Idea after COVID-19

Travel around the World – A New Idea after COVID-19

Travel around the world has always been a passion for almost every human being for years. The word tourism was known as a hobby, a time pass, a need, a satisfaction, a plan, and, most importantly, a boon. Travelers were known as some of the happiest people on this planet. Holidaymakers taking all their time to record every memory about a trip sound like a dream now. The era of travel lovers and bloggers sharing their experiences with everyone has taken a pause. With the outspread of the Coronavirus pandemic, every aspect of human lives is changing. All the most and least possible industries are facing challenges since COVID-19 entered the globe. 2020 may be known as a dramatic year in history, scaring people with nothing but thin air. Just like every other industry, travel is one of the most affected ones. Since the worldwide lockdown, tourism is fighting for survival behind the locks and for Idea after COVID-19. Social distancing is not resolving for an unknown time. While the eCommerce industry is changing its plans as per the new future, travel commerce will also shift to a unique travel style.

Travel around the World after Quarantine

As per the predictions and discussions, the vaccine for COVID-19 is still unknown to the healthcare firms. It may be until then, that people will not be traveling like before. Nonetheless, tourism has never been known as just a passion. It is much more than a hobby and a vacation. Business travel is among one of the crucial aspects the world needs.

For this reason and many others, travel will set back. But, it will have an alteration that is still under plans and predictions. Among some of the most common discussions about tourism and travel around the world, you may agree to these.

The Rise of Online Duty-Free Shops

You may be one of those who give high importance to brick-and-mortar stores yet; concepts will change soon. The crisis in the shopping industry is impossible to overcome at this point. However, soon the eCommerce industry will switch to its next stage, and people will likely adapt to it. It may take years for humans to support the old ways of living.

The urge for discount and voucher codes by every brand is going to increase during a travel plan. While many airports may understand the call of a duty-free store, operations there will evolve. Early booking and social distancing will be the priority of shoppers. Those who are not familiar with eCommerce purchasing will have no other option rather than embracing it.

Pre-ordering from online travel retail stores may be a new trend to set. People believe that digital shopping portals on flights will become popular, and duty-free trolleys will not return.

The Length of Immigration Queues

One of the most annoying aspects of tourism and airports is the long immigration queue. People wish to land into a flight without commuting directly. However, it was days back before the hit of the pandemic on the planet. Since the spread of the novel Coronavirus, countries like China, Singapore, and South Korea are already dealing with it differently.

According to these countries, they are at the peak of this pandemic outbreak. While the maximum risk revolves around imported cases of the virus, medical screening is a vital part nowadays. You may be unaware of the Korean procedures in the airports.

The country is restricting passengers from the USA and Europe to isolate for fifteen days regardless of the COVID-19 test resulting in positive or negative. Individuals who lack a permanent residence are directly being transferred to an isolation chamber for this duration. Henceforth, this trend will grow in the travel industry.

You may find long queues for immigration even after lockdown ends in Europe and the USA. Along with the heat cameras, travelers may require to go under a swab test and wait for the result before proceeding.

Passports Will Not Be Enough

It is possible that countries may not risk their borders by placing any tests at the airport. Especially in the case you are traveling from an outbreak zone. Travelers may require a certificate of immunity, including your medical details stating that you are recovered from any virus.

If possible, the vaccine comes in existence soon; you may also require a vaccination certificate before you travel around the world. If you have also watched the movie Contagion during this quarantine, you may know its wristbands. It is almost possible that passengers will require them to travel.

Another aspect of this tourism trend also means that business travel will also be a defined activity, including a definite purpose. Companies may need to restrict the number of employees traveling abroad while keeping their records and considering it as an economic activity only. You may also be able to get temporary passports with lengthy documentation.

Travel Will Rely On Automation

The idea of travel around the world may revive on the basis of rising technologies. Along with electronic passports, medical screening, robotic cleaning, and heat-sensing, there is much more to Artificial Intelligence that will take place. 

The era of touch screen and one-tap technology may rise to the next level in the travel industry majorly. You will be experiencing contactless accessibility with medical professionals. Also, the push and pull confusion on the doors will drift away with more automated doors that work on sensors alone. 

Biometrics will be getting popular with payment counters entertaining gesture and eye movement only. You will find robots operational with UV lights, sanitizing surfaces at every point. The artificially intelligent systems are going to become flawless in the near future with all such requirements.

More about Travel around the World

You may not be able to travel around the world for the upcoming years in the future. The fear of COVID-19 will not leave the minds of people for a very long time. While society will be scared of sick people, everything may settle back very slowly. Henceforth, you need to stay positive for everything but be prepared for the future of travel!

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