping into these cafes and giving yourself guilty pleasure.

The best thing Singapore has is amazing nightlife to experience. The people of Singapore are so warm and welcoming that you feel safe even when you’re roaming around late at night.

Singapore is a city of every kind. Starting from the kids and their grandparents. Everyone can have their type of amusement in Singapore. Singapore is here to satiate all your demands and wishes if you are a nocturnal person. The late night dessert Singapore café options have variety and diversity with each option.

Moreover, every meal can be complete with a soul-filling dessert! If you are a sweet tooth, Singapore has many varieties to calm your senses. Singapore will never disappoint you with cakes, pastries, tarts, ice cream, pancakes, and waffles. So, it is time to fulfill your wishes at the oddest hours.

Late night dessert Singapore

As you are reading this, you are someone who can never stay away from your sugar dose. In this article, you will be enlightened about the must-try cafes and desserts of Singapore.

Some of the famous Singaporean sweet treats are as follows:


This local favorite is a must-try if you are in Singapore. Chendol is made of shaved ice, coconut milk, adzuki beans, palm sugar, traditionally called gula melaka, and green rice jelly. This dessert has a mesmerizing fragrance which makes it the local favorite.

Pulut Hitam

This traditional dessert of Singapore was initially called bubur pulut hitam meaning porridge made of black rice. This dessert is mostly served with coconut milk which gives a sweet fragrance and taste. Along with being a dessert, this also has fantastic nutritional value. If you are conscious about your calories this dessert is definitely for you.

Late Night Dessert Singapore

Cheng Teng

Now Cheng Teng has ingredients that are used to make Chinese medicines. It is a dessert soup with lotus seeds, ginkgo nuts, white fungus, longans, and red dates. You can have this dessert in hot and cold variants. Go ahead and try this medicinal dessert as per your preference.

Sugee Cake

This is a dessert made from semolina flour. The name originated from the Indian word ‘Sugee,’ meaning semolina flour. This a main ingredient for which is a Eurasian dessert. Sugee cake gives a lovely rich texture to the cake accompanied by a buttery taste.

Cha Cha

This dessert has a vibrant look made with cubes of tapioca jelly. This Peranakan dessert is a mixture of coconut milk, jelly, and sweet potato.

Tanjong Pagar dessert option

Tanjong Pagar is a rich district located in Singapore’s Central Business district. Duxton Hill and Craig Road have several bars with global restaurants.

The famous Maxwell Food Centre has been Singapore’s heart for its variety of street foods. Chicken rice and noodles are something you should definitely try.

North Tanjong Pagar is known as Little Korea for its authentic Korean eateries and grocery stores. Some of the hippest cafes are also found in Everton Park.

The food center of Tanjong Pagar is also known for desserts and cafes.

Below is a list of cafes that can serve you some of the town’s best desserts in Tanjong Pagar:

Champion Bolo Bun

This café serves the best Bolo buns in Singapore. They are all freshly made and you will eat them the moment you get them. They are so tempting that you cannot control your taste palate. These buns are fluffy as cotton, which makes them melt in your mouth with the perfect sweetness.

Ice creams of Roji Monster

This café is famous for its monster desserts. Along with their crazy varieties of monstrous ice creams, the café will give you a feeling of Japanese teahouses. The best part is their traditional local and Japanese toppings like Rice dumplings and Hojicha Jelly/Red Bean/Matcha Jelly/Honey Osmanthus/Mini Dorayaki,/Gem Biscuits are some of the favorites.

Cake Spade

This is the heaven of pastries. Their strawberry cheesecake is a must-try. Fresh strawberries and jellies are something worth trying. Mississippi S’mores, Lychee Rose, and Red velvet are some of the best sellers here.

The list of cafes at Tanjong Pagar is never-ending. However, the above 3 are the most loved ones you try hopping in.

List of cafes for late night dessert Singapore

Whenever you need an extra dosage of sugar, there are a few must-try dessert spots open for your late-night cravings. The below list will help you cater to your desires for late night dessert Singapore edition:

Yatkayan Dessert

This place offers you desserts till 11 pm at the night on weekends. Their Signature desserts are Walnut Paste Black Sesame, Almond Cream, Barley and almond Beancurd, Almond and Black Sesame, Ice Cream with fresh mango, and Chendol.

Tian Wang

This dessert café is open past midnight until 3 AM around the week. The best-sellers are Durian Mousse, Durian Sago, Durian Cha Cha, Mango Sago, Coconut Milk with Mango Ice, Barley Nut Ginkgo, Lotus Seeds with Red Bean, Honeydew Popping, and Peach Gum.

Sweet Hut

This café has different corners, which makes its name worthy. A golden cage, floral backdrop, and tatami area with seats in the shape of Rubik’s cube and rolling dice. Desserts like Durian Sago, Durian Mousses, Honeydew Sago, and Bird’s Nest are some of the must-haves.

Ah Chew

This is Singapore’s famous dessert shop. It is open till midnight, and you can enjoy some of their signature desserts like mango Sago and Pomelo, Red Bean, Durian Sago, Hashima Red Soup, and Almond with papaya and white fungus. These desserts can be consumed in two versions, the original and the one with icing for the sweeter version. There are many versions of this dessert, depending on the choice of ingredients.

Sweet Thoughts

This café is open until 11 PM on weekends and till 10 PM for the rest of the week. The chef here is known for creating different captivating desserts. The menu here lists cold and hot desserts to choose from.

Best all-time favorite cafés of Singapore

Singapore has been famous for its multicultural areas, which offer international dining with diverse nightlife amuse.

Even if you are full, desserts can always make room for themselves. Isn’t it true? There’s always space for desserts. So, in Singapore, you should always take advantage of the list below of lip-smacking cafes.

Whether you want to treat yourself with cakes, cupcakes, cookies, cruffins, or even donuts, Singapore cafes have it all.

Durian Bakery

This bakery has a fantastic variety of goodies that are durian-infused. All these desserts are freshly baked and hand-crafted. The signature dessert is the Mao Shan puree, which promises the creamiest flavor because of its unique baking process. The special dessert box is one of the craziest things that the bakery offers. This box has 8 big Mao Shan puffs, a Mao Shan mousse, and 6 D24 mochis.


This café has a blend of the French and Japanese worlds. Flor pastries are the most authentic pastries you can even get with all-natural ingredients. These are light and soft, which gives a perfect end to your meal. The most classic of Flor is the strawberry shortcake, which you should never miss.

Mr. Holmes

This shop has been the inventor of cruffin. A cruffin is the most delicious mixture of muffin and croissant. Their cruffins are the flakiest and puffy, which makes them the best in town. These are cream-piped, sugar-dusted in flavors like Irish cream, German chocolate, bacon jam, sticky buns, danishes, and stuffed donuts.

Sunday Folks

The Sunday Folks has some amazing desserts that are Insta-worthy. The most iconic dessert of this place is its ice cream, which comes in various flavors like lychee, raspberry, and so much more. You can also choose to have them with waffles and your favorite toppings.

Late Night Dessert Singapore

Late night dessert Singapore cuisine at home

If you are a sweet lover, the hunger pangs late at night might be problematic sometimes. How about making some easy late night dessert Singapore style? Singapore has always been top regarding desserts, but it’s only sometimes possible to get them.

Being at home might bring out the creative side of you. Hence let’s find out the below easy Singaporean dessert that you can make at home:

Singaporean jelly

These are the most famous dessert of Singapore that you can find almost everywhere on the Island. There are a variety of jellies that you can make at home without a lot of hassle.

All these yummy delights take about 30 minutes to make. Osmanthus, Chinese plum, and coconut sui are some famous jellies that can be made at home.

Ice cream Sandwich

his is a staple Singaporean snack that is the easiest to have at home. These make these in a jiffy. All you need is your favorite flavor of ice cream and biscuits. These make the tastiest dessert in Singapore that requires the least effort.

Ice kachang

This dessert is one the most refreshing desserts you can enjoy at home. You can ask them to make these desserts as per ingredients you choose. However, the most commonly used ingredient for this dessert are jellies, red beans, shaved ice, palm seeds, condensed milk, and food coloring. You can put all your ingredients in a cup and top it up with shaved ice and condensed milk. You can ask them to add food color as you like to have it.

Mango Pudding

Being the most loved fruit, mango pudding is a famous Cantonese dessert. They usually use gelatin powder to make it. These are the most bouncy and wobbly desserts to calm your late night cravings.

Late Night Dessert Singapore

Nightlife in Singapore

With so much about desserts and everything to cater to late-night cravings, let’s also check out some fantastic things you can do in Singapore.

Singapore has many cocktail bars, artisan coffee shops, and boutique beer cafes. It has some unexplored gems you need to explore.

Some of the fantastic places to enjoy the nightlife are as below:

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is located along the Singapore river. This place has some fantastic clubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants. To be fair, it is the heart of the beautiful city. It shows starry nights with excellent live music.

Bay Sands

This is one of the most lively destinations for party animals. If you want to enjoy the nightlife to its fullest this should be at the top of your list. The sky-high view is breathtaking, which makes it a great option.

Sentosa Bars

Sentosa island has some fantastic bars to offer. Siloso and Tanjong beach is the destination for partygoers. Long palm trees with white sand give an exotic nightlife experience.

China Town

Club Street of China Town can give you the diverse effect of nightlife in Singapore. It has an eclectic mixture of budget and crowd. China Town has some amazing bars that can cost you much less than any other bars in Singapore.


If you are still hungry after a fun night, Geylang is the place where you can enjoy the local food in a vibrant, colorful environment. Geylang is a red light area in Singapore.

Final thoughts

If you are in Singapore or planning to go, you should definitely hop into some of the best cafes. These will have the best desserts, diverse cuisines, bars, and everything in between.

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