Do You Know About the Rights and Duties of a Limo Chauffeur?

Do You Know About the Rights and Duties of a Limo Chauffeur?

Most of us think that we got travel dialed in. But with every other ride, you get to learn new things. Life offers your new experiences and that makes life worth living.

Riding in a limo is one of the most amazing experiences for a lot of people. You can the best out of a limo ride if you know about these basic rights and duties of a limo chauffeur.

The vehicle itself is designed to provide a separate compartment to the chauffeur so it makes sense to delve into other rights of a driver. You have to be careful about these rights and duties either you are hiring airport limousine services or a party bus.

Moreover, when you are paying a good sum of money to enjoy the luxurious ride, you should know what to expect. It is the right time to erase another common misconception here.

A lot of people still think that a limo is just for the super-rich people such as celebrities, politicians and business tycoons. The truth is a bit different. You can easily find limo services at pretty affordable rates.

Let us look at some brief details.

Duties of A Limo Chauffeur

1. Vehicle Maintenance

Limo chauffeur must bring you the vehicle in the best of its shape. They are responsible for their maintenance. They check all the necessary elements of a limo.

The fuel tank should have enough fuel so that passenger does not have to wait for unnecessary minutes. Tires should be full.

2. Cleanliness Check

Other than the maintenance, a driver is supposed to bring a clean vehicle to your doorstep. Every quality chauffeur service carries a cleanliness check to ensure the comfort of the passengers.

A competent driver understands the importance of keeping a limo neat and pristine so the checks are quite stringent.

3. Pick and Drop

When you are traveling with a limo service, you don’t need to worry about getting to the vehicle. The chauffeurs are informed about your pickup location. They will reach your doorstep to take you to your destination.

They will open the doors for you while you sit in the luxury car. When you have reached the destination, wait for the chauffeur to open the door for you.

4. Safe Driving

Every competent chauffeur keeps the safety of its clients as a priority. They have undergone vigorous training sessions to provide the safest rides. They are familiar with the popular local attractions and destinations.

A chauffeur is trained to reach destinations within the provided time frames so you don’t need to worry about missing a flight or important meeting. Chauffeurs are familiar with the recent changes in the traffic laws of the area.

5. Courteous Conduct

A very important part of a chauffeur’s job is courteous conduct. Reliable customer service duties can make a difference between the average and the best limo service.

The driver is there to help you with the heavy luggage. If a passenger needs wheelchair assistance, they can provide help. If you don’t know how to use anything in the limo, you can always count on the drivers for answers.

Duties of A Limo Passenger

1. Respect the Driver

The job of a limo chauffeur is not an easy one. They have to work with tough schedules and risk their lives being on road. Various studies have confirmed that limo drivers are at the highest risk of theft and robberies as they travel with higher-income clients.

Make sure that you pay due respect to the driver. Do not direct them to over-speed or break any other traffic laws.

2. Keep the Vehicle Clean

You have to keep the vehicle clean, even more than your car. While you enjoy and have the fun of your life in the limo, make sure you don’t inflict any damage to the vehicle. It is easy to get carried away in the fun but it can cost you a lot of money.

3. Tip the Driver

Giving and receiving a generous tip is your duty and chauffeurs right. Make sure to ask about any rules and regulations about the tip from the service providing company. The generally recommended tip for your chauffeur is 20% of the vehicle rental price.

4. Do Not Smoke in The Car

Smoking in a limo is an absolute no-no. Don’t use drugs. Discuss the policies about wine and beverages with the company before you book a ride.

5. Keep the Noise Down

You should have a blast in a limo by all means but be considerate of your safety. You have to keep the noise down so that the chauffeur doesn’t get disturbed. Too much noise can result in a premature halt to your party night. Have fun!

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