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Egypt Tours Packages- Check out the great packages with the best discounts!


A big attraction for tourists from all around the globe, Egypt has its own beauty. Egypt tours packages will help you explore the best of Egypt with great discounts. From numerous tombs to beautiful temples, you will get much to see. And, the Nile river is considered to be a marvellous part of this country. Moreover, surfing, diving, and sailing will add more fun once you visit Egypt. While talking about the cities, Cairo, Giza, Azwan, and Luxor are the most captivating cities to explore. Alexandria, also an Egyptian city, attracts many travellers. There is much more to know about these cities and how to explore Egypt with great tour packages. We have come up with the best websites that offer you numerous packages to travel Egypt. Firstly, we’ll know a little bit more about the fascinating cities of Egypt. Here we go!

Exploring Egypt

Before getting into the details of the Egypt tours packages, look at the country you are going to visit. The historical treasures, sparkling water, beautiful temples and tombs, and many more things add charm to this lovely country. There is everything for all types of visitors, whether history lovers, beach lovers, archaeology fans etc. We have mentioned all the attractive destinations you can include in your Egypt tours packages. 


History lovers are going to love this destination. This Egyptian city is famous for its history several centuries back. It has numerous places to visit. That includes, Egyptian museum to look at Royal mummies and the renowned bazaar Khan Al Khalili. The museums in Egypt have a great collection that makes them different from museums all around the world. The bazaar Khan Al Khalili has so many different things to buy like toy camels, semi-precious stones, soap powder and much more. Various other destinations to visit in Cairo are the Museum of Islamic Art, the Al Azhar museum, and the Coptic museum that you will get in your package. 


This third-largest city of Egypt catches the visitors’ attention as it is the most remarkable landmark in Egypt. The geometrical shape of the Pyramids of Giza has its own significance. The world-famous Great Sphinx of Giza, a limestone statue of a mythical creature, can also be a part of your tour. 


This Egyptian city is situated on the banks of the River Nile. Travellers from all around the globe come to enjoy the sparkling water of the River Nile. And, this charming town will add many beautiful photographs to your gallery. Many significant archaeological sites you will get to see in this city and one of them is Philae temple. Moreover, camel rides, the sunset scene and many more things are there to entertain you. This mesmerizing place will definitely make your tour memorable with many beautiful moments. 


Another city of Egypt, Luxor, will give you pleasure with its elegance. It offers many temples and tombs to visit, which will keep you busy during your trip to this city. Luxor is famous for some of its best destinations, such as Karnak Temple, the Valley of Kings, the Memorial Temple of Hatshepsut, and more. Choosing the package that includes a visit to Luxor will add memories to your journey. 

When to visit Egypt?

This question may arise when you are planning a visit to Egypt. So, here is the answer. October to April is known to be the best time to schedule your tour to Egypt. Best suited weather in these months can be the reason to travel to this beautiful country. Thus, while planning a tour to Egypt, keeping this in mind will benefit you. Once you are done with the Egypt tour, definitely you will be revisiting this exotic country. 

4 websites with the best Egypt tour packages

Egypt Tours Portal

This website provides the best of the Egypt tours packages that anyone wishes to get. It offers you 10 packages from which you can avail anyone according to your preference. Also, the prices are very reasonable that include the top transportation and stays. 


Makemytrip is one of the best websites to get Egypt tours packages with some great discounts. It offers you 18 packages, with prices starting from $ 436, which is quite affordable. From regular budget packages to luxury packages, this website offers you both. You can book your package through this website and get the best deals and discounts. 


Thomascook provides you with 5 great packages. For example, ‘Discover Egypt’ is a package that offers you buy 1 get 1 free. With great deals, you will get to visit the most famous destinations of Egypt. That includes Pyramids, Sahara Desert, Wildlife Safaris, Monuments and much more. 


Yatra can also be an option to book packages to Egypt. It offers free cancellation, zero rescheduling charges, flexible packages, sanitized stay and transportation. In addition, starting from $443, it provides affordable packages. 

The four packages it provides are:

  • Simply Egypt – Cairo city
  • Highlights of Egypt
  • Classic Egypt
  • Jewels of Egypt

Travel triangle

This website offers you 17 tour packages, which are more than sufficient. You can avail any one of them. Starting from a 6 nights and 7 days package for $670, the price reaches to $2670 for a 13 days and 12 nights package. 

Thus, these were some of the best websites to book a tour package to Egypt. 

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