Best place to visit in January
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Best Place to Visit in January 2021: Book Your Tickets Now

Are you looking forward to taking a quick trip in the last week of the first month in 2021? Do you want to know which is the best place to visit in January? Well, here are some of the ideal areas to book your flights to and enjoy the beginning of the year with fun and excitement.

Best place to visit in January

As we move to the last week of January, let us check out some of the interesting places to visit:


While most people want to come to Goa during New Years’, it is insanely expensive. Goa experiences peak time during the end of every year, so to cut down on budget, it is best to come during January.

Goa is a paradise for beach lovers due to a blend of Indian ethnicity with a Portuguese vibe. From delicious food to pristine beaches, Goa has something to offer every visitor. From warm sunshine to laidback lifestyles, there is a lot to expect. Moreover, when looking for warm places to visit in January in India, you would want to keep Goa an option.

People traveling from the north might want to avoid freezing weather and snow fall and rather be here. Enjoy the care-free lifestyle as you visit places like Arambol, Palolem, and Anjuna.



Some people in India wait for colder months and drive closer to nature. If you are one of them, you must visit Zanskar in Jammu. Explore the adventures of Chadar Trek for a daunting experience of the Himalayas. You will cross breathtaking trails filled with thick snow and reach a lake that is completely frozen.

Going close to the Himalayas during winters is not a task for the faint-hearted. It comes with a level of difficulty but gives you memories of a lifetime. Make sure you visit places like the Phuktal monastery, Patnitop, Panikhar, Zongkhul, and Drang Drung glacier.

Best place to visit in January


Darjeeling is a hill station nestled in the northern side of West Bengal. It is called the Queen of the Hills and attracts tourists from all across the country. People who want to experience the beauty of mountains on a budget must get here. It is suitable for everyone who wants to experience cold but not the snowy freeze.

From riding a Toy Train to exploring the area to indulge in the rich culture and heritage, there is a lot to do here. Don’t forget to treat yourself to amazing pork dumplings and get to the Batasia Loop.

The main attraction in Darjeeling is the shopping area known as Mall and dining at places like Keventers or Glenary’s.



For people abroad, the first place to visit in India is Rajasthan. It exhibits the rich heritage of the country and reflects what makes the country fascinating. If you have a short time to travel, you can pick Jaisalmer out of the lot that includes Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, and more.

Jaisalmer offers a wide variety of what the state exhibits as a whole. It locates on the northwestern side of the state and is called the golden city due to the dunes and palaces made of sandstone.

Jaisalmer is filled with lagoons and places of worship. But what tourists find most attractive is the number of Havelis. Havelis are castles that were once inhabited by rulers or influential people. Many of these places have now been turned into hotels to give you a royal experience.

Jaisalmer is definitely the best place to visit in January as the temperature is bearable for most. People who wish to avoid extreme hot climates will love Rajasthan during the winter months.  Don’t forget to take back handicrafts as souvenirs and eat authentic vegetarian curries for lunch.



People who live in the cities of South India often want to travel to the nearest hill station. Coorg is the best place to visit in January for people looking for budget trips in the South.

You wake to the smell of coffee while enjoying the scenic beauty of the misty hills. You then want to dwell in the hill station’s luxury while exploring the history and tasting scrumptious meals.

Coorg locates along the western ghats and is famous for its coffee production. It offers jaw-dropping scenic beauty and rich culture.

You might find an interest in mingling with the locals and know more about how the Kodavas specialize in martial arts. You will also love the hospitality and want to explore more by indulging in the culture of the Madikeri Fort.

Don’t miss out on clicking pictures at the Abbey falls or keep away from spicy curries. End your meals with the warmth of handmade truffles as you buy lovely souvenirs to take back home.

Best place to visit in January


Delhi is the capital city of India, and many things attract people to get here. People coming from abroad might land here and want to take a day or two off to visit the charm of Old Delhi. From amazing street food to shopping hubs, Delhi has much to offer. You might try out on Mughlai delicacies when you come to Old Delhi while visiting ancient architectural beauty.



Kutch is a fascinating part of India as it comprises the upper half of Gujarat. Looking for the best place to visit in January? Don’t miss out on the beauty of Kutch! Moreover, Gujarat and Rajasthan are close to each other, allowing you to plan trips to Jaisalmer and Kutch together.

The white desert is one of the main reasons to come to Kutch. Apart from this, you will explore historical buildings, forts, and much more.  Kutch is not all about barren land; it has an abundance of flora and fauna too. From migratory birds flocking into the place to a humongous growth of shrubs, Kutch is famous for it all.



If you ever wanted to visit the southern state of Kerala, one major attraction would be the backwaters. Kerala is one of the hottest states of India; needless to say, that it is the best place to visit in January.

If you have to choose one place within the state, it has to be Munnar. From the calm haven of boathouses to the glaze of the lighthouse beach, from exciting Keralite recipes to intriguing places to explore – you can’t have enough of Kerala.

January is the time when the monsoon departs in fills the place with greenery. It would help if you planned your itinerary to fit in the amazing trio of Munnar-Alleppey-Thekkady when coming here. We guarantee an experience of a lifetime, which will want you to come back here again.



Hyderabad represents the Mecca of India – the holiest place for Muslim communities. Amidst the hustle-bustle, there is a lot to explore here. We have added this under the list of the best place to visit in January as it offers pleasant weather. You will experience a moderate climate, making it neither too hot nor too cold.

Hyderabad has plenty of attractions like the Madina, Golconda Fort, Charminar, Ramoji film city, Mecca Masjid, Hussain Sagar lake, etc. Don’t forget to taste some of the best kebabs and other Mughlai starters, and then get into a debate about the best biriyanis in the world.



The state of Meghalaya receives a fascinating amount of rainfall throughout the year. The capital city of Shillong is the most commonplace of attraction for tourists. If you want to drive a little away from city life, you could come to Dawki. The place carries beads of mist amidst fluttering leaves. It is a unique place to start the quest for peace.

North Eastern regions in India are some of the most unexplored. People who have already seen many northern, eastern, and southern places must embark on a journey to the northeast. When coming to Shillong, you will want to get to the Dawki Umngot river, Cherrapunji, Elephant falls, Barapani, and Nohkalikai falls.

Best place to visit in January


We have to add Pondicherry to the list of the best place to visit in January as you’d find favorable weather down south. The charm of this Union Territory is unlike any other place in India.

While Goa has Portuguese traits, Pondicherry has French traits due to the colonial era. Pondicherry is also referred to as the French Riviera of the East.

It locates at the boundaries of Tamil Nadu state in the south. You will be amazed to see yellow-colored villas, pretty cafés, lovely boutiques, and lots of colonial architecture when coming here.

Pondicherry draws in people from all over the world due to spiritual reasons. Many flocks in here to visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram and to spend time in Auroville. Pondicherry also has a famous Basilica.

Make sure you try clay modeling, kayaking, go for a heritage walk, and stay on a houseboat when coming here.

Pondicherry tourist place


You will love to visit Sikkim because due to its beauty, cold, food, and warmth of the locals. When coming here, don’t miss out on spending a day or two at Pelling.

Pelling locates in West Sikkim and stays snow-covered during January. It offers up-close views of Kanchenjunga, which offers breathtaking views when drenched in golden sunshine. From frozen lakes to lush greenery, from snow-capped mountains to peaceful monasteries, Pelling has loads to offer.

Try to go trekking with your friends to immerse yourself in the beauty of Mt Kanchenjunga.



If you love skiing, you will want to visit the beautiful destination of Auli. The place is covered in snow during January. People come here to enjoy skiing and compete with others at their heart’s content.

Skiing is not the only attraction here. You can experience panoramic views of the Nanda Devi ranges and sit by the pristine lakes. You will also find greenery around to take beautiful pictures.



Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, and it is the Pink City because most houses are painted in this color. The city organizes the biggest Literary Festival and invites famous authors, entertainers, athletes, politicians, thinkers, and literature experts. This year, the dates of the festivals are between January 28 to February 1. It will happen at the Diggi Palace, and you might be lucky to meet some of the top artists and talk to them.

Apart from the festival, Jaipur has a distinctive beauty to offer during winters. The weather is favorable due to warmth during the day and extreme cold during the nights. You can visit some of the famous places, forts and museums when coming here. Indulge into the royalty of Rajputana and hear stories of mighty kings who served the country over centuries.

Best place to visit in January


Bangalore has a bad reputation due to the amount of traffic during the mornings and evenings. However, with the new normal and more work from home trend, you will experience lesser vehicles on the roads now.

Bangalore has an amazing climate throughout and is filled with lovely gardens and parks. You will have an amazing time during the winter months as the temperature is apt to tour around. The city is the biggest IT hub of India, found amidst architectural monuments led down by royal lineage. Make sure you visit some of the best cafes for an amazing breakfast before you start your day trip around the city. Don’t forget to stay out late and enjoy the nightlife as well.



Manali is right in between captivating Dhauladhar ranges and snowy Pir Panjal. It is one of the most visited hill stations in India and is also called the honeymoon capital.

Manali attracts thousands of honeymooners every year, especially during the winter months. Moreover, since numerous weddings happen around December and January, these months mark the peak time for tourists.

If you want to keep the romance alive while playing in the snow, you will want to visit Manali. The beauty of the place fills your heart and having your partner by the side tops experiences. Make sure you take scooters and ride around, go skiing and try snow tubing when coming here.

Manali - best place to visit in January


January is one of the best times to visit southern states of India because the weather is pleasant and enjoyable. Hot states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh also experience relief after months of loo. Shortlist where you want to visit next January, and create a travel itinerary right away


1. Which place is best in January?

Since majority of India experiences tropical climate, the summers are mostly hot across states. The best places to visit in January includes Jaisalmer, Goa, Pondicherry, Coorg, Delhi, Bangalore, Dawki, Munnar, and more.

2. Which country is the best time to visit in January?

India, Thailand, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Australia, Dubai, Japan, Spain, Italy, Singapore, are the top 10 countries to visit in January.

3. Where to go cheap from India in January?

Thailand is the cheapest and best place to visit in January from India followed by Nepal, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

4. Which is the coldest place in India in January?

The highest point in India is the Siachen Glacier. It is one of the coldest places on Earth. Located in the Northern Karakoram range, it is 5,753 meters above sea level and experiences above –50 degree Celsius during January.

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